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5 Healthy Habits During a Job Search

Career transitions come in many forms, one of the most major ones being a new job search.  In addition to the obvious steps of networking and sending our applications (which I will cover in separate blog posts), it is important to consider… 564 more words

Life Coaching

Hit a wall? What do you do now?

It is always amazing to me how owning a small business is quite possibly the best self growth program around, except probably being a parent.  The problems that we experience growing a business are exactly the ones that we experience in life. 834 more words

Improve Problem Solving By Laughing More

You walk into a room where you find a table pushed against the back wall with three things on it: a book of matches, a box of tacks, and a candle. 310 more words

Employee Theft

We know from experience that there are many reasons that employees steal. Greed, want and need are all reasons. We as employers can do little to effect these reasons. 368 more words

3 Ways Great Leaders Handle Big Adversity

How you can be at your best, when life seems to be at your worst.

Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon learned that he had terminal cancer, he quickly decided to make his final lecture about the most important lessons he had learned in his life. 618 more words

Prevent Ego from hijacking your effective leadership

Ego is one of the biggest barriers to people working together effectively. When people get caught up in their egos, it diminishes their effectiveness. That’s because the combination of false pride and self-doubt created by an overactive ego gives people a distorted image of their own importance. 909 more words

7 Ways to Avoid Home Business Burnout

I have seen it over and over again.  These people have that glimmer in their eyes, launching a new business selling products that they love to make, scratching that creative itch that just won’t go away.   1,268 more words