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A quick look at local and world market indices in Datastream

With a wealth of information and functions available, it is easy to miss a few potentially useful commands in Thomson Reuters Datastream. Here are some examples relating to local equity indices and global ones. 317 more words

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Using business databases with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

The newly released Windows 10 is a currently a free upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.x. It claims to “transform the way you work and play” amongst other things. 323 more words

Business Databases

Getting data on all UK companies except one sector in Datastream

A common request in Thomson Reuters Datastream is to get all the companies in a particular country except for a few sectors. Previously, the Criteria Search function provided an easy way to this. 415 more words

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Insider trading

Definition of Insider Trading (from Investopedia):

The buying or selling of a security by someone who has access to material, nonpublic information about the security.

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Business Databases

Intraday quotes for equities and indices

Global source

Use Bloomberg.

For Equities and Indices:

Type the stock’s ticker symbol then hit and hit <GO>

Choose: GIP – Intraday Price Graph… 169 more words

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Business Ratios

In seeking out ratios for companies I would be reluctant to use free web-based services. The University of Manchester Library pays subscriptions to allow current students and staff to use numerous specialised financial databases. 346 more words

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Company and Industry Comparisons

Comparing a company to its industry is not always straightforward. There are many classification systems to group similar companies together. There are UK/US SIC codes and an additional, separate one for North America – just to muddy the waters! 899 more words

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