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To My Fellow CEO Sisters: Happy Women's Entrepreneurship Day!

Entrepreneurship takes guts, discipline, and drive! For many women entrepreneurs worldwide, add to that the demands of a partner, children, overflowing laundry basket, crop-harvesting, grocery store run, lugging water, and oh yea, that small issue of the world being tilted toward men! 155 more words

"Street" Cred: Lessons in Longevity from Elmo and Friends

I have a two-year old daughter. You know what that means: Overwhelming cuteness balanced with wanting white foods almost exclusively on most days, potty training and a litany of… 594 more words

How to Get More Client Reviews & Photos

While Yelp discourages businesses from asking for reviews, we’ve figured out the easiest and most effective way to encourage clients to fill out your review form. 238 more words

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So, what if you cannot change the world?

There was a very wealthy man who was bothered by severe eye pain. He consulted many physicians and was being treated by several. He did not stop consulting a galaxy of medical experts; he consumed heavy loads of drugs and underwent hundreds of injections. 316 more words

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Asset Purchase vs Stock Purchase

Michael was considering a stock purchase of his family business, however, after consulting with his accountant and attorney he decided that an asset purchase would be best.  515 more words

Business Insights

Check the Account Number on Your Auto Payments

When a bank is sold often times your account numbers will change. Several people have told me that they are getting late notices, late fees and negative remarks on their credit bureau because loan payments that were set up on auto debit were not processed when their bank sold and changed their account number.  22 more words

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Should I Establish an S-Corporation or C-Corporation

I met with Michael last month and he has an opportunity to purchase his family’s business. Michael has worked in the business for twenty years and his ninety year old Aunt, who was one hundred percent owner, recently passed away.  408 more words

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