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Research and Development in Financial Advice

The Financial Conduct Authority has published the results of its survey of firms providing financial advice. The results make for depressing reading.

Of the sample, 72% of firms said that customers’ preference for personal interaction with an adviser was a ‘very important’ or ‘important’ barrier to providing automated or technology-supported advice…

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FBN Holdings declares N505.2bn gross earnings

FBN Holdings Plc has declared gross earnings of N505.2 billion for the financial year ended Dec. 31, 2015. This was against the N481.8 billion posted in 2014. 489 more words


Getting To Know You

One of the most basic things we should do in business is to identify the group of people that is most likely to buy our product or service.   303 more words

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Being Your Fool

Unless you’ve been off the planet for the last few days, you’re aware that Prince passed away last week. While the word “genius” is overused, it applies in his case. 403 more words

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Box Wine

Foodie Friday, and this week our focus is on wine. Like many of you, I enjoy a glass or two of wine with dinner. Over time, that can add up in terms of keeping the cellar stocked, so I try to find inexpensive, well-made bottles. 422 more words

Reality Checks

It's all in the math

We have beaten the drum for years, here at the blog.

Pension security is nothing more than a math equation.  Whether you’re talking about private pension plans, multiple employer pensions, or the grandadday of them, Social Security, you cannot continue to pay existing benefits without bankrupting the fund.  171 more words

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Bad Code And Bad Business Thinking

The digital world continues to be abuzz about ad blocking. Many in the digital ad space have expressed everything from frustration to outrage, calling those who use blockers everything from misguided to thieves. 402 more words