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Social media stimulates sales



Social networks – Twitter, Facebook and MXit – are the next step in developing a solid foundation for a customer-centric business and being up to date with the latest consumer demands. 312 more words

Anton J Van Rensburg

When it rains, it pours!

Dealing with HR Nightmares…Rash of Resignations…

I have seen a lot of movies and clips about how courageous captains and leaders deal with tough situations. I always wonder what goes on in their minds when they are actually in the situation as opposed to talking about it afterwards (or makes movie out of it). 159 more words

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Shareholders v stakeholders

A new idolatry

The economic crisis has revived the old debate about whether firms should focus most on their shareholders, their customers or their workers… 1,094 more words

Anton J Van Rensburg

The Secret to Meaningful Customer Relationships

Agency theorist Michael Jensen has a very clever view about qualitative performance assessment. He notes that subordinates generally object to receiving qualitative performance feedback from their superior, especially if it is at all negative. 784 more words

Anton J Van Rensburg

Internet users break the 5m mark

Bringing penetration to 10%. There are more than five million internet users in South Africa, bringing penetration to 10 percent, according to research released by World Wide Worx on Thursday. 192 more words

Anton J Van Rensburg

The economy of the future...

Cees Bruggemans (FNB) Economic outlook

JOHANNESBURG – Our everyday talk is about ‘growth’. But to what purpose?

Does it mean more than just a few percentages compounded annually indefinitely aside of the odd rude interruption as again experienced so very recently?  964 more words

Anton J Van Rensburg

Mobile Industry Winners and Losers, 2010

Consolidation among network vendors, greater demand for mobile broadband, and North America’s revenge are among Bengt Nordström’s 2010 forecasts


By Bengt Nordstrom

We enter 2010. 1,007 more words

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