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Homework due March 2 at midnight

Hello students,

If you are reading this, it means that you have found the blog and your assignment! Good work. Please read your assignment carefully and send it to my email (willenbringaljadida@gmail.com) by March 2 at midnight in order to get full credit. 102 more words

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Tips for writing professional emails

Here is a document that summarizes what we talked about in class on Wednesday, February 25th. It will help you in drafting emails in professional settings. 6 more words

Business English

Proofread Everything!

Surely you know how I harangue you to proofread everything. Yes, everything. Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Tattoos need to be proofread too, preferably before the needle hits your skin. 95 more words

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Frequently misused terms

ability/capacity: ability is the state of being able to do something and capacity is the highest ability within.

about/approximately: about is more incise and approximately is more close to exact. 202 more words

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Business English - Collocations with Set 1

Hey guys, how are you?

This post is intended for pre intermediate students and whoever is interested in checking some new expressions. We all know that several collocations with the same verb is possible and very likely to happen in English. 176 more words

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SAM COPSON asks: 'Is English in international business good for everyone?'

The English language is, far and away, the dominant language of international business. It is used in offices thousands of miles away from any native English speaker. 681 more words

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Pronouns and Antecedents

Fear not: an antecedent is nothing more than a word (or words) that come before a pronoun. The pronoun refers to that word, the antecedent. 121 more words

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