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Business Idea in Construction

Undoubtedly one of the best options to invest is in the construction sector, however, the specialization of this sector makes new entrepreneurs have no interest in offering products or services in this field. 416 more words

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10 Food business Ideas

Food businesses are often considered businesses with little chance of success due to the great sacrifice they require and the great competition that exists; However, it is always possible to take one ahead if a good quality product is offered, excellent customer service is provided and, above all, there is something unique to differentiate from others. 1,128 more words

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A Beginner's Guidebook: Idea Licensing and Patenting FAQs

Licensing is a cumbersome issue for the licensor as it involves several latent and upfront questions that haunt the parties concerned. People are unanimously concerned about licensing, patenting and its conjectures. 447 more words

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5 Ways To Know If Your Idea Is A Bomb

After reading this post you would surely know if your idea is a great one or not.

Have you got an idea and you’re so worried if your idea is prospective? 790 more words


1 in 1000 chance

Some days ago, I was in the barbershop cutting my hair, and looking into┬áthe mirror a thought hit me, “What are my chances of succeeding?” Just then it occurred to me that that question had only just hit me real hard for the first time. 229 more words


How to License an Idea to a Big Company?

Licensing is as important for your valuable idea as it is to develop and market it well. Licensing is done to secure your idea and the product from getting it hijacked and also to protect to develop it further and obviously, for the royalty purpose that will help you market yourself I future also. 391 more words

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The How's of Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Some things are present in the natural state in the world and the rest are created. That man-made creation is born out of ideas. Ideas should not be treated as wild streaks of thoughts. 573 more words

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