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Why Business Communication?

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Pay Attention to Communication

American entrepreneurs doing business in Japan are notorious for not closing business deals with their Japanese counterparts. Why? 95 more words


Business Storytelling and Seven Basic Plots

In his book Christopher Booker (The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories ) conjectures that, of the millions of stories in existence, they are all composed from the same seven plots (Five if you count Tragedy and Comedy as being themes). 812 more words

Business Communication

A look at how SD-WAN bridges the geographical network gap

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) connects enterprise networks over large geographic distances to deliver an affordable cloud-based WAN solution that in some situations has replaced expensive T-1 or MPLS connections. 904 more words

Business Communication

What you should know about Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) has rapidly become an I.T. buzzword. From its gradual emergence in the 1990s to its current rise to fame as one of the most sought after solutions to improve employee productivity, UC has transformed organizational efficiency. 766 more words

Business Communication

Nairobi Kibera slum gets affordable Internet connection

Liquid Telecom Kenya takes Internet to Kibera slum. Poa In partnership with Liquid Telecom Kenya has hurled a new Internet model, into the Kibera slums, drawing thousands of subscribers in just a few months. 634 more words

Entrepreneur Education Business Information

6 Principles of Influence you need to know before kicking-off your internships

Principles of Influence for International Student Interns.




Social Proof




Treat your coworkers as your consumers.


Navigating Social Media in the Business World

There are so many ways to communicate electronically these days it is hard to figure out where to start sometimes. You have to take into consideration your target audience and the message you are trying to convey. 221 more words

Business Communication