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The most important thing in analyzing any business is that how fundamentally strong it is. The most important thing in analyzing businesses is in the form of answering the following questions…

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Why Macroeconomics is important for a Business Strategy?

It is about decision making  

Decision making is an important job of corporate managers in any roles because an optimum combination of resources would maximize corporate profit.  390 more words

Environmental crime talks: 17 March

The Environmental Crime sessions are on Saturday 17 March. 

EU countries all experience levels of waste crime (typically unlicensed tipping and pollution) and wildlife crime. These crimes are often low risk and high in profit and are attractive to criminals.  129 more words

Business Analysis

Causation: Failure of environmental monitoring: multiple cause diagram

Here’s a multiple cause diagram of some monitoring processes that failed recently. I was trying to tease out lessons learned and key risks for next steps. 76 more words


Brexit: The EU law Frameworks Analysis.

Support for Caring for Welsh Nature sessions.

This is the latest list (March 2018) of areas of EU law that intersect with devolved competences in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 257 more words


Area Statements in Natural Resources Wales

Support for Caring for Welsh Nature sessions.

Official slides from NRW explaining the proposals for Area Statements. An emphasis on place-based working. But what about the millions of £ spent on consolidating Welsh Government into the three super expensive buildings at Merthyr, Aberystwyth and Llandudno…so that small offices could be closed down LOL.

Business Analysis

Welsh Government's natural resources plans

Support for Caring for Welsh Nature sessions.

The Welsh Government issues an annual remit letter to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to ensure that the politics and the actions achieve some sort of harmony during the business year. 607 more words