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Hiring Qualified Staff

Your business is growing and you’re thinking about taking on someone (or more than one someone) to help. So why is it, that while you and your company are a success, you’re filled with dread at the thought of taking the next steps to hire an employee? 940 more words

It's OK to Fire Bad Customers!

Why It’s OK to Fire Your Bad Customers

How to deal with customers who cause you grief, stress and cost you money.

Have you ever had “that” customer? 1,592 more words

Great leader or no?

Management is meant to be rational and reasonable.  Though, anyone who has been in an organization and been capable of fogging a mirror knows that this is not true. 331 more words

Tips for terminating a long-term employee

When an employee who has been with your company for years is no longer dependable, you may dread what will surely be awkward and painful conversations with the employee. 746 more words

Tips to Mastering Conflicts

We all have those days where we have conflicts…we have some tips to help you get through it.

When you’re a nice person, conflict can be a real challenge. 945 more words

We've Moved! Join Us!

We are so glad you are here. While you will find some of our best content from past years here, it keeps getting better and better, which you will find in our new home. 48 more words


Don't let Anger get the best of you

We all must control and manage our anger. Losing our temper often creates problems for us and makes things a lot more complicated and difficult. People can attend anger management sessions and attain a certain peace of mind. 386 more words