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Cape Town is Open for business

The Western Cape of South Africa is experiencing a drought due to three consecutive years of lower than average rainfall. International visitors should be assured that Cape Town is and will continue to be both a viable and an incredible tourist destination. 641 more words

Ego logic bosses

Mere peasants, who succumb all their resources to the Master of the Land. We deprive our children from their daily basic needs, we steal from our neighbors, we hide our precious goods in camouflaged wholes in the ground where we plant beautiful trees to disguise these resources, all to fill in the masters pantry just a little bit more. 734 more words

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How sexual harassment was fought by socialists in the 1980s

Next week Socialist Students is hosting a film showing of ‘Business as Usual’ and 1987 film about a struggle against sexual harassment in the workplace. We are delighted to be joined by Audrey White, a shop manger victimised by the company for standing up to the sexual harassment of her staff. 2,365 more words

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5 ways to fail at being productive

I was once a proud multitasker. I still try to trick my colleagues by saying I am a natural… Spoiler alert: MULTITASKING IS A SCAM, an urban myth spread across to break you down slowly! 814 more words

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The Tragically Hip Supports CMED & HIP Combination

Reprinted from Newstrike Resources Ltd Press Release

“Putting consumers first is how you build something that will last,” band says, re-iterating resolute backing for the agreement to create Canada’s premier cannabis company” 1,015 more words

Business As Usual

Empire State Building - B-25 Bomber Crash (1945)

On Saturday July 28th, 1945, over two months since the end of the War in Europe (against Nazi Germany), and around a month before the end of the War in the Pacific (against Imperial Japan), an unarmed and lone B-25 Mitchell Bomber – which was involved in the routine transportation of military personnel – flew into the north-side of New York’s Empire State Building (due to thick fog) at 9.40am, colliding with the 78th, 79th and 80th floors, All three crew were killed, as were eleven workers present in the building. 133 more words

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