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The Stories We Tell

Once upon a time there was a startup called Circa.

It was an innovative startup built on some very interesting ideas and run by some really smart journalists like… 1,705 more words

Future Of News

Disruption Business Models

Knowing who disrupts who could perhaps prepare traditional businesses to cope with the impending growth of their numbers in the near future. This is inevitable since this kind of disruption is native to the Internet and thus — unstoppable. 585 more words


Run The Jewels: Purrfect Proponents of The Curve?

Before I became old and boring, I used to be quite into music. In my late teens and right on up to my mid 20s I was heavily into the nerdier side of hip-hop, particularly music made during the genre’s so called ‘golden age’ when artists were freer to sample records. 627 more words



So maybe this structured journalism idea is going mainstream after all.

The BBC recently announced a “manifesto for structured journalism,” which has to be the first time a major news organization has used that term; and there was a very… 511 more words

Future Of News

Retirement = Current Business Value)/time * Options - what is retirement worth?

This is a tale of two business owners – both owned companies roughly the same size, in roughly the same industry, and both at the stage where they really thought hard about getting out. 334 more words


The Inventor's Dilemna (it's the people)

Sam’s journey has been an interesting one. He shared this with me over a conference call recently.

From an early age, Sam saw possibilities – and growing up in an entrepreneurial environment, he was encouraged to act on them. 741 more words


Production Value in Online Higher Education

In 2012, during a rare moment of clarity, I wondered aloud about the possible impact on institutional reputation of academics choosing to post their instructional materials online, including lecture videos, for all the world to see. 1,269 more words

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