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Enteprise Analysis, Part I

In a Business Analysts forum, recently a request was posted to elaborate on the term Enterprise Analysis and provide the process or method to carry-out Enterprise Analysis. 400 more words

Business Analysis

How I Passed CCBA

Want CCBA label at your name? It’s easy! It is time consuming, it is nervous, it takes efforts but it is easy, nothing outstanding. It took me 1 year of preparations to become certified and now I want to share experience with those who are striving for such achievement. 465 more words


Global Cloud Gaming Market: Trends & Forecast 2015-2020

The Global Cloud Gaming Market revenue is estimated to reach $476.0 million by the end of 2015
NEW YORK, June 30, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — “The… 515 more words

Cloud Gaming Market

The versatility of gross profit margin

You may know the gross profit margin ratio, which is:

Gross Profit  x 100


Gross profit is: Sales – Cost of Sales


Cost of Sales = Opening inventory + Purchases/cost of production – Closing Inventory. 283 more words

Management Accounting

The Agile Business Analyst - The Beginning

I have worked as a Business Analyst in both traditional non agile and agile organisations, and have evolved my own understanding of how the role of the Business Analyst has changed as part of the shift to delivering software in a more agile way. 658 more words


Business Analysis & the art of Sign Language

What has Sign Language got to do with being a Business Analyst…? In simple terms, both are processes of interpretation, not – and this needs to be stated clearly – ‘just’ processes of translation. 1,654 more words

Business Analysis

How are Agile roles actually implemented in the real world...?

It’s no secret that Organisations differ in their implementation of the various Agile ‘roles’ (where multiple ‘roles’ are often undertaken by the same person or where multiple individuals share a given ‘role’). 1,245 more words

Business Analysis