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It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or a veteran in your industry, strategic client contact should never be overlooked or underutilized. Actively cultivating your relationship with your leads and opportunities is key in keeping your business alive. 378 more words

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Been very busy with the puppy since early January. Lulu is now 4 months old and gorgeous. I was invited to sit on a panel with 2 union people (Janet Henney & Caroline Fife) and Baroness Angela Smith, Leader of Labour in the House of Lords. 47 more words


Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

There is a definitive art to email marketing campaigns. In a world full of noise, if you want to stand out you have to craft a symphony. 528 more words


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When I was young starting at about 5 years old strange things would happen to me, I would see and hear things, but if I told someone they would tell me I had a very good imagination now the question is was it just a kids imagination or……….. 23 more words

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"You can not manage time but you can manage the events in your life in relation to what time you have."  This quote is so true, there is only 24 hours in a day and that is all we have so let's make the best of it!
How you use your time is up to you but  if you follow these steps you will feel  more productive and a lot less stressed but you will need to rely on some self discipline for it to work.
What is Time Management?
“Time management” refers to the way that you organize and plan how long you spend on specific activities.  

You've probably seen a scenario like this play out in your workplace:

Two woman with the same, abilities and education start a job at the same time, they're both given the same opportunities to succeed. Years later, one of them has become an established manager, that manages teams of people, has the respect of her peers, and earns a generous salary. Meanwhile, the other one has not advanced far at all, she is stuck in the same position and is thinking of moving on.  why do you think this is? From our experience, the difference between people who succeed and those that don't isn't desire, ability, or luck. The difference is that accomplished people take the initiative to learn as much as they can, and make sure they have what tools they need for success, while others fail to prepare themselves. And when we say prepare themselves, we don't mean through work-sponsored training, In today's economic climate, employers simply aren't investing in long-term skills development. So, by equipping yourself, we mean taking the initiative to improve your skills and take control of your career. And if you're willing to take this step, there's an incredible opportunity to achieve the success you've always dreamed of. You must start by keeping a log of what you do on a daily basis for 1 week and that will help you determine what you spend most of your time doing then the planning starts.
Make a to do list of everything you need to get done, then add what is urgent, important and and what can wait until later, then you need to set your priorities and do the important tasks first and you will find that the urgent tasks are not always so urgent.
Now you have your first list, now on the same paper you should categorize into high priority, medium priority, and then less in that order and that will get you started.
This will determine what you really have time for today and what you can carry over to tomorrow's list.
What is important today may or may not be as urgent tomorrow. Make sure you mark your list off as you do your tasks.
Use a planning tool to keep everything straight is important but there are so many devices  you can use now days but I still  prefer the old fashioned day planner, writing down your tasks can free your mind to focus on what you need to do not what you want to do.
Make sure you write everything down in your planning tool and keep them together if you write them down and lose them then it is no help at all.
Look at your planner every day and carry it with you wherever you go you never know what idea you come up with or who you might run into. Refer to your planner often to keep your priorities straight.
If you use an electronic device make sure you can back it up daily.
Next you need to get rid of all the clutter on your desk or in your life and you do this also by making piles or boxes that are marked: Keep, give away and trash now you have to do what your piles tell you, organize your keep pile, delegate your give away pile and toss your trash pile, and it is GOODBYE CLUTTER
Now back to the to do list, schedule your time appropriately and make sure you add in time for yourself for lunch, dinner, sleep on your daily planner and make sure you block out the appropriate amount of time you think each task needs.
I was you I said yeah like I have any time left at all, trust me, it you use a time management plan correctly you will not be as stressed about everything that needs to be done!
We all try to take on too many responsibilities then we get overwhelmed and frustrated but as a manager or owner of a company we must learn how to delegate, that means passing the buck so to speak passing some of your responsibilities onto someone you can trust with the task and this will free up some of your time for some of your more urgent matters. Make sure when you delegate that you explain exactly what you expect and need done so they understand, communication which we will go over in my next blog.
Now you are all set to do the tasks you have left so stop procrastinating and set your phone to the side and block off that time to read your emails or mail and respond to them or more time for your family obligations.
Avoid multi-tasking that is one of the biggest ways to run out of time and will stress you more, so take one thing at a time breath and follow your list.
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