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Big data: The power of petabytes

Researchers are struggling to analyse the steadily swelling troves of ‘-omic’ data in the quest for patient-centred health care.

Fifteen years ago, it was a landmark achievement. 87 more words

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Καθημερινός Dilbert (2015_11_28)

Ο Dilbert είναι και πάλι στην παρεά μας. Καλημέρα μας.

Διασκεδάστε το. Η Επιστήμη προσφέρει και αστείες στιγμές, ή και σαρκαστικές.

Σας ευχαριστώ όλους.


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Building Your Next Generation Data Architecture

Webinar presented by: Birst


  • Brad Peters, founder and Chief Product Officer at Birst
  • Raymie Stata, CEO and founder of Altiscale

Kevin Leong: Good morning, and welcome to Building Your Next Generation Data Architecture, hosted by Birst and Altiscale. 7,705 more words

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A week full of Power BI news..

The last week was full of Power BI related announcements, news, new versions and reference stories. In this blog post I would like to summarize some of those announcements for you. 1,324 more words

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Quantifying the Impact of Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics is becoming big business. With the promise of improved precision and performance, advanced analytics and Big Data have set off something of a buying frenzy. 62 more words

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Metaphors of Big Data

What do bacon, oil, tsunamis, exhaust, deluges, nuclear waste and teenage sex have in common? They are all things to which “Big Data” has been likened. 58 more words

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