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Convert CRSP date YYYYMMDD to Excel true date

If you have a data file from CRSP (or many other sources), the date may be recorded as a text string of the form YYYYMMDD… 140 more words

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Historical Index Constituents in Bloomberg

This post follows on from Historical Index Constituents (e.g. S&P 500) written in October 2014.

It is easy to find the current constituents for an equity index such as the FTSE 100 or S&P 500 but finding the historical members for a given date or range of dates requires more work. 637 more words

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WRDS new interface for selecting output variables

Following on from the refresh last summer, the Wharton WRDS web portal has been updated again. It is now easier to find and select the output variables you want to use in your request. 346 more words

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US tickers to Datastream mnemonics

If you have US tickers as output  from e.g. Compustat index constituents and you want to get stock prices from Datastream that’s possible. You can use a ticker to create a Datastream mnemonic.  125 more words


Phil Reed reblogged this on Business Research Plus and commented:

A handy summary for those wishing to use a list of US companies Compustat in a Datastream query. In summary, a well-chosen prefix to the ticker symbol can be systematically added in Excel before creating a static or time series Datastream request. All you need to know is if the company is listed on Nasdaq or elsewhere. Thanks to EDSC for this post.

Getting started with SDC Platinum: videos from Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters provide a series of screencast “getting started” training sessions for their products. In the past, we have highlighted these for Datastream and Thomson ONE… 110 more words

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Two Business Databases Hosted by Gale (Tip of the Week)

By Ken Fox

There are two Business-related databases available to all Saskatchewan public library users that are hosted by Gale – Business Collection and Business Insights: Essentials. 1,042 more words

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Datastream - Dead Companies

With the loss of the ‘Criteria’ screen within the Navigator search function in Datastream  (5.1 and Advance for Office versions), the area of ‘Dead’ companies is relevant when searching for historical financial data. 310 more words

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