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Drowning in Data? How Business Intelligence Can Help

Businesses have more data than ever before, but scads of statistics can be overwhelming without the right reporting tools. Revenue systems can crunch invoices and cash flows, but they don’t pay attention to the factors behind the numbers. 53 more words

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Azure Data Factory V2 Quickstart Template

If you’d like to try a quick & easy way to get up & running with your first V2 pipeline of Azure Data Factory, check out the… 135 more words


Big Data for Small Business: What to Look At and How to Use It

Using big data for small business can help the company in question rapidly become larger and more successful. Information is everything in the digital world of today. 92 more words

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7 Ways Big Data Can Transform Training

Big Data is a powerful source of information and can revolutionize training and efficiency if used correctly. It can help professionals expand their skill set and add more useful tools… 56 more words

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Analytics Spending Up, Trust in Data Down

Spending on data and analytics continues to surge despite growing uneasiness about the sources of unstructured big data that lacks traditional controls, a new survey warns. 62 more words

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How Walmart Is Using Machine Learning AI, IoT And Big Data To Boost Retail Performance

Even though Walmart was founded in 1962, it’s on the cutting edge when it comes to transforming retail operations and customer experience by using machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. 54 more words

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Emerging Technologies in Business Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence

Technology has left no industry or business without being considered or undergone Gap Analysis by their own team or from consultancies. Companies running on manual process still, are the one who are spending a lot on their operations whereas at other ends, companies utilizing technology as a solution are continuously growing with their revenue and operations with least efforts. 192 more words