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Following The Competition

This Foodie Friday I’d like us to think about something you’ve probably seen happen in your town. A restaurant will offer a dish that becomes insanely popular and suddenly everyone is offering their take on it. 326 more words


Winners Rethink

At one time in my life, I had aspirations to do music as a career. Even though I no longer have either the band or the hair required to be a rock star I still listen to music and follow industry developments. 451 more words

Digital Media

Podcasts Link Business and Early Childhood

The Committee for Economic Development (CED) has posted a series of early education podcasts on its website featuring leaders in business, the nonprofit world, and philanthropy. 566 more words


Unueco Partio: Creating a Single World Currency

I am pleased to announce the release of the first Unueco Partio book.

Book Description

Using principles from the world’s faiths and sciences, values shared by individuals and families, and the desire to constantly innovate and improve, Unueco Partio makes the argument for creating a single world currency. 69 more words

Unueco Partio

Football First Day Fails

Yesterday was the first full day of the NFL season, and just as many teams found out that their pre-season prep was nothing like the real thing, so too did a couple of very high-profile companies. 477 more words

Helpful Hints

A Dyspeptic Foodie Friday

The end of the week has brought us to another Foodie Friday. Unfortunately, it’s not really a fun Friday this time. I spent the night with a nasty case of excess acidity inflaming my esophagus. 320 more words

Business Thinking