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How to Master the Art of the Email

This piece originally appeared on AllBusiness.com.

Compared to face-to-face communication or even telephone calls, emails are prone to a high rate of miscommunication in the business world. 795 more words


5 Ways to Pick a Killer Name for Your Company

1. Call the Company What Everyone Else Does If no one is actually using the name you picked, take it as a hint–and pay attention to what people are calling it. 28 more words


Bath Sparks: who we are & what we do

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or freelancer? We want to see you succeed. Since 2015, Bath Sparks has been inspiring and supporting students and graduates with self-employed career aspirations. 339 more words

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Yes, You Can Print That Email

We all get emails from our bank and credit card companies that encourage us to help the environment by going paperless. As business owners we make choices based on what is more environmentally sound. 294 more words

How to Brand Your Startup Like a Fortune 500 Company

This piece originally appeared on Entrepreneur.com.

If you are like most people, you probably believe you already know what a brand is and perhaps think it has nothing to do with you. 1,475 more words


Business Remarks - My Vision

This site is about small businesses and small business owners. It’s about how what I’ve learned in the corporate world, and as a manager can help small businesses. 147 more words


Manufacturing in China as an American Designer — Discover

“China is not a scary place. It is many things, but scary is not one of them. If you are interested in doing business in China, just go….

27 more words
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