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Mentorship: The Gateway to Success

Right off the bat, let’s be clear about one thing: seeking a mentor in anything you are passionate about is not just recommended—it’s necessary.

I have had many mentors travel with me during my 15 years of gainful employment and entrepreneurship. 609 more words


Don’t send Christmas Cards…

Sending Christmas Cards is a waste of time some people will tell you – but I disagree.

There seem to be three main reasons… 435 more words


8 Ways a #Mentor Can Help You Win Right Away

I have been a business coach for almost six years and I hear the same question all of the time, “How do I make it, and will I be successful?” 615 more words

Rebecca Sargeant

Would you throw one MILLION £ down the drain?

Would you throw one MILLION £ down the drain? Would you spend one MILLION £ on an ugly house? Would you spend one MILLION £ on a car you dislike driving? 398 more words

Is It Best To Hire A Business Mentor for Your Successful Goals?

If you are searching for strategies to achieve your goals and objectives, whether you are a salesman, an executive, a business owner or entrepreneur, you may be able to get help from a business coach. 464 more words

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As so often happens at networking meetings I was asked recently what I did. In truth it is something I get asked at every networking event I attend, as no doubt you do as well. 312 more words