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In Control

So why is this structured journalism concept a good idea?

OK – softball question.  But David Caswell, who created Structured Stories, tackles this question with a fresh take in… 767 more words

Future Of News

A Sign From The Times

We must be making headway.

First the BBC News Labs published “A Manifesto for Structured Journalism,” which laid out in pretty clear terms how they think this is one key way journalism can move ahead. 550 more words

Future Of News

Mainstream customers have a chasm to cross too!

Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm has been my indispensable marketing guide throughout my vendor side marketing career. But in recent years as I have worked in buy-side organisations and as an analyst it has become painfully apparent that we need to find ways of helping mainstream customers, i.e. 444 more words

MOOCs Rise from the Ashes

One could be forgiven for believing that MOOCs had simply faded away. When they first came on the scene, MOOCs — Massive Open Online Courses… 1,354 more words

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