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Things to remember before you get complacent

When analyzing the reasons why businesses fail, it’s rarely ever discussed how complacency comes into play. It’s usually about failed investments, ineffective marketing, and one reason or another. 311 more words

New writers, make sure you do this when seeking reviews.

Are you a writer? You are? Great. I’m sure you know that as a writer, especially a new one, you’ll need reviews. Reviews drive sales, and give your book(s) credibility. 220 more words

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Journalists are Sharing Patient Satisfaction Scores

It’s happening. We knew it would come. It’s not that the hospitals haven’t been measuring patient satisfaction for decades. It’s not that the Federal Government is just now monitoring patient satisfaction and reporting it publicly. 260 more words

Business Advice

3 Things to Make Time for Every Day

If you are looking for ways to motivate yourself, try adding these 3 things to your daily routine that KMG Consultants uses every day. They will help you to increase your productivity, motivation, and will ultimately lead to a healthier you—both physically and mentally. 368 more words

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Toxic Employee Traits That Can Slow Progress

Most people will find themselves from time-to-time not performing up to their potential. It’s usually one or two things holding them back, and with the right coaching and mentoring, they can correct their flaws. 358 more words


5 Things to consider before you Hire Help – Employment Tips for Entrepreneurs, Micro & Small Business Owners

Delegation is the key to growing your business venture! In most cases, you will need to hire help in order to accomplish your dream, as being ‘Jack of all Trades’ or wearing too many ‘Hats’ will only work for some time, but eventually get you to a standstill. 586 more words


Mobilize your Network + Grow Your Book of Business... and Paycheck!

How are you mobilizing your network to help you grow your business + monthly paychecks?

Contrary to popular belief Facebook can help your business blossom. However, you are responsible for making it work! 361 more words

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