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Comma ( , ), Colon ( : ), or Semicolon ( ; ) with Greetings

Dear Ms. Jenny Gardner;

What do you think? Is a semicolon correct after the greeting? How about a comma or a colon?

The semicolon is dead wrong. 208 more words


E-mail inquiry for typing services

Feel free to e-mail us with your request(s):

E-mail: nytypingservices@gmail.com

Bosses Write Letter To Endorse Conservative Party

Business Leaders have written a letter in support of The Conservative Party. Business Leaders have written a letter of endorsement that has been welcomed by the Conservatives but has been dismissed by the Labour Party. 205 more words


EQ: What are the parts of a letter?

  1. Complete: Edutyping lesson 3 &4 &5
  2. Discussion on Business Letter Writing

How To Make A Business Letter

Business Letter is one of the formal letters commonly used for typical, employment-related and business proposal purposes. These format has a simple guidelines and easy to make variations to writ letter as fast and easy while delivering sufficient words in a perfectly way without confusing the reader. 551 more words

These are for the ones who prefer it in print

I started this blog not really knowing what its purpose will be, but I think I now know that I want it to be mainly, a form of guidance for those like me, who are starting out in their professional life and don’t really know how or where to start. 328 more words


Mowing Proposal Letter Report

In this assignment, I was told to use another scenario from the textbook. I was to write a mowing proposal for the city of Augusta, Oregon. 312 more words