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The Formula for Valuing All Assets

“Using precise numbers is, in fact, foolish; working with a range of possibilities is the better approach.” 

―Warren Buffett

How to Value a Business

Excerpt below from Warren Buffett’s 2000 letter to shareholders. 1,415 more words

Business Analysis

Business Quality: The Great, the Good, and the Gruesome

“A moat that must be continuously rebuilt will eventually be no moat at all.” 

―Warren Buffett

Excerpt below from Warren Buffett’s 2007 letter to shareholders. Emphasis added.  1,517 more words

Business Analysis

Difference between Business Analysts and Project Managers

At a high level, it would seem that there are some similarities between the roles of a business analyst and a project manager in a project. 324 more words


Lesson #1 - The Idea

The idea of writing my Business Analysis course birthed in my head when my boss gave me the task of coaching other people in my organization. 575 more words


Your holiday message was insensitive! Or was it? Could data have avoided a potential crisis?

While checking emails the other day, I came across a new message from a reputable professional business organization to whom I subscribe in order to receive product updates and fresh developments in my industry. 1,813 more words

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Business Agility & the OODA Loop


The OOAD (Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action) loop is a real-time decision-making paradigm developed in the sixties by Colonel John Boyd from his experience as fighter pilot and military strategist. 853 more words

Business Analysis

Q: Examples of Coaching Requests?

Questions: Could you provide examples of requests for coaching sessions?

Answer:   While Coaching is client-centered and practical enough that clients can bring literally any request to the session, their new Request that starts each session is often centered around a known theme of theirs. 282 more words