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Accounting numbers and Irish Water

I have written before about Irish Water, and the role of accounting in the on-going debate on domestic water charges in Ireland. Here is link to a recent blog post  by a good colleague, Desmond Gibney at National College of Ireland.

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Write it down!

I want to talk about something my mother always told me while growing up (and still does!).

Whenever I had a great idea, a great problem, a massive plan of action or some kind of a new concept, I would go tell my mom (she is a university lecturer. 577 more words

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PEST Analysis

عشان تعمل SWOT Analysis مضبوطة لازم تبدأ بدراسة العوامل الخارجية

المهم فى 1967 جاه واحد اسمه Francis Aguilar كان دكتور فى Harvard كتب كتاب اسمه Scanning the Business Environment وكان ذكر فى ال Scanning Tools لل Business حاجة اسمها ETPS فى الثمانينات خلوها PEST الحمد الله 😁 و فيها بيتم تحليل العوامل الخارجية الى بتؤثر على ال Business وبتساعد في تحديد ال Opportunities و ال Threats اللى بتواجه ال Business او تطوره وده بنحتاجه واحنا بنعمل SWOT Analysis عشان نعمل مشروع جديد او ندخل سوق جديد او نطور business و فى ناس بتطبيقها علي نفسها عشان يكتشفوا فرص شخصية جديدة 😁 69 more words


The Nesta innovation spiral

I do like the Nesta innovation spiral for starting off an investigation or an analysis. I’ve found it great to organise early ideas on how to approach something…particularly when it looks like a mass of information. 290 more words


Clearly Defined Responsibilities for Each Role

Clearly defined responsibilities for each role is almost always overlooked before the start of new projects. Simple as it may sound, this could through your project deadline and budget off within the first week. 164 more words

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Business analysis with R

Hey everyone ,

Here at Castek academy we are starting New batches for Business analysis with R-programming . so we are inviting aspiring data scientist to come and join our batches to gain expertise.

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