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Appearance can be Powerful

Like it or not, we are judged on our appearances, so if you are serious about moving your career forward, you have to consider how you dress. 622 more words

Self Worth

It's Business Casual

It’s Business Casual.

They say time flies when you are having fun and they must be right because in a blink of an eye I am done with my summer internship. 378 more words


5 Tips For Rocking the Job Hunt

Whether you are looking to take the next step in your career, or are ready to jump ship from your current company altogether, searching for new opportunities can be tough and sometimes down right scary. 797 more words

Featured Friday: Brittah Brown

I absolutely have to start this Featured Friday out by saying that seriously writing this post is going to be very hard for me. I’ve known Brittah for a long time and my favorite thing to do is torment her. 684 more words

Rant About Business Attire

Why are we, as young business leaders of the future, taught exactly how we should dress and are pushed to stick to the strict guidelines. Every place that I have learned about business apparel, I have been lectured and shown pictures of “what to and what not to wear” for a business occasion. 332 more words

 How to wear a suit jacket in 7 days? 超實用﹗西裝外套一星期穿搭貼士﹗

我相信大家衣櫥中總有幾件西裝外套。而且大概都給劃入「上班服」的一欄。的確,它身為business attire的中流砥柱,是傳統也好,是予人感覺端莊也好,總之就成為上班一族的must have。然而身為年輕一代的上班族,又不甘整天以一本正經的套裝示人。那到底應如何穿搭才能不失大體又時尚呢﹖此外,如有留意潮流坎勢的你,亦不難發現西裝外套早就給一眾時尚達人穿出各式各樣的風格來,令它成為weekend炙手可熱的單品。到底實際上應如何混搭﹖一同看看以下的實用小貼士吧﹗


假後第一天上班,有人精神抖擻,有人「意猶未盡」。因此一身「氣場高企」的all black打扮會給你在all day long meeting中帶來更多energy。


星期二,相信「魂魄」已經回來了。建議以「傳統」白恤衫襯裡,但改以skinny jeans代替西褲/裙,再踏一雙大熱mule shoes或者鞋邊較高的皮鞋款,予人型格又得體的感覺。


來到星期三,感覺離weekend特別漫長。不妨花點心思在混搭方面,為自己帶來一點新意。而layering就是個不俗之選。在短身西裝外套下穿上質地輕型的長恤衫或雪紡上衣;下身則可按你喜好配bell-bottom pants或skinny crop pants。打造別具個性的上班造型。


星期四,就是很想快點「loop」罷了吧﹗這時候,我依然會選「full gear」上陣。但重點是「舒適」。畢竟工作太大壓力了,找來有畸oversize的款式,讓自己輕輕鬆鬆,精神奕奕(看似) 的上班去。


Congratulations! 終於捱到Happy Friday﹗今日心情特別好,工作效率特別快,務求準時「閃人」。穿搭方面,當然要顧及下班Happy Hours或者飯局等的需要。一襲性感又elegant的黑色long split dress,就是你「入得辦公室,出得蘭桂坊」的好幫手。 21 more words


Today was shoe buying day.

This happens about once every six months, just like good dental hygiene, so I should be good now until December unless I get a cavity in the soles of my running shoes before then. 334 more words

Apropos Nothing