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Nasty LinkedIn rejection goes viral

When we deliver a bad or negative message, we have to be very careful how we phrase the words so we can select right terms.  The snide and dismissive communications between Kelly Blazek and Diana Mekota were due to careless writing.   168 more words

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Different communication styles

Do you believe that you are a direct communicator or an indirect communicator?  Direct communicators deliver their message very clear while indirect communicator are vague and non-committal. 187 more words

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Create logical flow between sentences to promote accurate and efficient reading

I have argued that sentence variety is the enemy of efficiency. People read more accurately and efficiently when all the elements of a document are tightly connected.  565 more words

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Evolving Employee Esteem

When analyzing the effectiveness of organizational communication, it is important to expand one’s view beyond managerial concerns. One of the advantages of the 360 degree or similar review processes is gathering feedback from employees on all levels of the organization. 420 more words

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Help young people understand the world

Help crowd-fund this worthwhile project in journalism. I did.


Why Communications Matter

It is remarkably creepy to read a story written in 1953 and wanting to be the protagonist today, especially if the protagonist is a murderer. 598 more words

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Become a better business writer — a book review

‘The way you write at work matters.’ We couldn’t agree more with the opening statement of Susan McKerihan’s Clear & Concise: Become a better business writer. 494 more words

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