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What Type of Business Owner Are You? Take The Quiz!

What kind of business owner are you?

Do you want to know what kind of business owner are you? Take this quiz and discover yourself! 188 more words


Making Plans - Turning a Spark into an Extraordinary Fire

For me, a creative free spirit, writing a business plan is not something I get terribly excited about. However, iv’e received some advice from a dear friend who said that I would need to get this done now. 489 more words



Thinking of quitting your business?

You are not alone… The truth is – all successful people think of it at least once, more probably many times during their career as an entrepreneur. 923 more words

Part time Job to Passive Income

Nothing Can be achieved without a beginning.  Every big step begins with a small one. Once you have completed your Education and start your Earning Phase most of us are in Active Income group. 442 more words

Business Idea

The biggest lessons you have learned in the corporate world

Here I share with you some of the lessons that I have learnt, the hard way, from my over-a-decade long experience in the corporate world — 959 more words


So, you came across a great idea how you can create extra income working part-time from the comfort of your home!

You found a great company and an awesome team with a fantastic support system – all in place for you to create your residual income and enjoy the rest of your life AFTER you build your business to a certain level. 886 more words


Idea- this make each and every one different , idea to execute an event,family,business,trip etc. Ideas in each and every one shows the inner skill of each person.There is nothing called  bad idea and good idea, an idea becomes bad when we execute the idea in bad manner.When Mark Zuckerberg  founder of Facebook thought of his social networking plans, his friends or people might have thought why we need a social networking website when we have a mobile and email where people can text,mail or call anyone anytime, but his execution of idea made people to understand there was a problem which no one was aware of. 308 more words