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5 Power Words For Today’s World

Communication in the current state of the world has evolved – or degraded – to short, concise communication.  Think texting, tweeting and any other short form of communicating.  913 more words

6 Steps to Effective Communication

Effective leaders are known for being excellent communicators. Here’s what to do.

1) Avoid “Not.” Negative talk encourages arguments, counter attacks, and attempts to solve your problems. 381 more words


Why Yom Kippur Should be a National Holiday

Yom Kippur is a sacred holiday found in Leviticus 16.  It is observed only by the Jews where they ask one another, “Will you forgive me for anything I might have said or done this year that has hurt you?” It should be an international holiday.  157 more words

Effective Cover Letter: Win with the First Sentence

A cover letter presents job seekers with a great opportunity to wow employers with worthwhile content and excellent writing. Elegant writing combined with relevant and substantive content relates significant information about you before the employer has a chance to meet you in person. 344 more words


Need to deliver a 2-minute pitch or a 20-minute business presentation? 2分のスピーチ、20分のプレゼンをすることはありますか?

Whether it is a 2-minute pitch or a 20-minute business presentation, this 10-hour workshop will help you win over your prospective clients or charm your meticulous boss! 194 more words

Conflict at work? 職場での衝突はありませんか?

A 16-hour workshop that guides learners from making language specific and concrete to developing empathy and sensitivity to others.

Develop your EQ. Communicate your thoughts and feelings effectively and adequately. 74 more words

Need to better manage yourself and your colleagues? 自分自身と同僚のマネジメント、必要ですか?

This 20-hour workshop introduces the learner to the critical role of management skills and promotes effective management practice. Various personal, interpersonal and organizational challenges are reviewed and learners explore analytical and creative solutions thereto. 80 more words