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Slemma & ServiceM8

Slemma & ServiceM8

We are really proud to announce that we are going to build the Business Intelligence platform for an Australian company named ServiceM8… 115 more words

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Here's Why Data Is Not The New Oil

It’s a claim you’ve probably heard multiple times – “Data is the new oil!” Now it’s true, that in some ways, the analogy fits – it’s easy to draw parallels due to the way information (data) is used to power much of the transformative technology we see today – artificial intelligence, automation and advanced, predictive analytics. 67 more words

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Domo Focuses Its Cloud-Based Analytics Message, Adds Predictive Options

      Domo insists its platform is aimed at business people, not data analysts. Here’s the appeal to CXOs and line-of-business types.

The key message at Domopalooza 2018, March 13-15 in Salt Lake City, was that Domo is a platform for business, not a tool for techies. 1,202 more words

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The Incredible Ways John Deere Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Transform Farming

Pesticides are currently an essential ingredient of big agriculture in order to ensure we can continue to feed the ever-growing global population of our planet. However, pesticides also carry inherent risks, such as the damage they can do to the environment and local ecosystems, and the hazards that over-exposure can pose to human health. 103 more words

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3V-Dimensional strategy for Big Data

About: This article talks about how to manage and analyze Big Data in a real-time world
Applies to: Big Data and its Analytics, Data Science… 1,129 more words

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Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics - Which One Is Better

Business Intelligence is the process comprising of technologies and strategies incorporated by the enterprise industries to analyze the existing business data which provides past (historical), current and predictive events of the business operations. 49 more words

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