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Checkers Chess and Managers

Checkers Chess and Managers ~ October 28, 2020

Saw a headline comparing chess checkers and managers…hmmm, I thought ~ Lino Matteo

Saw a headline comparing chess checkers and managers and thought, “That is not the way it works.” 405 more words

Time for Trump to Go

Time for Trump to Go, October 27, 2020

We saw a tweet that said: “America this man is not fit to lead! Wake up, vote and spread the message!” 628 more words

39 Power Words: What They Are and How to Use Them in Your Resume or Interview

Even if you’re confident in your job skills, it can be difficult to describe them on command.

You are not only the person who is facing this situation but for many of us, it becomes difficult just because of the pressure of the interview. 705 more words

Learn English


COACHING 2.0, October 26, 2020

Hearing words is not enough if you want to understand you need to listen actively ~ Lino Matteo

“Coaching is not about how you played the game” ~ … 811 more words

Just asking….

Just asking….

October 25, 2020

I’m just asking…listen for the answers….

If we sit down and talk one day, I would like to ask:

How do we know it’s there when love is what I’m feeling? 315 more words

The Evening and the Morning: Review

The Evening and the Morning: Notes and thoughts

Ken Follett

October 21 200

Love & history – there is a tale to tell!

It starts in 997 CE… 1,378 more words

A Place To Live

Supply and demand: A place to live

Urban Density can lead to good things too ~ Lino Matteo

An introduction

Problem: It is not just the poor that are homeless. 442 more words