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Balance ~ Raising Babies & a Business

Hey everyone!! So this blog started out as a one stop hub for all things wellness – mind, body, soul, with fitness, recipes, and natural beauty, but I figure it will also evolve and grow into what it is meant to be as time goes on. 2,481 more words

Business Life

Why don't people just do as I say?

 “If I’ve told him once, I’ve told him a thousand times: do NOT leave your damp sports kit on top of the washing machine!”

This happens in business. 741 more words

Conversations Which Work

Muddy Musings

Helllooooo Reno!

And a happy Thursday to everyone. Man, apparently two weeks has disappeared since I last posted. POOF!

I am riding the struggle bus like a bat out of hell. 300 more words


How Altra Change My View On Running

A very happy Thursday to you all!

Three warm days in a row plus the very soon arrival of Daylight Savings Time. SHOW ME THE SUNSHINE! 1,133 more words


Targets, Goals, and Life-Changing Roles

Happy Fridaaaaayyy!

Just when things are heating up, (high of 65 today), another storm is expected to come blowing in. Winter is fine and all, and I appreciate having fresh sources of H2O from snow and rain, but I’m REALLY GETTING TIRED OF NOT BEING ABLE TO RIDE MY BIKE OUTSIDE. 771 more words


Will they successfully curb Karoshi?

Karoshi is a Japanese term that means death by overwork.

This is the kanji for karoshi 過労死. If we take a look at each kanji separately, 過 (ka) to overdo, exceed; 労 (rou) labor; 死 (shi) death or die. 186 more words


The Finish Line Predicament

Greetings Northern Nevada!

Another weekend has flown by and we are getting ready to enter March. Oh March, that tease of a month where it pretends to be spring and then dumps four feet of snow in your backyard only to warm up to 70 before plummeting back down into the teens. 865 more words