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Amazon Shows Tiny Amount of Workplace Flexibility

Amazon is showing a tiny amount of flexibility in it’s rigorous scheduling and systematic workplace processes. They will now be offering 30 hour work weeks – but only for a small amount of people, within a certain division. 353 more words


The Nike+ Run Club Has A Slow Start

Nike has made significant changes to its market leading running app, Nike+, and loyal long-term users are less than impressed. Choosing to reinvent the app as the Nike+ Run Club, was a bizarre move for one of the most lauded applications in the world – and has left pundits wondering why the sports giant chose to mess with a winning formula. 285 more words

Potential of blockchain in a simple way

I noticed a great TED talk about how blockchain could influence industries and wealth distribution. We all know that blockchain is all about trust and how to quickly exchange assets in broader meaning. 311 more words

Business Models

Strategy Matters in Turbulent Times: Think Big Data. Think Business Models

Our Business Perspectives masterclass will take place in London on 21 September, led by Professor Thomas Lawton, Professor of Strategy and International Management at The Open University Business School (OUBS). 168 more words


Self-Driving Taxis...Kind Of

Today in Singapore, something that should have made global headlines…didn’t.

U.S. business NuTonomy has launched the first public trial of self-driving taxis. That’s right, if you are in the One-North business district, you can download Nutonomy’s app, and be picked up by a Robo taxi. 336 more words

Business Models

The Investment Case for Sustainable Ammonia Synthesis Technologies

Trevor Brown
AmmoniaIndustry.com, USA

NH3 Fuel Conference, Los Angeles, September 20, 2016


For 100 years, we have made ammonia with the Haber-Bosch process, almost always using a fossil fuel feedstock. 167 more words

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The Costs of Flipping our Dollars to Gold

As discussed in the Scholarly Kitchen a couple of weeks ago, the University of California (UC) Libraries have recently released the final version of the… 2,003 more words

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