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Is your business model under threat and your survival at stake?

In any large successful business today parts of the business are performing well while other parts are ailing. Multinationals like Ford Motor Company and Starbucks are performing well in some countries, but not in others. 552 more words

3 Businesses Using Subscription Models You Might Not Expect

The subscription business model is now one of the most popular for start-ups and existing companies. It offers organisations various advantages, including flexibility and deeper customer relationships… 605 more words

Recurring Billing

The Dangerous Combination of Banking and Fintech

Everyone, it seems, is starting to take note of the burgeoning “Fintech” scene. Jamie Dimon even specifically referenced the threat from Silicon Valley in yesterday’s letter to shareholders’ 1,028 more words

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A cynic’s guide to fintech

Someone who spends his time writing in a blog named Fintech Middle East is probably making quite a statement on his expectations for the fintech industry to flourish. 330 more words

Business Models

Online Gambling

Over at the EconLog, David Henderson has an interesting post that allows me to come back to some themes I used to carp on quite a bit, but haven’t returned to in a while now. 774 more words

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