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First business meeting, omg what should I wear?!

This morning, my wardrobe probably saw more mess than ever in my life. Why? Because I just had my first business meeting.

I was stressed and not sure of what could be the best option. 168 more words

Business Creation

Want to kill your business? Focus on launching.

When you start planning your own business, you will be so focused on your products, incorporation or accounting that you might neglect the most important aspect of all: prelaunch. 546 more words

Business Creation

Why you should start your own business?

You have been thinking about starting your own business for days, months and even years but today, you are still stuck at the same old point.  443 more words

Business Creation

Starting Your Business in China: The Essentials

Starting a business in China can be a difficult task, filled with nuance and knots, which can be a culture shock for US citizens who might be used to the more straightforward process of business formation.  1,130 more words


3 types of people you need to stay away when launching your business

When I launched my company, I was very conscious about the type of people I wanted around me. The type of people who will help me grow and not drag me down in dark times. 700 more words

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Does my business idea needs to be good to be lucrative?

That’s it, you’ve been thinking for days and you settled, you have it, you have your business idea. The idea that will make people come to you like bees on honey, the idea that will bring change in this society. 314 more words

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Recruiting as a startup: David against Goliath

Recruiting can be a real challenge for startups as it will have a crucial impact on the development of your business. Bad recruitment can lead to more business problems that you thought or hitting a glass ceiling so it is essential to try to find the right candidate with the right skills that will take you and your business to the next level. 365 more words

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