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Translating CRSP/Compustat company IDs to Datastream IDs

Use WRDS to convert any permno or gvkey to a cusip.
For example, using CCM Security Monthly and eliminating duplicates.

A cusip should be 9 digits and can be converted to a Datastream local code by adding a U at the front and dropping the final check digit. 110 more words

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Where can I find bond credit ratings for a particular company?

Bond credit ratings are available from several of the databases we subscribe to.


For S&P, Moody and Fitch ratings on bond issues, use Thomson ONE.com… 156 more words

Business Databases

Constituent lists for indices

Where can I find constituent lists for the S&P500 stock index, FTSE100 stock index and other indices?

Current constituent lists:

  • Look at the London Stock Exchange website to see lists of…
  • 53 more words
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Historical rates for UK Government bonds (gilts, treasury bills)

For UK Treasury Bills (3 Months):
From Bank of England website, select Statistics, Interest and Exchange Rates Data, Wholesale interest and discount rates, Treasury Bills (3 month) Sterling, End month – IUMAJNB – Monthly. 146 more words

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Market capitalisation

The World Bank makes available data on market capitalisation (in US$) of listed companies.  Market capitalisation is also known as market value.

Information is also available through: 69 more words

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Credit default swaps

There are a couple of websites that provide Credit Default Swap (CDS) data:

CDS Credit Default Swaps – Price Quotes + Charts from Work and Wealth for All. 170 more words

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Betas: current and historical

There are some existing posts about getting current and historical beta values:

Beta values from Datastream

Beta values on Thomson ONE.com

For UK companies and industries: 314 more words

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