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Hustle - Good, Hustled – Bad

Note: I would like to acknowledge and thank my fellow Veteran small business owner, Fred Wellman (https://www.linkedin.com/in/frederickwellman/), for his LinkedIn post on 2/15/18 that inspired this blog entry. 853 more words

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Retail Realities, Including Weather

Every time it snows, I have flashbacks to eight years ago when I used to own the Great Harvest Bakery in Oak Park.  The anxiety overwhelms me like an Arctic wind. 357 more words

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When is the best time to sell?

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When is the best time to sell? 4,242 more words

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Everybody Keep Calm...

After a 665 point drop on Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) plummeted 1175.21 points on Monday (2/5/18) to close at 24,345.75 – erasing all of its 2018 gains. 164 more words

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The Dangers of Wanting Something Too Much...

I want to share a dream that I had recently:

I’m at a riverfront in a major city waiting to board a ferry. It appears that I’m on a journey of some sort as I’m carrying a backpack full of belongings. 200 more words

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California City May 'Experiment' with UBI

Sitting in between the enormous economic opportunities of the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley, yet unable to break free of its largely agriculturally based economy, the City of Stockton, Calf., is now planning to “experiment” with Universal Basic Income.” The city went bankrupt just five years ago.

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Has the FBI become the Praetorian Guard?

COMMENT: Hey Marty, if it’s true that the FBI formed a “Secret Society” to eliminate Trump in the 2016 elections isn’t this similar to the Praetorian Guard picking Emperor? 

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