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Quartz deciphers Europe's jargon-laden plans for Greece so you don't have to

Europe’s most abstruse pen pals were busy yesterday, locked in correspondence to seal a four-month extension of its bailout program for Greece. Let’s cut through the bureaucratic language to see how the continent is papering over the lack of consensus on its economic problems. 754 more words

Black swan in bonds puts Fed on notice

NOTE: For anyone interested, this article in full is available with a paid subscription only. Global Geopolitics benefits in no way from this.

Last week the bond market did something it’s only done one other time in 45 years.

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How information flow empowers innovation in the future

The flow of information, its density, volume and accessibility are essential underpinnings to a society’s innovation capacity. In this short series of posts, I’ve taken a historic perspective, looking at the… 1,461 more words