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Leverage Your Executive Biography

Have you heard that women base their first impression of a man on his shoes? I didn’t believe it until the first time I caught myself glancing at the shoes of a speaker. 264 more words

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How to effectively deliver your next presentation

It’s hard to become a successful intra- or entrepreneur without the ability to present your idea, product or service. In such a busy world, a premium is placed on time and most people don’t have it to waste. 956 more words


Week 6 - Activity 3.6 - Intercultural Divide at Resort in Thailand

A resort in Phuket, Thailand called the Laguna Beach Resort Hotel is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world, but lacks some basic business training.  233 more words

Business Communication

Week 6 - Activity 3.5 - International Economy

Fred W. Smith, CEO of FedEx once stated “It is an inescapable fact that the U.S. economy is becoming much more like the European and Asian economies, entirely tied to global trade.” 158 more words

Business Communication

Critical Thinking Case Study: Is Amazon.com a Jungle?

A recent article in The New York Times exposed harsh working conditions for white-collar employees at global e-retailer Amazon.com. Current and former “Amazonians” called the company’s pace relentless and said they were encouraged to tear apart coworkers’ ideas in meetings. 379 more words

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Stories can Illustrate, Teach and Keep us on Point

Whether helping my kids with homework or coaching a client on an upcoming speech, I am constantly reminded of the many applications for the art of storytelling. 881 more words

Read. Then write.

One of the most important things any teacher or manager can do to help novices become pro writers is to discuss sample messages with them. Reading thoughtfully precedes writing successfully! 1,140 more words

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