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Freelancers: 8 advice on how to treat your clients

As an entrepreneur, it’s clear that as much as you would like to reduce costs, you can’t be good at everything. Most┬álikely you’ll end up delegating tasks and paying freelancers or companies to do the things you lack expertise in (web design, accounting, sales, etc.). 893 more words

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Should I do my logo or ask a professional?

Creating the logo is one of the most important steps in creating your own business. You might have ideas, a vision for your company but you will definitely need a visual identity to be able to brand it and sell your ideas to your clients, investors, etc. 487 more words

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5 reasons why you should talk about your business idea

I have to say, when I first thought about my business idea, I was scared to share it with my friends. First, I did not know if I was ready to receive feedback and potential critics. 477 more words

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Moving back to Japan!

After almost 3 years in India, it looks like I will be heading back to Japan! I am super excited!

Indeed, life in India has not been much fun… 1,104 more words


20 Businesses You Can Create Now

Coming into 2017 I heard many people discuss their financial struggles. From not having enough to make ends meet, the lack of resources and opportunities within black communities and the expenses that come along with pursuing a higher education. 1,296 more words

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I'm going to start my business! What's next?

The first step is to put your ego aside and look for help. Entrepreneurship is a looooong journey and if you are not fully equipped for this, it might be more challenging than what you thought. 257 more words

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8 tips to find your business name

Finding your business name can be the first hardest step in your entrepreneurial adventure. It is also the most important. It will be your first contact with your target market so if you want to succeed, your company name should be clear, concise and simple to make it easy to remember. 425 more words

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