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The Business Blogging Series Part 1: Purpose and direction puts you on Google's radar

Bob the business owner built a website, but he didn’t know what to do with it once it launched. He wondered how to attract leads to his site. 1,182 more words

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Conducting Consistent and Periodic HR Audits is a Healthy Practice

It is essential for HR to audit a host of its practices and functions. This audit is meant to ensure that the organization stays on course with its goals. 157 more words

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Workplace Communication has many Important Aspects

Communication is at the very heart of the workplace. Communication is vital to any organization, no matter what its nature of business and size. Workplace communication includes all form of communication: Communication from employer to employee, from managers or leaders to the employee and between the leaders themselves, and from employee to employee. 440 more words

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The Challenge of Leadership is Very Varied

It is a given that leadership is indispensable for organizations. Why? Because it is leadership that takes the organization to its intended, charted out destination. Since it is leadership that is the organization’s anchor; it is but natural that leadership faces challenges. 393 more words

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Effective Business Leadership Strategies involve Grooming Leadership

For a business organization to grow beyond the mundane, building solid business leadership strategies is an imperative. These are more important than anything else in the organization, because it is these business leadership strategies that build organizations more than anything else. 421 more words

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