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Ten Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

There are some questions that appear more often in interviews than others. If you’re asked one of them and don’t have an answer, you’ll look badly prepared. 415 more words

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Eight Excuses for Being Late

Just when you think you’ve heard every excuse for being late, someone tells you a new one. Here are some of the most common. Which ones do you think are acceptable? 267 more words

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Ten links for Business English teachers

While writing the new ETpedia Business English title (which is now available), I started to look back over some of the articles and resources I’ve worked on in the past.  86 more words

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When to follow

In my day, in Britain, having the words „easily led“ in your school report was just about the most damning description the teacher could give you. 313 more words


A way to make demonstrative determiners teachable | Oxford University Press

this, these, thatthose

If you’re not sure about this, these, that and those, the article highlights some interesting ways of looking at it in more detail.

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Refusing to accept job ads for native speakers only: interview with Helen Strong – TEFL Equity Advocates

An interview with the head of the Munich English Language Teachers Association that makes a lot of sense. The native/non-native teacher argument is unnecessary.What matters is being a good enabler of English language acquisition. 55 more words


IATEFL 2016 Moving EAP students to metacognition and autonomy (Michelle Tamala)

Student autonomy, or self directed study, is something I try to encourage as much as possible when it comes to English language learning. Here is a look at some research, putting this into practice… 11 more words