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Leg 6. From Hong Kong to Auckland (IX). Value Chain for Differentiation Analysis. Better understand the buyer... BTW, Do you like cheesecake?

Good afternoon. Wishing you a lovely day.  Let´s start today by asking you the following question: Do you like cheesecake?

Today we will finally finish this theme of VCA Methodology Approach and continue sailing in the Doldrums. 609 more words

Business Models

Disintermediation, Lock-In, and Blockchain Technology

Lawrence Sanders & Sean P. Sanders

The internet changed the world forever through disintermediation. The internet improved supply chain efficiency through disintermediation.  So did open source software, Wi-Fi, cell phones, 3d printing, … 1,375 more words

Leg 6. From Hong Kong to Auckland (VIII). Value Chain Analysis is also used for Competitive Differentiation Evaluation.

Dear all:

Today we will start to see the first 4 steps on how to do a differentiation analysis using the VCA. In parallel to our strategy race, the 6 teams at the Volvo Ocean Race are now trying to avoid to be stuck in the second phase of Doldrums. 698 more words

Business Models

Leg 6. From Hong Kong to Auckland (VII). Value Chain Analysis feels like to be at the Doldrums.

Good afternoon to all!

I wish you a beautiful day. I have been writing and writing and writing about the value chain analysis, and let me tell you, I feel this topic as if we are stuck in the Doldrums :-( 589 more words

Business Models

Even if we can, maybe we shouldn't...

Internet has enabled a new type of business opportunity where an internet based “business system” is used to collect, organise, manage and market a lot of small and local businesses or individuals, across boarders. 628 more words

Business Models

Barnes and Noble: More Layoffs

NEWS ITEM: “Barnes & Noble Is Laying Off Workers Amid Declining Sales”– headlines at news outlets like Forbes proclaim. What’s really happening?

The big box model for books was always flawed, in our estimation. 88 more words