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Training Tips for the Occasional Trainer

I was recently asked to observe a training and provide feedback for the facilitators. Training is not their main job – it is an event they participate in annually. 1,489 more words

Organizational Communication

Too Much Noise, Too Little News

Are your communications contributing to the noise pollution affecting us all today as we delve through thousands of messages in our inbox, our phones and other online venues? 13 more words


What To Do After You've Launched Your Website

You spent a lot of time and money developing and now launching your website. But how do you get people to actually look at it? Here are three key steps.

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How Business Collaboration Can Be Beneficial For You?

Collaboration is the fuel of any business organization to be successful. It is not only beneficial for the company, but also for the employees, partners and customers. 354 more words


Like What You See? -Woolworths Faced Criticism For Draping Ropes Over Black Mannequins.

Last week i posted about how H&M in South Africa landed in hot soup over diversity tweets. The focus on that post, was about how communication in a foreign country can be problematic and if not dealt with immediately, it can  be costly! 228 more words


The Latest Comms Tools & What They're For

Take a break from all the buzz and have a look at this list of the communications tools now at your disposal – what they are, how they work, and what clients think of them all.
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Trauma of filling forms.

I love to write. It is a known fact. Even before I had the audacity to call myself a writer, I have thought on paper.  It really did not matter if were writing my thesis paper, a short story, blog post or even plain to do list. 349 more words

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