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I Don't Need A Hero

If you’ve spent any time reading this drivel, you’ve probably seen my constant nagging to provide value by solving problems. No, I’ve not changed my thinking about that, but I’d like to put one stipulation on the statement: make sure that the problem is real. 381 more words

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Apple, Inc. is NOT Generous


Last week, I was reading about the contributions various companies have provided to charities involved with the relief efforts after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. It is estimated by AccuWeather the total cost of both storms will be about to $290 billion. 489 more words

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PUNTO MINDORO | Mamburao: De Facto Tuna Capital Of The Philippines

September 18, 2017 | Punto Mindoro

Let’s take a little walk back in time with Mamburao’s tuna industry as we lift stories from around the web. 691 more words


A Mustache On The Mona Lisa

It’s Foodie Friday, and I want to relate an experience I had the other night while dining out. It got me thinking about some dumb things folks in the food business do and how any of us in business can be smarter than they seem to have been. 410 more words

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Apple stores are not new town squares

American communities often lack vibrant public spaces but Apple stores may not be the answer:

The stores have good vibes. Everything is clean. There are no sounds of commerce.

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Taking One For The Team

When was the last time, other than The Super Bowl, that you actively watched an ad? I suspect that you’re like me and you’re actively doing what you can to avoid seeing ads at all costs. 475 more words

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