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How many suburban entertainment centers can one region have?

Schaumburg is looking into creating a new entertainment district out of underused properties:

Schaumburg trustees Tuesday approved a $6.58 million offer to buy the two single-story office buildings just north of the village’s convention center and Renaissance Hotel to help develop a new entertainment district and reconfigure Thoreau Drive.

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57 Channels

Anyone with whom I speak these days has a lot to say about competition. Every business seems to have many more players going head to head for customers, and I suspect that nowhere is that more true than in the media business. 396 more words


It’s Clinton

By Margaret Mulvihill

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Anyone who follows me knows how I feel about Hillary Clinton. Former First Lady, former Secretary of State. Having followed her career for the past thirty years or so, I don’t like her. 335 more words


The housing cycle: Is Raleigh approaching its peak?

Those who keep track of estate markets know that they run in cycles of good times, not-so-good times and sometimes downright depressing times, like what the markets experienced following the 2008 economic recession. 306 more words

North Carolina

Presidential Debate Fallacies

The United States Presidential Debate is a scam. It is fake. The entire system is a scam.

The reason why I say this is a scam is not because it did not really happen, sadly it did and is very real. 633 more words

Unueco Partio

The "Debate"

If you have any interest in presidential politics or are the kind of person who can’t look away from a trainwreck, then you probably tuned into the… 349 more words

Business Thinking

The King Is Dead

It would be impossible for me to let the passing of Arnold Palmer go by without comment. This isn’t another golf screed. It’s some thinking on a great businessman who used golf as a jumping off point to demonstrate some behaviors all of us ought to try to emulate as we go through our business lives. 471 more words

Business Thinking