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"This Is Probably Just The Beginning" - Chinese Banks Are In Big Trouble

With the crackdown on financial system leverage underway, Chinese banks (and securities firms) are in big trouble. As we noted previously, China’s bond curve is inverted, yields are surging, …

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More sketches of an innovation

In the previous post, I introduced a graphical overview of innovation’s inner workings, embedded in a circle of useful knowledge that innovation draws from, and contributes to. 828 more words



Why are public company CEOs not paid for performance? New York Post makes a good case that they get “pay for luck” in a structure that penalizes stockholders.


The Not-So-Free Market of Global Capitalism

The belief that global capitalism today is based on a free market is a lie, claims Dr Guy Standing, the Professorial Research Associate at the School of Oriental and African Studies at SOAS. 510 more words

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TV: TEF Protest at Leeds University

A month ago the students of Leeds University gathered in order to protest against the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The Daily Bulletin interviewed Emma Healey (Equality & Diversity Officer at the University of Leeds) and asked the students their opinions about the new government law. 17 more words

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Machine Intelligence Comes to Nasdaq

Wall Street firms and traders are moving more and more into the realm of AI’s and new tech.

The latest improvment will come from Nasdaq Inc. 

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Sketching an innovation

We all know that successful innovation is not easy to achieve. And still, we sometimes seem to hope that the 1% inspiration is more important than the 99% transpiration. 239 more words