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Meaningless Marketing

This Foodie Friday I want to talk about something I call “meaningless marketing” in the food industry although I think you’ll see that the principle behind the term holds true in any industry. 265 more words

Marketing And Advertising

Shopping Until You're Dropping

Today’s screed is mostly about shopping (or selling, I suppose). I read some results from a research report and I think you’ll probably share my thinking about what the data shows: more of what we already know. 367 more words


Believe It Or Not

We’re busy prepping Rancho Deluxe for sale and so we’re in need of some outside services to perform tasks such as washing the roof (damn lichen). 399 more words


Teaching The Master

It’s Foodie Friday! I was reading one of the many food blogs I follow when I came across a post from a baker who had updated his book on… 329 more words

Business Thinking

Lagos Ranked World's 3rd Worst City to Live in Despite State's Wealth

Lagos maintained its position at the lowest rungs of the Global Liveability index by ranking the third worst city to live in the world, according to the 2016 ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit released Thursday. 324 more words


Throwing Back The Small Fish

You’re probably a user of one free Google service or another. Odds are that you’ve used the search engine (probably at least once already today!). Maybe you get your email via a free… 465 more words

Digital Media

People with no reflection

Corruption is in my opinion now the modus operandi of many progressive wealth entrepreneurs and greedy opportunists.

Creating and developing creative evil practices and protecting these corrupt practices, loopholes and “grey areas” that give access to easy money, seems paramount in obtaining financial independence and enormous wealth for individuals and corporate alike. 808 more words