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A Drop of Consciousness

When a person is caught up in life they will tell you a story of who they think they are based on who they believe you to be. 440 more words

Business As Usual

Business as usual

President Benigno “Noy” Aquino III is hurting over allegations he “violated” the country’s basic law of the land – the Constitution – swearing he never did so in having approved Oplan Exodus as presented to him.   1,011 more words

Business As Usual

Designed by Labels

“They will label you blue and tell you to hold your breath.”

Identifying with a label someone gives you is a very limiting experience. From their perspective you are being confined within what they perceive you to be and if in your current environment they are a force to be reckoned with this can lead to you being restricted into fulfilling their beliefs. 101 more words

Business As Usual

Another Beach Trip

In the never ending search for answers and more solid ground to stand on I found my mind had taken to viewing individuals like math problems. 101 more words

Business As Usual

Of cars, charging docs and shiny new gadgets!

My laptop (a thinkpad) after faithfully serving me for 3 years was replaced with a newer, thinner and smarter-looking piece this week. The laptop has been a wonderful workhorse – serving me well after a brief starting period when the machine threw power tantrums and going into freeze mode ever so often. 887 more words

Business As Usual

The 2015 Verizon PCI Report

A lot has been written about this year’s Verizon PCI Compliance Report particularly about how 80% of organizations cannot maintain their compliance. And at the very end of the report are a number of issues raised by Verizon regarding why maintaining compliance is so difficult for most organizations. 1,880 more words


Fire Drill At Work

Everyone run! It’s all broken.
Time to let fly accusations
and indulge in incriminations
cuz something surely ain’t right
and the real fault is no one’s… 57 more words