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Human Resources Peer Reviewed Article Poorly Written - What a Shame!

Dear cohorts,

I would like to respectfully write some words about the article that was assigned to us this week: 

 Owais Shafique (2012) ‘Recruitment in the 21st Century’.  392 more words

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Stay Calm and Carry On -- The Business End of Software: How to handle malicious rumors

Veteran’s Day is approaching and, with it, the finale of conference and workshop season for people in my business.  Lately I have been engaged with the less than scrupulous members of my discipline who engage in character assassination and rumor.  890 more words

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Being Genuine - Lady Gaga Style

It’s hard to distinguish what is real or photoshop in today’s society. Beauty and success is defined by a relentless industry that exploit celebrities, and leave creativity unrewarded. 360 more words

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Fast and Confusing McDonald's New Menu

It is obvious that McDonald’s haven’t been enjoying the overflow of busy customers since the early ’90s. With the new wave of healthy conscientious eaters, McDonald’s has tried to reinvent their menu. 428 more words

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Target Branding Bigger - Knowing Your Demographics

Target has recently announced their new dedication to their AVA + VIV, a plus size line catering to trendier customers. Target has been struggling lately to regain their brand. 327 more words

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Integrating listening skills into Spanish classes


  Integrating listening skills into Spanish classes is essential so that listening and comprehension in Spanish language can be achieved. I have been successfully using some strategies such as getting to know my students and letting them know me. 247 more words

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Case Study 2-1: Young Adolescents' Physical, Neural and Cognitive Changes

   Jason certainly is going through a lot of physical, neural and cognitive changes that might be causing him to feel emotionally unregulated. The need for peer acceptance, the fact that he does not want peers knowing that he excels academically, the skin problems, and the growth spurt might result in mood swings. 619 more words

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