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Business English

Business English plays an important role in the field of working  from other country with your customers, colleagues, clients and partners. Experts also say that for a kind of successful business it is very essential to have knowledge about both external and internal communication. 83 more words

English Training

English replace as the standard language in the world. It helps you to how to talk and how to understand your native speakers in abroad. If you don’t have good English skill and want to switch abroad and establish their business then first of all you must to know about the English language. 88 more words

The Begining of Business Smart(BS)

Having challenges to speak eloquently has been one of my career blockers.  I google every time I’ve to prepare for the performance review, business proposal and what not.   122 more words


Business English

If you are a business man and want to do business in gulf countries, then it must to have you the skill of business English. There are a number of advantages of learning business English. 99 more words

What Does "Show Them the ropes" Mean?

When an employee begins their first weeks in the office, it’s common for someone to help them learn about the new job by “showing them the ropes”. 126 more words

Business English

Did you know?

Did you know?

South Africa has 11 official languages and it is possible to hear 3 to 4 different languages while strolling around the streets in Cape Town. 32 more words

Aulas In Company

Words to Persuade With

(To those of you moaning about my ending a sentence with a preposition, I ask if you’d rather read Words With Which to Persuade. It truly is fine to stick a preposition at the end of your sentence if it sounds more natural.) 73 more words

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