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Before diving into the detailed analysis of business problems or data investigation, we will define a number of important concepts through a series of briefs. 15 more words

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Brief on variance

Variance surrounds us. Despite our desire to have the same thing every day, we will face a slight variation of something we want to encounter again. 120 more words

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Introducing The Other View

The Other View, is a blog site I developed to provide conservative, reasonable news and views about politics, business and social matters.  Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have changed drastically over the past few years.   989 more words

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Brief on biases

Biases are something to be aware of in any analysis.

Early in our life we start to shape our comprehension of the world through our own perception. 302 more words

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[Webinar] What's new in frevvo 7?

frevvo V7 has been out for a few months. We’ve improved it in a number of ways that are really important to customers. We’re also really excited about some upcoming developments, especially the Rule Builder. 52 more words

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Identity and Access Management (IAM): How Risks and Cyber Threat Possess Challenges to Businesses.

There has been overwhelming incidents of data breach and unlawful access to information and sensitive data across business organization and governmental agencies across the world. The new age of cyber threat and attacks has now risen beyond just rouge individual phishing for information on consumers by luring then with suspicious emails asking for bank account numbers to deposit large sums of amount money from a foreign country. 1,665 more words

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The Myth Of "The Overnight Success"

Recently Top Golf opened in Hillsboro, Oregon.  If you don’t know what it is, then you haven’t been to one of the cities where it’s located yet; but you probably don’t have long to wait.   1,813 more words