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Workwear Week of 1/16/17

This week marked my first day back from an 8-week maternity leave. I was fortunate enough to 1) come back on a 4-day school week and 2) to fit into my pre-second-pregnancy clothes thanks to maintaining my healthy pregnancy eating habits even after delivery. 396 more words


Album of the Day: 아버지, "Reflection"

아버지 is the owner of the Business Casual, an imprint largely focused on future funk. But on Reflection, 아버지 mostly bypasses that genre’s usual peppiness. Essentially consisting of tiny micro-samples that are looped and looped and looped again, almost to the point of becoming maddening, its eight tracks don’t evoke the optimism and playfulness of… 162 more words

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Long Awaited Combo

I have been waiting like a whole month to wear this outfit and it did NOT disappoint! I got the top and bottoms from Nordstrom. I love these pants because they are work pants yet feel like joggers, AND the back is elastic so I am sitting here so comfy all day long. 199 more words


Having fun with makeup at work!

I love makeup.  Like, REALLY love it.  I am not the type of girl who can wear the same look every day, I have to switch it up almost daily.   554 more words

Business Casual on a Budget

In case you’re new here, I absolutely love fashion and use it to express my goofy and girly personality every day. That is something I wanted to make sure that I didn’t lose once I got to school. 390 more words


Professional Pajamas

Let’s be real for a second, okay? I live in the Midwest and right now is the time where it’s freezing cold and gross out. No snow just freezing rain and ice. 771 more words