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#10MinuteBlog Why having a #Strategy counts

The beauty of a buinses plan is that it sets out your strategy for making your business a viable entitity. I am still surprised when people say that they do not have a business plan but have a business. 346 more words

#10MinuteBlog If I knew how being #organised would help propel #MyBusiness, I would've done it a lot sooner!

For the first time over the festive period, I was able to schedule my posts and get my ducks lined up in a row. For anyone who knows me, I am haphazard in my approach because I get bored really easy. 505 more words

Welcome to #May! Without doubt the #BestMonth of the Year!!

Oh May!! Why do I love you so?!?!? Well it’s my birth month for starters and the month of my lovely Twin babies who will be celebrating their 9th birthday this year. 177 more words

#10MinuteBlog The positives of having #Belief in your #BusinessIdea

I have spoken a lot about Cheerleaders and having that Dream Team that support your dream through thick and thin. They are fantastic. They are needed but they also a limited measureĀ  for instilling belief and confidence within you. 299 more words

Good but not quite Carling!

Do you remember the Carling adverts? I think I like the cricket with the nun’s one the best, but I also like the office escape. If you don’t know the adverts, it’s where a guy does some amazing feat just to fail at the very last moment. 283 more words

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How To Setup a Google Account With Your Company Domain Name

One of the things I’ve had to deal with when helping out my mentee is google – we’ve been using it for all the things we don’t want to set up yet – calendar, forms etc but how to use all these things but not use a gmail account has been an interesting adventure. 20 more words