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‘What happened to standards of journalism, ‘trusted’ Western media?’

© Vladimir Pirogov / RIA Novosti – “Business Life (Delovaya Zhizn) -revealed “official figures on the number of Russian soldiers killed or made invalids in eastern Ukraine.”

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Finding the Courage to Be Yourself

I could feel my mom’s eyes roll over in disinterest when I mentioned a friend had made the leap into business ownership, so I did the only thing I knew would resuscitate the conversation and made another big announcement. 396 more words

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Lesson: Selfishness – Don’t Do It

I can be a very selfish person – I have a strict workout schedule I follow, I have expectations of my friends, my dog, my fiancée, and I have expectations as to how my wedding is going to turn out. 420 more words

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Listen Up!

We all know people who like to talk.  Talk, talk, talk. And then talk some more. Even the most eloquent orators are best advised to shut up and listen once in awhile. 576 more words


#FlyingWithaBike - Getting Your Bike to the Starting Line

Greetings my fellow readers! I recently went to and came back from IRONMAN Canada, a blog for another time. Today’s thoughts are about a slick new piece of gear I acquired for the adventure – my Scicon Aerocomfort Triathlon bike bag. 577 more words


Non-Negotiable Habits for Entrepreneurial Success

When I was 22, my requirements for a potential date were gainful employment, a nice car, and a place of his own; unless, of course, he had abs like Shemar Moore and was willing to spring for a bottle of my favorite wine at dinner. 684 more words


Why SLEEPY EMPLOYEES are posing risks to your business (Infographic)

Employees who are often deprived of sleeping, either by choice or by work, suffers from its obvious effects: less energy, poorer cognitive function, inefficiency and a decreased ability to cope with stress. 76 more words

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