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5 benefits of having a business mentor

A business mentor is someone who can help you:

  1. Avoid mistakes
  2. Overcome obstacles
  3. Guide you in the right direction
  4. Connect you with other influencers/business owners/clients…
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Glasses on the bar!

It amazes me how many businesses seem to go out of their way to lose business and customers. And I fell prey to this just last weekend. 387 more words

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If you knew what you were going to go through......

I was listening to a podcast this week (yes, I am one of those nerds) and one of the questions asked was:

“If you knew what you were going to go through to get where you are today, would you have ever started your business?” 486 more words

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Happy #EntrepreneursDay to my fellow Entrepreneurs!

Every day, people like us invent and launch amazing businesses to make a difference.

Have an idea you would like to grow?

Book a 1-2-1 with Mum to Mum or share your story here… 7 more words

'Best Bits'

Clocks back........

I put this post up a couple of weeks ago now…. I thought I would share on her to help those that are struggling in business at the moment. 332 more words

Thank You ……….

Most well-mannered people say Thank You.

However, I have to admit that I, almost, dislike intensely people who don’t say ‘Thank You’. I don’t know if they are half-asleep or just plain rude. 384 more words

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Who will get to the phone first?!

Communication today is easier than it’s ever been and yet it is still the biggest area where all too many businesses fail; big time. And it is costing those businesses a great deal of future business and, more importantly, profit! 427 more words

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