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Major business opportunities presented

Solar energy, self-driving cars, mobile health care, e-sports, and online groceries are all areas that hold a very high future business potential. How to address these opportunities and capture the value was today presented by the students taking the Business Creation course. 52 more words


Hosted Email

Before the first George Bush invaded Iraq for the first time, before the Hubble telescope took it’s first picture, and way way before Ross got with Rachael, the choices for email were; 274 more words

Business Creation

The rise of cloud, mobile, and rental

I’ll come on to all these points in more detail but this post has been created from my iPhone, stored on WordPress’ servers, for a cost of nothing. 26 more words

Business Creation

Company name

Company formation is easy, deriving a company name is hard! As of 10th May there are 10,517,684 companies registered in the UK of which 3,634,464 are active. 235 more words

Business Creation

Company formation

In the UK registering a limited company is the easiest part of creating any company. Go to this website; https://www.gov.uk/limited-company-formation/overview, plug in your details – you can register the company at your home address, select a standard memorandum of association, select standard articles of association, and pay £15. Job done, that’s it!

Business Creation

Day One

….actually it’s not day one at all, if we take it from the day that I started writing the plan for the business then we’re on day 42, if we take it from the day I move in to the office *hopefully* with a team then we’re on day -21. 361 more words

Business Creation

Google AdWords

We venerate Google. Even Microsoft employees use Google every once in a while (shhh). If we want to go somewhere, we google it. If we want to look up a definition, we google it. 240 more words