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I. Hate. Charter. Busses

Well. aftet that half bottle of NyQuil last night, I tried to get comfortable, but those seats are not at all conducive to long legged people like myself. 282 more words

Business As Usual

Hey, Hey, Hey! Goodbye

Well I’ll make this one quick. I downed half a bottle of NyQuil and am expecting to pass out here soon.

Finally leaving this god forsaken hellhole. 181 more words

Business As Usual

Shit... Did I Leave The Stove On?

Anyhoo. I’m back y’all. Sorry for not being as active as y’all would have wanted but shot got crazy these last (fuck) 8(?) days since the last update. 1,514 more words

Business As Usual

Social media: the end of business as usual

Hundreds of thousands of brands exist in markets. In this day and age, I am not referring to ‘market’ in the traditional sense of the word. 508 more words

Pro league postponed until players are supplied with Google Fiber

ESL have announced that due to growing concerns over the lag caused by a ‘BT glitch’, the first day of the pro league will be delayed. 161 more words

Business As Usual

Days 2-3: Being Busy

Sorry about not being able to post on the daily. As is the case with most field problems, I get busy and cell phone reception usually happens in the portashitter. 424 more words

Business As Usual