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Who Said That?

Are you aware that almost every day you see one or more signs using quotation marks improperly?

“In business since 1979”

“Apple pie like your mom used to make” 163 more words

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Greetings & Salutations - 1st post

Hi everyone,

Jack, here… I’ll be posting Business English help and suggestions in this blog.

I hope you find it useful, interesting, and efficient.

cheers… 114 more words

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How Best to Edit

                                                           A Jumble of Words © Judi Birnberg

If you edit as you write, stopping frequently to go over what you’ve just put down, you stop your creative flow and get lost in the words, debating with yourself whether one version of a sentence is better than others. 122 more words

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Dribble or Drivel?

Lately, I’ve been hearing and reading the word dribble used to mean “nonsense,” as in So much of political discourse today is dribble.

Dribble is what basketball players do with a ball and what babies do with just about everything that goes into their mouths. 19 more words

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How to survive a meeting in English

In this post we will give you tips on how to survive a business meeting as a non-native English speaker.

Meetings are hard for everyone, but when English is not your native language there’s an additional level of difficulty added. 394 more words

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"Diarize" – (“Yer Ing-glish Sux!!!” Vol. 2)

The Pseudo-Word “Diarize”
(And Why It Sux!!!)

Basically, this word Sux!!! – If you can’t already figure out why, just by reading it, then I think you will find this post quite informative. 26 more words