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The Benefit Of Working With An Ideal Hiring Consultant

There are a perpetual array of motivations to pick a hiring consultant firm finished the normal talent scout. In the first place, confirmation takes diligent work and it takes devotion. 346 more words

What's the Real Problem?

Agile Business Analysts

Ambler (n.d.) stated in this article that BA stands for band-aids thus business analysts should be actual developers since developers have access to actual stakeholders and agile modeling skills. 705 more words

Business Analysis

Requirements Elicitation

Knowledge Scorecard for Knowledge Audit

A knowledge scorecard is part of the knowledge audit which has been discussed in week 9. This resource has been chosen as it provides a sample of how a knowledge scorecard looks like: 687 more words

Business Analysis

Food supply chain and accounting

In my daily work as an accounting academic, income across many papers and articles which explore the broader role of accounting in society and out daily lives. 78 more words

Management Accounting

Why Hire a Jack of All Trades Master of None?

George Bernard Shaw is commonly quoted:

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

PM Alliance published in their article, …

1,027 more words

Building On Sand

Great User Requirements Rule # 1:  Write it down

Writing down the requirements is the first step toward alignment.  The act of writing requirements forces us to boil it down to the essentials and provides a mechanism to play it back to the system owner. 462 more words

Business Analysis

Traversing the tricky requirements approval hill

Now that you have gathered all the requirements now you are in the final task of getting the requirements approved by the right stakeholders. Normally there are three kinds of approvals which are required before a project is greenlighted. 253 more words

Business Analysis