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How to frustrate customers and lose business

It took me 4 hours to book a taxi this morning. Really? Yes. The company concerned is a well-known private hire company in London, not some small start-up. 775 more words

Business Life

He who gossips to you about another, will gossip about you to another... 

​”Oga, ah wan tell you something” Chika began, coming to sit with me on the log of Arcacia wood in my construction company. It was a cold July morning as it had rained the previous night. 726 more words

Stabbed In The Back

The Demise of the Corporate Economy

More businesses are very short-sighted when it comes to running their organizations. They are all about the quick buck. They don’t think long-term, They are using technology like it has all the answers without using any common sense. 344 more words

My worker's assault

It was the first time something of this nature had happened to me. Sometimes I don’t really believe it actually happened. You mean, my worker, one who directly works under me, would raise a hand against me? 1,339 more words


3rd of September 2017 - Delft, the Netherlands 19:00

Tired. Yeah. But I am not tired of studying. No, studying actually recharges me. Because books don’t judge you. They just accept you with your misgivings, and they are open to discussion. 817 more words