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Lessons From Dying Extrasolar Earths

By all counts, Earth is on a one way trip to oblivion. Our aging Sun will see to that. Within 500 to 900 million years from now, photosynthesis and plant life on Earth will reach a death-spiral tipping point as the Sun continues its normal expansion and increases in luminosity over time. 12 more words

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Zillow’s Home Price Estimates Now Reflect Edits Immediately

Zillow now makes it easier for homeowners to edit facts about their homes and have those changes immediately reflected in its price estimates. Zillow’s so-called Zestimates are one of the key features of its service. 44 more words

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Flavor facelift fails to impress energy shot consumers

Launched on February 2, 5-hour Energy’s flavor revamp has been described by representatives as the biggest facelift the product has undergone in its 10-year history. The campaign consists of a series of quirky 30-second spots in which an old fashioned news anchor reports on the energy shot’s freshly reworked flavor options – an effort to address the ‘medicinal’ taste that consumers previously cited as off putting. 35 more words

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Net Neutrality, the Mob and the Man

The FCC’s vote on Thursday to classify Internet service providers as public utilities was ultimately the result of overwhelming popular support on the Internet. In the end, popular support for net neutrality overwhelmed the lobbying efforts of the cable and telecommunications industries that tried to kill or weaken the regulations. 40 more words

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