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5 IRS Categories’ Audit Risk for Small Businesses

It is very stressful when find yourself under the IRS microscope. Here are 5 categories that impact audit risk for small businesses according to the IRS commissioner. 761 more words

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What should you as a business owner consider when you are faced with this important decision?


There can be opportunity and profit in growth, but there can be perils and risks as well.

► BENEFITS. First, analyze the potential benefits of expanding your business. 184 more words

Sole Proprietors Pay The Highest Tax Rate In The Country...

Why Did You Go Into Business To Support The Government?

2015 Brings In The Highest Tax Increase In US History… Business Owners
are being warned to fundamentally change the way they do business or… 179 more words

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2015 Brings In The Highest Tax Increase In US History...

As a Business Owner, Did you know for 2015 there are:

~ 30 New Taxes Added
~ 138 Deductions That Have Been Eliminated
~ 55 Tax Credits Lost… 106 more words

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8 step checklist to monitor and manage your business' health

You get an annual checkup from your physician to monitor and manage your personal health. Shouldn’t you do the same for your business? To keep your operation in top shape, consider an annual business review. 265 more words

PC v. PLC: Choosing the Right Entity for Professional Services

When forming a business entity, professional service providers such as physicians, dentists, accountants, or attorneys have the choice of forming a professional corporation (PC) or a professional limited liability company (PLC or PLLC).  591 more words

Choose The Right Legal Structure For Your Business

You have a lot of decisions to make when starting a business. One of your most important decisions is choosing the legal structure for your business. 849 more words