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The East Africa Data Centre (EADC) has launch a $5 million Dollars Kenya Power substation in Kiambu County

The importance of this new facility was marked on Monday, 23th of October, 2016, in a launch ceremony for the new Kenya Power substation at EADC. 798 more words

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Get People to Listen to You, Actually: The Elaboration Likelihood Model Explained

Suddenly it dawns upon you: I’ve lost them.  Eyes glaze over, thoughts wander elsewhere, and sly glances sneak to the clock behind you: characteristics of an audience lost in that critical meeting about your project.   823 more words


3 Red Flags Every Young Professional Needs to Know to Spot Bullshit in the Workplace

Not long ago many of us were spewing it all over college term papers and presentations just to make the required word count.  Now on the job, bullshit has a nasty way of slowing a potentially productive workday to a grinding halt.   628 more words


“Be Prepared to be Amazed”: 10 Tips on Having a Great Conversation

Celeste Headlee, radio host in the USA, gave a great talk on Ted.com on how to have a better conversation:

If you can have an open mind and be prepared to believe that every person has a fascinating story to tell, she states, you can make almost every interaction one full of meaning and significance. 433 more words

Business Communications Seminar by IAAP/HawCC

The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) and Hawaii Community College Business Technology program jointly offered a professional development seminar at the Hawaii Community College campus. 518 more words


Be Polite or Begone!

There is an increasing need for people to be “email” polite while sending messages on social platforms and via email clients. For instance, below I am pasting a screenshot of a certain distinguished gentleman using LinkedIn, to send a message to a dear friend of mine (working in Human Resource – Talent Acquisition), asking for job opportunities. 561 more words

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