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Describing trends - upward trends

Business presentations often include charts showing trends.

This video gives you some common verbs for describing upward trends.

After you watch the video, try the short quiz. 112 more words


Cool tools for vocab

Words.  Can’t get around to learning them, can’t talk without them.  As Ron Weasley would say ‘Dead annoying, really’.  Learners have to make an effort to learn words, which means that teachers must come up with ever more creative ways to engage them in that process.  698 more words



It is easy to see other people making this mistake. It is more difficult to catch yourself doing it. I’ve been guilty plenty of times. 451 more words


Facts vs. opinions

What’s the difference between a fact and an opinion?

Everybody knows the answer but it’s important to not to confuse how you express facts and opinions when you are speaking English in an important meeting or negotiation. 44 more words


Online presentations - delivering information when you can't see your audience

In the past, delivering presentations was all about standing at the front of a room and delivering your content to people who were in the same room as you. 1,455 more words

Business English

AxL Language Coaching

AxL Comm Coaching offers an innovative approach to language learning which incorporates coaching principles into the language acquisition process.

Sessions are fully tailored to any individual business or area of expertise and they can be held face to face or through an interactive online platform. 29 more words

Business English

Why English is such a Dominant Language

English is what I call a ‘block language’.

It is a hybrid of three language groups: Germanic, Latin and Brythonic-Celtic (pronounced: Brigh-tawn-ick Kel-tick)

As a result of this blend of three different grammatical structures, the spoken language is almost grammar-agnostic. 263 more words

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