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Listening skills - One reason you don't understand is that you're listning for the wrong thing

Listening skills – One reason you don’t understand is that you’re listening for the wrong thing

There aren’t many students in my courses who say that listening to English is they’re absolute favourite thing to do! 588 more words

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Business English : How to Compliment or Praise Someone (part 2)

Business English : How to Compliment or Praise Someone (part 2)

김과장 비즈니스영어로 날다

You went to the extra mile to help.

: extremely useful; indispensable. 388 more words


Business English: How to compliment or praise someone (part 1)

Business English: Way to go, Carrie!

How to compliment or praise someone (part 1)
Way to go, Carrie!

– meaning
– synonyms
– The VP’s office has the most spectacular view of the city. 340 more words


Grammar Tips (문법 팁): How to change Basic English into Business English

Do you want to keep on improving your English speaking skills? (영어 말하기 스킬을 늘리고 싶나요?)  Check out this post by Learn English with Rebecca… 38 more words
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Candidate Exposé - Miriam Herzog

My name is Miriam. I’m 20 years old and I am from Germany. I’m not studying yet but I plan to start in October.

I decided to come to Canada, because I wanted to improve my business English, live abroad again and I heard Vancouver is really pretty. 415 more words


Vocabulary for understanding dietary requirements and planning meals out

This is not an exhaustive list, and I’m not an expert on dietary requirements. These are just a few things that I have picked up through my own experience and through organising large events in previous jobs. 954 more words

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Checking and clarifying on the phone

Speaking on the phone can be more challenging than speaking face to face. You don’t always hear exactly what the other person said.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, it’s important to check and be clear you understand correctly. 169 more words

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