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Locate an example of professional communication from a reputable online source. It can reflect any aspect of business communication, from an advertisement or a press release to a company blog or website. 62 more words

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Verbal Registrations Causing Identity Theft

Identity Fraud Occurs Every Two Seconds.

source: http://www.toptenreviews.com/services/articles/10-startling-facts-about-identity-theft/

Your service environment and staff play a role in why identity theft is so rapidly growing to an estimated more than eleven million victims.

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Business Communication

Without Seeing there is No Insight

For article on the 20 words that can change your recovery and your relationships, click on photo above.

I write articles about wellness, leadership, parenting and personal growth. 76 more words

Mental Health

How to Change Your Relationships and Your Recovery With Just 20 Words

In 2017, improve your recovery and your relationships with these 20 words


Recovery is difficult. If all that you have to do is take care of your recovery, you have your hands full. 1,199 more words

Mental Health

Increase Your Sales through Powerful Testimonials

There are many ways to market a product or a service and providing your potential clients and customers with testimonials is one of the best ways to market. 802 more words


How I Created A Start-Up in One Day

This summer I read The 7-Day Startup by Dan Norris.  I admit I was skeptical.  It was a book recommended by the author of another book that I really enjoyed so it was worth my time to try it.   553 more words


Help Learning Student Names...Digital Natives Prefer Conversations in Person...Be More Productive--Work in 90-Minute Increments

Help Learning Student Names

Between the volume of students, number of classes, and diverse names from other languages, instructors can have a difficult time remembering who’s who, and the issue affects student and teacher alike. 452 more words

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