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3 Key Habits of Highly Successful Brands

by Angela Kambarian, President of Essential Communications


What do highly-successful brands have in common? They cultivate great habits that propel their success. From clearly articulating their vision to crafting compelling communications for clients, powerful brands realize that surviving and thriving in a fiercely competitive marketplace is virtually impossible without a solid strategic plan and innovative practices. 413 more words

Marketing Communications

Signal : Noise

Have you ever heard of the signal to noise ratio?

Let’s start with some definitions:

Signal: The message.

Noise: Anything that interferes with the message getting from sender to receiver. 226 more words

Business Communication

Sender to Receiver

You’re probably wondering where we got our name. Well, it’s quite simple. It comes from the most basic of communication principles: The Communication Model.

It looks something like this: 365 more words

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