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Workforce Planning.....Create the plan now

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is a core function of human resource management and it is related to the systematic identification and analysis of what an organization is going to need in terms of the size, type, experience, knowledge, skills and quality of workforce to achieve its objectives. 420 more words

Boost Your Small And Medium Size Business With Executive Coaching

To excel in the business, irrespective of genre, it is recommended that you hire an experienced business mentor who has superior expertise and in-depth knowledge about designing business strategies and operations. 181 more words

Business Coaching

Dishonest people....blah

So you’ve been wronged. Now and then we all have to deal with someone being dishonest. I just had to. And while it’s very frustrating, a friend of mine reminded me that “it is hard to protect yourself from a lie.” That is, no matter how you cut it, no amount of due diligence will protect you from the ill effects of someone not being straight with you. 827 more words


Ok CEO’s, enough is enough.  You are not the next Google, you are not “cool” and “trendy” you are just being stupid.

The Ping-Pong and Pool Tables are insulting to the intelligence of employees.  224 more words

Why taking risks comes with huge rewards!

I had a great 1.2.1. meeting this morning with a young member of our staff and the topic or risk came up….and no not the board game. 686 more words

Crap, I hired the wrong person!

I woke up this morning to a 6AM voicemail from a great client of mine with the following message, “FUCK MIKE!  I hired the wrong person, call me to discuss, I need help fixing this!” 773 more words

Why Executive Coaching In Melbourne Is Necessary?

For a businessman the most important thing that matters the most is the growth, development and expansion of the business. Every business be it small and medium size business needs to imply certain business strategies, policies, laws that help the business to run efficiently. 159 more words

Business Coaching