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Data Mining Scoring Engine Development Process

Here is how I view data mining:

The target is to build a scoring engine.

It accepts an input and produces the output.

The development process can be separate as Requirement, Design, Coding, and Deploy.   6 more words

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Why Use Data Mining with Data Warehouse?

1. Use the data warehouse data as the training set

Data Mining requires the training data to train the learning algorithm.  The data warehoucing processes provide the following services: 315 more words

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It’s Time to Think Differently About Mining Big Data

Everywhere we look today, big data is finally beginning to have an impact. Hospitals are using it to analyze patient populations, big pharma is using it to find new and better drugs faster, supply chain managers are squeezing more efficiency and timeliness out of their operations, retailers are connecting with customers in new and influential ways — the list is long and continues to grow daily. 62 more words

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PowerBI Preview Update–TreeMaps in Q&A, Pinned TreeMaps and a Lot of Bug fixes

On the >> PowerBI Blog << a new update for the PowerBI Preview was announced.

GitHub and SendGrid connector improvements

Those improvements include faster update and improved calculations for those connectors. 68 more words

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SAP Cuts Data Visualization Cost, Unites Predictive Suite

SAP Lumira Edge brings “affordable” data visualization to small- and mid-sized companies. Predictive Analytics 2.0 unites experts and business users. SAP rolled out its latest data-visualization and analytics software at an even in Las Vegas last week, and the highlights include a new low-cost, on-premises version of the Lumia data-visualization platform for small- and mid-sized […]



Data Analytics Dominates Enterprises' Spending Plans For 2015

Companies will spend an average of $7.4M on data-related initiatives over the next twelve months, with enterprises investing $13.8M, and small & medium businesses (SMBs) investing $1.6M. 54 more words

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