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This is off-topic from my usual technology geek focus, but it was prompted by reading a blog post Never Invent Here: the even-worse sibling of “Not Invented Here” 625 more words

Funding and eSports: Fans as Shareholders?

This week, the SEC announced finalized changes to Reg A that were mandated by the JOBS Act. Basically, it just allowed start-up companies to sell stock to anyone. 377 more words

People, Platforms and Purpose: Gunther Sonnenfeld Discusses Business Design and the Future of Work

Our great friend Gunther recently recorded this video (with subtitles in Portuguese) for a presentation in Brazil. For those of you who do not know Gunther, he is a visionary innovator and entrepreneur, and has these three major roles: 970 more words


Uber: The Big Data Company - Forbes

Uber: The Big Data Company – Forbes.

Fascinating article.

My favorite line from the article:

Uber then takes me to the Hyatt in Seattle and someone, somewhere on the Starwood marketing team cries a single tear before jumping into action.

Business Models

Funcom - the new good guys?

I don’t know about you, but for me, i’ll always support the “good guys” in the genre. Last year, i thought SOE might shape up to be the new good guy on the block, but since SOE went Daybreak, the news we got were more in line with what happened to Trion after Scott Hartsman returned to the company as CEO. 1,031 more words


New manufacturing business models will influence PLM software

Things are moving fast these days. Vendors are speeding up their plans to catch up with new development. The changes are coming from both technological and business sides. 532 more words

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