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Business Angels Financial investment

In some cases brand-new businesses can discover wealthy benefactors that are willing to invest their resources in the organisation in return for payment. Organisation angels offer for this requirement. 392 more words

Driverless Buses: The Specific Medium Trip Proposition: Luxury and Space

In a previous post, I have explored the problems with short haul bus travel once driverless electric cars are a car ride service. There is a possibility that there may be a sweet spot between long-haul bus and short haul bus services. 796 more words

Threat of Entry. Porter´s Industry Analysis. Part II.

Good morning to all of you.

I hope you have started your week and you are really doing well with all your activities.

Last Saturday I promised to continue with the last force of Porter: Threat of Entry. 149 more words

Business Models

Eleonora Escalante Strategy Ocean Race 2017-2018

Dear all:

Find my first approach of themes to cover for our 2017-2018 strategy ride. The content is designed to be understood by everyone who´leads or has beautiful businesses, entrepreneurs, NGO´s leaders and of course to anyone who wishes to sail with me. 71 more words

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Lockboxes Suck, So How Should MMOs Monetize?

I don’t write a lot about bad monetization, because honestly, I mostly just shake my head and try to ignore it. As MMO players get more and more spread out across more games than I can count, populations of individual games keep declining. 1,341 more words

MoviePass Needs More Movie Theater Pals To Keep Price Low

MoviePass, the startup that lets subscribers go to a movie a day, recently dropped its monthly rate to $10, resulting in a flood of sign-ups for the plan. 553 more words

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