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Don't Be A Virus

Written by Tres Crow, Atlanta SBDC Business Consultant, October 5, 2015

With so much attention focused on “going viral” on social media, small business owners could be forgiven for thinking that cat videos and goofy memes are the only way to make it on social media. 353 more words

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Lifestyle | A Business Woman's Guide To Staying Organized

Everybody knows that good organization is a highly sought after skill. Those who are blessed with it are far more likely to achieve great things at work and in their personal lives too. 538 more words

How low can it go? Goldman Sachs says $20 barrels may be possible

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There has been a LOT of movement in financial markets this summer. China, Greece, and geo-political instability across the world have all combined to send indexes swinging up and down intensely. 325 more words


The Pros and Cons of Video Marketing

Every network event you go to has that one hot word buzzing around. It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, at the forefront of each conversation. 1,449 more words


The 6 Best FREE Document Management Apps

There are endless articles out there about smartphone apps that keep you on schedule, motivate you to finish that report, and help you organize all your other apps. 1,296 more words


Dear Marketing Agencies of 2015: Clients Want to See Your Softer Side

Not too long ago, it was considered cool to be cold. Take the world of marketing and advertising, for instance. It used to be all about strategy and high-volume selling tactics. 547 more words


7 Ways to Revamp Your Digital Desktop

The doldrums can happen anywhere. They lurk around every corner, in each work day, and on many a computer screen. With the lack of sunshine, decrease in temperature and days that drag it’s no wonder we get so blue. 882 more words