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Expanding Medicaid may lower all premiums

This is a very good data insight.

… The Obama administration for years has been pleading with states to expand their Medicaid programs and offer health coverage to low-income people.

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This is Why UX Design and Big Data Need Each Other

In the digital age, there’s been a relentless decline in businesses that run on instinct. These days, it seems that all businesses talk about is “Big Data” and how to analyze huge amounts of information to boost their business. 76 more words

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The Amazing Potential Of Voice Analytics

The customer service agent on the other end of the phone may seem oblivious to your growing ire, but the computer recording your call isn’t. More and more, companies are using the science of voice analytics to gain insight into customer interactions, identification even lie detection. 54 more words

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3 Ways to Use Data to Set and Track Your Organizational Goals

Data is finding its footing in the workplace: A 2016 survey from i4cp found that 67 percent of organizations surveyed said they now use results from human capital analytics projects. 55 more words

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How Big Data Can Shorten Your Commute

When people think Big Data, they usually think about how it is used by businesses to gain better insight into the needs of their customers. Often not considered is the many ways they can benefit from its use in different facets of their day-to-day life, including in entertainment, security, and healthcare. 56 more words

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Embrace Analytic Athleticism

With today’s rapidly changing mix of analytic techniques, toolsets, and platforms, it’s difficult for any organization to be confident it is keeping its analytic workforce and skillsets up to date. 60 more words

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A sense of Wonder… reflecting on the #PowerBI amazing journey

Few hours left in the day, been an amazing day for a lot of reasons… better late than never, they usually say right?

So… finally dumping a blog pots that formed on my mind going back several months (cof, years…) now… Anyway, today is even more relevant than then, so… … 1,019 more words

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