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Dassault Jet for Sale: Falcon 2000 - SN 203

Companies or private individuals seeking a terrific aircraft to begin or add to their fleet should give serious consideration to this well-maintained 2003 Falcon 2000. 491 more words

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Everything You Need to Know About Jet Sales: Part II

In this second half of our two-part series on jet sales, we’re offering up some valuable insights on this complex process.

In fact, there are a whole host of things you should consider and plan for before you list your business jet for sale. 1,639 more words


The top four things you need to know about Ka-band Connectivity

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No matter what conference you attend, publication you read or blog you follow – it seems like everyone is talking about on-board connectivity. 531 more words

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UPDATE: OMG ! Bombardier Inc. released its 1st Half 2017 Results, not good as expected. Total revenue $7.668B (down 6.7% on 1H/2016). BCA (Bombardier Commercial Aircraft), just 35 deliveries down from 47 in 1H/2016 (down 25.5%) and revenue down 14.4% on 1H/2016 with average discounting of 31% off list prices. Meanwhile, Q400 down to 31 orders in backlog (14 months of production), production down 21% (just 2.16 per month) on 2016, 13 deliveries and 13 orders, book to bill 1.0. CRJ line down to 47 orders in backlog (14 questionable CRJ-1000's with just 54 deliveries in 7 years), production down 35% (just 2.5 per month) on 2016, 15 deliveries and just 10 new orders, so book to bill just 0.67. CSeries, NO new order in 2017, only 2 x CS300's ordered in the past 15 months, yes an absolute sales & marketing 'disaster' from the "dream team", but 7 were delivered (1.16 per month) yay ! whopee ! Only 65 business jet deliveries (down from 73 in 1H/2016) while revenue down 13.8% on 1H/2016. Now, all eyes are on US Commerce Department decision September 25th in regard to imposing countervailing duties on the CSeries of up to 79% for basically 'illegal state aid' to Bombardier by Ottawa and Quebec, and another 79% duty for anti-dumping, basically selling the CSeries a whole lot cheaper in the USA, to Delta Air Lines, then back at home to say Porter Airlines. An unfavorable ruling will shut the struggling CSeries program (320 orders in 9+ years, with +20% 'questionable' still) out of the all important US market, as if the program needed more problems ? Light at the end of the tunnel for BCA ? China, either Comac acquisition or lots of CSeries orders from there, or both, as orders in China for CSeries, Q400 and maybe CRJ will come easier if under Comac, its the only possible 'white knight' for struggling BCA, like it or not.

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Well today Bombardier Inc. released its 1st half 2017 results, and and its not good, as revenue is down 6.7% to $7.668B on 2016, this company is NOT going to be a $25.0B a year company in 2020 as planned in its 5 year Transformation Plan 2020. 1,258 more words

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Everything You Need to Know About Selling Your Jet

In the first of a comprehensive, two-part series that offers some valuable insights on the complex process of selling a jet aircraft, I’d like to begin by focusing on this important preliminary step: How to pick a broker and knowing what to look for. 893 more words

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In Aircraft Sales is it Better to Buy New or Used?

As residual aircraft values continue to drop, many companies and individuals with a history of buying new aircraft look to the resale markets to update their aircraft. 606 more words

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EBACE 2017 : Journal de bord (II)

European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) 2017 – 3 jours de visite

Genève, Palexpo

Mardi 23 mai 2017 : Tour sur le « static display » (aéroport de Genève) 1,050 more words

Reinhard Finke