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Learn "Quickly" How To Do "No Money Down" Real Estate Deals for Just $25.

I will be releasing this video presentation soon and I wanted to let people know that it can be purchased as a seperate product away from my normal Patreon lessons. 1,131 more words

Money Making Guru's Are Liars! (Real Proof).

How many of you have a guru’s course you bought and you bought it because you were hoping to become rich just like the person who created it? 3,802 more words

Its Time To Be Honest About Your Social Media Following.

People need to be very careful about how they rely on fake friends and followers because it gives them a false sense of identity.


Selena Gomez is a woman changing the world according to… 1,137 more words

When you are running your own business deciphering coded correspondence is the last thing you have time for.

We’ve made it easy by developing a list of the most commonly used acronyms and their meaning so you can get back to running your own business quicker. 20 more words

Meet The Mentor Will Now Be "Exclusively" on Patreon.

The Meet The Mentor Program is moving its entire content base over to Patreon. This move will allow me to reach more people and allow me to keep pace with new content because I won’t be tied down to doing live online classes as much any more. 1,763 more words

Apply Now For Tesco Future Farmer Foundation

The Tesco Future Farmer Foundation is looking for young people in UK & Irish farming who are keen to develop a successful future in agriculture. 149 more words


A Seed is Dropped…

Charity…? Volunteering – ?

“I can’t afford to do something for nothing!”

How often have you been faced with those words? I’ve even used them myself, privately, in my own thoughts. 835 more words