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Innovation – Our force for change

Innovation has become a major buzzword of our time, often with almost mystical properties ascribed. Still innovation has different meanings to different people, and the underlying concepts remain largely fuzzy and unclear, as the term is used liberally, blending aspects of a mindset, a process, or something we produce. 460 more words


Amazing Facts about Rubber Dog Booties

Rubber dog booties are perhaps the most practical kinds of boots that you can buy for your pet dog. This is mainly because these boots give off serious protection to your dog’s feet and is very affordable compared to a lot of cute and designer boots that are often used for fashion purposes only. 312 more words

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Choosing Different Types of Pet Accessories

For pets to live contentedly, they will need some accessories. Be it at home or during travel, pets need to look good yet remain comfortable. That said, it is your duty as the pet owner to decide what type of accessories best fits your pet. 310 more words

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Different Types of Dog Shoes a Dog Lover Should Know

As a dog lover, when you purchase dog shoes you must know what are its different types, when and where you can use them. It is important for you to know also what type of materials that these shoes are having. 314 more words

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Opening Act

We welcomed a new member to our blossoming restaurant and brewpub community.  Wild Onion Tied House opened last Thursday, unveiling a beautiful buildout of the historic Playhouse Theater building at 1111 South Boulevard in Oak Park. 342 more words

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Disrupting energy and production – How

Becoming more energy and raw material efficient is the only way to manage increasing demand within limited resources. That’s no surprise. Challenges arise not only from the physical limitation of resources, but also from our inefficient and wasteful use. 1,419 more words


SECOND INNINGS; from setback to comeback?

India stands at a crucial moment in its historywith an unprecedented opportunity for transformation. Important reforms are underway. Think, for example, of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’. 14,333 more words