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Are you solving the right problems?

As Russell Ackoff once said…

‘We fail more often because we solve the wrong problem than because we get the wrong solution to the right problem… 576 more words

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Questions, questions, questions

Who’s launching a new business strategy next year?

Who’s refining their multi year strategy that was launched last year or the year before?

Who’s got some… 763 more words

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Does virtual working have to be so intense? Can creative collaboration only happen back in the office?

Long gone are the days of grabbing the attention of a colleague as they walked past my desk, heading into a meeting room with my head in my hands and saying “hey can you believe what happened today”. 429 more words

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Turning the organisation on its head

I continue to follow the trail of discovery, that the Humanocracy book by Gary Hemel and Michele Zanini has inspired me to go on…

Tonight I’ve discovered… 505 more words

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It can only be about the team

The dynamics of teams – forget the tech for a sec. Go back in time. Strip out all the mechanics and processes and think about a team. 795 more words

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Humanocracy by Gary Hemel and Michele Zanini - far too much food for thought

As an enterprise architect with a strong bias to start with the business model before progressing to the data and technology model I was hooked onto this book within the first few pages. 897 more words

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I’m so excited...

“I’m so excited, and I just can’t help it, I’m about to lose controls and I think I like it” Pointer Sisters

I guess some might say the song was a “one hit wonder” and it’s the sort of tune that get’s us all dragged up on the wedding dance floor but any other time we probably turn the sound down. 638 more words

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