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When to Omit Apostrophes

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I have written previously about the error of putting apostrophes into words that end in S but are not possessive: My cat’s chase each other through the house at high speed’s. 81 more words

Business Writing

A Study on Lexical Characteristics of Business English


In this era of globalization, the world has become more integrated because of the international trades and commercial activities. As the main carrier of global connection, English has derived a special form in this process, the so-called “Business English”. 7,061 more words


Customer Service in English

With the increase in tourists visiting Japan, there is a growing need for staff that can interact politely and successfully with non-Japanese customers. Recently, the management at a high-end boot maker asked me to teach customer service English to staff members at the Osaka store. 189 more words

Prepare a meeting in English: 10 tips to help you

Do you have an upcoming meeting? Here are 10 tips for preparing a meeting in English. 678 more words

Interviewing In English

Make your English more polite #1 For Students

*We will post about this regularly, so let us know if there’s a phrase or question that you want to learn polite forms of.

Part 1… 152 more words

How To Speak English

Working 9 to 5

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This is a vocabulary activity for adults intermediate students. Students will learn some vocabulary related to the world of work and put it to use in a discussion. 334 more words

Conversation Classes