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Our Actions Speak Louder Than Words. What is the Message With Our Actions?

It has often been heard that certain statements are dismissed from having any validity of consideration because of the person’s historical behavior. Why do we do that? 210 more words

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Model Requirement - Use Case

In previous posts, we are familiar with Stakeholder requirements, including some common diagrams such as Entity Relationship diagram, Workflow, State Transition diagram, Use Case diagram and Sitemap. 786 more words

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What is Business Analysis?

So when I started to work for a major consultancy in the UK, in central London, in major banks, insurance companies and tech giants – I expected precision. 851 more words

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#AskTheAgileAnalyst: 13 Steps to Agile Success

Jacqueline: Hello. This is Jacqueline-Sanders Blackman here with a full-length episode of our STEM Information Podcast. This series is also associated with our #AskTheAgileAnalyst. Some of you may have heard of my previous podcast where I talked about how our previous #AskTheAnalyst series is going to break up into two series. 4,209 more words

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Voting With Your Feet #kidsshoesinworthing

I have always had a thing about correctly fitting shoes so when my local branch of Jones the Bootmaker announced that they were closing their children’s department, I wasn’t happy. 660 more words


Enterprises - Ignoring users is killing your software adoption!

Published originally on medium on June 12, 2017

If you lead any kind of software delivery team as an executive, manager, leader, or whatever title makes you happy, take a moment to meet your delivery teams and tell them this: “..keep up your work, just remember that whatever you are building, … 1,024 more words


Use Cases and Testing Scenarios

Today I want to talk about use cases and testing scenarios.  As a business analyst, it is important to identify, explain, and gather realistic testing data for all scenarios.   358 more words

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