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Greetings and Endings of A Business Letter and Email

What should I write when I want to end a business letter? Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely? Should I write the phrase “yours faithfully” 168 more words

Business Letter

Comma ( , ), Colon ( : ), or Semicolon ( ; ) with Greetings

Dear Ms. Jenny Gardner;

What do you think? Is a semicolon correct after the greeting? How about a comma or a colon?

The semicolon is dead wrong. 208 more words


E-mail inquiry for typing services

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E-mail: nytypingservices@gmail.com

Bosses Write Letter To Endorse Conservative Party

Business Leaders have written a letter in support of The Conservative Party. Business Leaders have written a letter of endorsement that has been welcomed by the Conservatives but has been dismissed by the Labour Party. 205 more words


EQ: What are the parts of a letter?

  1. Complete: Edutyping lesson 3 &4 &5
  2. Discussion on Business Letter Writing

How To Make A Business Letter

Business Letter is one of the formal letters commonly used for typical, employment-related and business proposal purposes. These format has a simple guidelines and easy to make variations to writ letter as fast and easy while delivering sufficient words in a perfectly way without confusing the reader. 551 more words

These are for the ones who prefer it in print

I started this blog not really knowing what its purpose will be, but I think I now know that I want it to be mainly, a form of guidance for those like me, who are starting out in their professional life and don’t really know how or where to start. 328 more words