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How 'GTA 5' Can Be The Next 'Skyrim' On PC

Now that GTA 5 has made it to PC at long (long, long) last, many players are finding that the port was worth the wait. The game runs fantastically well and seems to be the culmination of everything Rockstar has learned since the original launch of the title back on last-gen consoles and the new-gen re-release since. 13 more words

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You Can Now Easily Transfer Your Playlists From One Music Streaming Service To Another

Streaming is quickly becoming the way that most people consume music, and for many it’s easy to get into the bigger services. They are easy to learn, and there is more music on every platform than any one person could ever listen to. 65 more words

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This Week's 'Best' Trailer Debut Wasn't 'Batman V Superman' Or 'Star Wars'

There is something to be said for the element of surprise. I made the choice to pass on the Unfriended press screening last week because my wife wanted to see it and it was just more advantageous for everyone to just get a babysitter for a Thursday night showing at my local Regal Cinema. 196 more words

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Nicole Kidman Is Not Alone: When Celebrities Sell Airline Seats

Nicole Kidman pitching Etihad Airways is just the latest in a line of stars who have pitched for airlines, including Kevin Spacey, Kobe Bryant, Leo Messi, James Gandolfini, Peter Sellers and Judd Hirsch. 13 more words

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New Research Says There Are 6 'Types' Of Obese Person. Why This Is And Isn't True.

A new study finds that obese people fall into one of 6 groups. But there’s more to it than this.

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Verizon Breaks The TV Bundle

After years and years of consumers clamoring for ala carte access to their favorite channels, the walls are starting to come down.
Be careful what you wish for – because choice might turn out to have a daunting number of variables. 117 more words

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