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4 Work-Appropriate Outfits

Work is tricky, and not just because of all those long hours and countless meetings. Let’s face it – it can be difficult to find comfortable, stylish clothing that also fits the expected business attire. 437 more words


Sophisticated Suiting

Hi Friends,

Sorry there were to post last week. I was so busy and, I was able to take my photos but then didn’t have the time to edit and upload them. 99 more words


Sneakers and Jeans

Ever since I retired at the end of last year, every day is casual Friday. My typical attire when the weather is warm consists of t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. 129 more words


Surgery: Gentlemen Must Wear a Tie!


Dreamed I was about to undergo surgery, but I was in my regular street clothes, and the anesthesiologist was about to put me under. 332 more words


Dress for Success

I recently had the opportunity to meet a manager of a memory care unit in a nursing home facility.  I will not mention where or who this individual is, but I had to mention what my impressions of this individual were.  366 more words

Dress Up

I’m not a huge reader but despite its length I found this article quite riveting. The history of fashion particularly the 19th and 20th centuries had many new fascinating trends and innovations. 85 more words

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The Hero Conviction

I had a conversation with someone that I know who hires people for his job. Interestingly enough, he had actually come into contact with someone that has a felony conviction, so of course I asked him what he did. 384 more words