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The importance of having a cake contract

When I was still a newbie cake decorator who was caught up in the excitement of discovering that I can make beautiful cakes, I never thought about drawing up a contract or even an order slip for those who wanted to order their cakes from me. 881 more words

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Orillia's Orientation Toward Customer Service

I know, I know – Government customer service is an oxymoron – I’ve heard the joke often, but I’ve worked with too many local government organizations to believe it’s true. 354 more words

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Tap the Employee to Better Treat the Patient

In the article Hospital shows improved patient satisfaction, the author highlights a hospital that is using key strategies to drive up patient satisfaction. And in hearing Ivision Memorial Hospital leaders describe the approach, one starts to draw conclusions. 252 more words

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Redesign around Millennials (and Others, too!)

Millennials. I’ve been in so many meetings lately where they were the main topic of discussion. Why? Because they’re different. How they communicate, how they socialize with each other, why and how they move toward a brand and what could pull them away is different from other generations. 321 more words

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The Worst Acquisitions And Mergers In History

Businesses are always merging and buying others in order to provide themselves with a stronger market position. In theory, a strong merger or acquisition can offer business’ significant benefits. 615 more words

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Thoughts From Attorneys on the SCOTUS gay marriage decision

Last week in a truly historic decisions, the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) struck down state laws that prohibited marriage between gay and lesbian Americans. 1,051 more words

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 Everyday, as a business owner you get up onstage to perform for your audience. But have you stopped to consider who it is exactly beyond the shadows of the lights? 397 more words

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