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Six promising future business concepts

All six teams taking the Business Creation course presented today their business concepts at the Boston Consulting Group Stockholm office. Valuable comments and input were given by Patrik Tidebrant, Nadine Gerson, and Gustav Sandborgh, BCG. 104 more words


The future market position of Education First

”And the winners are, Tanvi Patel, Victoria Drewsen and Jessica Lind” Sofia Tegsell, EF, announced. This concluded the case the six groups had worked with during the morning. 130 more words


Finding future high potential business areas and roles

Today’s seminar was held at the Boston Consulting Group in Stockholm, where the six teams presented their targeted value network roles. This was the mid-semester reporting and the overall target is to come up with a business concept with the potential to reach EUR 100 million in turnover within 5 years before the end of the spring semester. 107 more words


Value innovation - identifying unexploited areas

How to make a fortune while disrupting someone else’s industry? Kent Thorén, KTH, one of the teachers of the course Business Creation was yesterday leading a seminar on value innovation. 90 more words

Business Creation

Let's get this party started!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in Agile or Customer Experience, or maybe both.

Are you learning about – or ready to do – everything it takes to create a great business, product and customer experience using agile? 226 more words


Trends - where to find the next big thing?

Christer Forsberg presented Thursday Gartner’s view on what’s going on in the tech industry, and how the industry and specific technologies may develop over time. The view of technology is analyzed with a broader perspective including societal and economic factors. 58 more words


Structured problem solving – finding answers in a resource efficient way

How does structured problem solving relate to business creation? It’s all about setting up and test hypotheses, whether it is about where the next big market is, what the solution to a problem may be, or how an existing industry may handle change. 116 more words