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‘NEED TO KNOW’ tips for every entrepreneur who are looking for funding!

Did you know? That only about one-fourth of early stage investors backed companies end up reaching to the first series of funding. Anupam Mittal, Founder, … 549 more words

How To Start A Startup In India

Disaster In The Making

Assumptions, interpretations and expectations are front-runners of any upset. Add high, boiling emotions and you have a pure disaster in the making! ~Behnam Bakhshandeh

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The Life You Want Doesn’t Happen by Accident

There Is No Such Thing As co-Incidence in life

The life you want does not happen by accidents or events. Life is a word that has many meaning and phases. 352 more words

How To Start A Startup In India

3 Woman Entrepreneurs who are inspiration to the next generation of Women Entrepreneurs in India

Well, there is a secret and personal success plan for everyone, particularly for successful entrepreneurs. Business leaders prove their ability and agility in the competitive market by concentrating on the goals. 358 more words

How To Start A Startup In India

How Much Is About Us?

You know, as much as we love to make everything be about us, after a while it becomes very boring! Make sure the people around you are powerful, educated and growing, and you will grow with them.   ~Behnam Bakhshandeh, #CoachBehnam

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Pain of Discipline

We can suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of failure. The difference is that the pain of discipline has an ending. ~Behnam Bakhshandeh

Life Coaching

Government Dictating to Business

All levels of government continue to dictate to business.

To tell them exactly what business can and cannot do.

What business must do.


Stupid. 110 more words