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Talking about job offers

Read the text and make sure you understand all the blue words and expressions. If you’re not sure of the meaning, click on the link to read the definition. 358 more words

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Using Commas: Five Tips

In English, the decision of whether to use a comma (,) or not is often considered a question of style. Sure, the rules are not as strict as a language like German, but does this mean that commas in English aren’t important? 462 more words


Dicas para entrevistas de emprego

Even though it may seem very simple or obvious, there are several practical things that you could do to prepare for his interview.

Dress code… 235 more words

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Relation vs relationship - what is the difference?

My ______?_______ with my boss is really good.

I think the _____?________ between the UK and the EU are not so good at the moment. 270 more words


suite & suit

A common pronunciation error is to pronounce the word suit as “suite”. This is particularly prevalent amongst Latin learners that are relatively new to the language. 355 more words

Free trial - Customized Business English

We provide customized in-house business English courses tailored for your company’s needs. We make a thorough assessment of your employees objectives in training their English and design the curriculum to ensure that they are getting proper practice. 121 more words


After work English

Join our after work English sessions to practice your English within a group facilitated by an English trainer. We provide a relaxing setting where we can train your English while having dinner or drinks after work in a local restaurant. 21 more words