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How to express yourself - Complimenting others - part 2

In our last article about complimenting others, we discussed how to compliment a person’s looks. In this article, we will look at ways to compliment individuals at work. 316 more words


Lesson: Your Job & Your Pay

This month’s blog is just simply an English lesson relating to work and money.

Click here to do the lesson and why not let us know what score you achieved in the comments below?

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How to use english idioms - To ace something

To ace something…

If someone aced something, it means that they excelled in it. For example, if someone was to get a mark of 100% on a test, they would have ‘aced’ that test. 145 more words


How to use english idioms - To the best of your ability

To the best of your ability…

This expressions refers to doing the best that one is capable of doing. This term can be used in sports, business and in your personal life. 73 more words


food for thought: Paul Krugman about Greek Crisis

I can’t believe the fear-mongering from all journalists on TV about Greek crisis! Every time there is an issue in Greece, they try to influence the people with their comments and spread the panic, whether it be elections, referendums etc. 64 more words

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