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From MSN: Greece will close banks Monday as panic spreads

ATHENS — In an ominous sign Sunday that Greece is speeding toward a banking collapse, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced that Greek banks will be closed Monday amid last-ditch discussions about his nation’s economic future. 473 more words

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From Bizjournals: How LGBT employee resource groups can be a source of products and marketing

Clorox’s employee resource groups are also turning into a resource for the company in deciding on new products and even acquisitions.

Members of the Clorox Pride group suggested to the company’s cat-litter division that they run advertising targeted to gay men who, demographic research shows, are more likely to own cats than other American households. 250 more words

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From FoxNews: 10 Inspirational Quotes From Women Business Leaders

By 2020, Alexander Hamilton’s solemn mug will be replaced on the $10 bill with the face of, yes, a woman. Will it be a woman from the world of business? 1,072 more words

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From MSN: There might be no saving the world's top banana

To the fruit I like most:

Six decades after a banana-killing fungus all but wiped out plantations across Latin America, a new strain threatens to destroy global harvests. 996 more words

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From CNN: What do employees want most? R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Even if you’re pulling down a fat paycheck, if you’re earning it at a place where you’re treated like dirt, chances are you’ll want out. 198 more words

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Overcoming Decision Paralysis

The trusted advisors have been consulted. Much thought and deliberation have been done. The answer and direction are clear. Still there is hesitation.

There are all kinds of excuses offered up. 637 more words

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