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Something Sweeter than Chocolate this V-Day: 3 Tips to Love Your Neighbor

As mother of a toddler, my car isn’t immune to the tyranny…er, delight, of children’s music. Laurie Berkner? Yep! Putumayo African Lullabies? On deck!

Last week, my daughter and I were bumping… 320 more words

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Sport Insights to Business 1

Caught up in the moment leads to penalties and bad plays

People always think of reasons to doubt you if you perform badly for awhile before… 27 more words

Your Footprint

Being a leader requires ingenuity, vision and courage! Summon the courage to blaze a new trail in February!

What new footprints will you create this month? 7 more words

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Artistic Intelligence

최근 인공지능(AI)에 대한 관심이 높다. 하지만 대부분의 hype들이 그렇듯 인공지능도 새로운 이야기는 아니다. 이론적으로는 1940년대부터 공론화 되었던 개념이고, 헐리우드에서도 끊임없이 다루는 단골 소재 중 하나이기도 하다. 40 more words

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The Force: Is It Strong in Your Organization?

Like the nation (and soon, the world), we’ve got Star Wars fever over here at URG! I haven’t seen the newest one just yet (so no spoilers in the comments!), but have binge-watched the classic episodes to get up-to-speed. 508 more words

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Inspiration: Dreaming or Doing in 2016?

Which type of person are you?

Success as a leader of your own company or in a nonprofit organization requires strategy, action and diligence. in 2016, don’t dream, do!

Happy New Year!

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Oh, Come All Ye Planners: Planner Shopping & Worksheet for You!

It should be no secret that I love to plan. I earned a master’s degree in planning. I think in terms of logic models and grids. 347 more words

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