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Big data shows how what we buy affects endangered species

The things we consume, from iPhones to cars to IKEA furniture, have costs that go well beyond their purchase price. What if the soybeans used to make that tofu you ate last night were grown in fields that were hewn out of tropical rainforests? 48 more words

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TellusLabs wants to help us better understand our planet

If you’ve spent time following companies like Orbital Insight and Descartes Labs, you might assume the geospatial analytics race has been won. But TellusLabs… 671 more words


How small data became bigger than big data

Making big data smaller is the wave of the future. If you aren’t already doing it, you are already behind. Computers and software, at the moment, are only as good as their coders and you need human eyes to see the big picture. 52 more words

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5 big data trends that will shape AI in 2017

AI and machine learning are dependent on large amounts of data. But big data is hard to organize and analyze. Here’s what experts are looking out for in the coming year, when it comes to data. 63 more words

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Big Data's Big Misses: 2016 Was a Bad Year For Predictions

Goodbye 2016. The journalists and analysts who work with numbers will not miss you. From the United States to the United Kingdom, the last 12 months will be remembered for missed calls, surprises and upsets that didn’t just beat the odds, but that shattered them – and not just in politics. 85 more words

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Behind American Express’ Machine Learning Effort

American Express is no stranger to analytics and data management. But more recently, the financial services giant has been unlocking the power of machine learning. 49 more words

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Big Data Executive Offers Insights on New Directions for 2017

ZL Technologies is a provider of big data management solutions that help its corporate customers better perform tasks like eDiscovery, compliance, records management and analytics. 44 more words

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