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As Trees Do

I saw them falling and felt my heart sink a little. July? It’s too soon.
What’s wrong with those trees? Are they ill?
I looked around town and found out, no, 95 more words

Business As Usual

First Principles and Business as Usual

Often entrepreneurship is portrayed as an outcome of solving problems. An influx of ideas gets businesses create tangible solutions, which are then monetized using business models. 445 more words

Do's and Don'ts of the Framework of Influence

It’s easy to make mistakes when adopting an engagement model. Building on this Framework of Influence (FoI) article, here are some additional tips about how to ensure your engagement structure works. 328 more words

Me Me Me!

Mischief Managed

So I just now realized that the last post I made was in February. Oops. But I swear I have a good reason. The long and short of it was that I was just a tad busy and mostly lazy. 412 more words

Business As Usual

Some Days

There are days
cold, dark soul days
when I see only the broken things

Those days
cold, dark soul days
I wrap my shoulders with grief
and wait for the thaw

Business As Usual

The Great Divide

I’ve been reading Gallup’s ‘State of the American Workplace 2017’. While it is US-centric and I am sitting in an exceptionally warm England right now, it does have relevance. 887 more words

Work Place Change