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Cramer Remix: The Netflix naysayers were wrong

Jim Cramer breaks down how Netflix's recent quarter proved the FANG haters wrong.

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Cramer: Cannabis 'might be the most disruptive force since Amazon' for pharma, beverage industries

Jim Cramer surveys the pot craze as Canada prepares to legalize cannabis nationwide and flags the companies he thinks will be long-term winners.

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Cramer's lightning round: 'I can't countenance' selling BlackRock's stock this low

Jim Cramer flies through his take on callers' favorite stocks, including that of a money management giant run by the reputable Larry Fink.

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Cramer's charts of the fear gauge suggest the sell-off pain isn't over yet

Jim Cramer and volatility expert Mark Sebastian unpack the action in the market's fear gauge to see if the sell-off is really over.

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Cramer reveals 5 health-care stocks he likes right now, including UnitedHealth and HCA

Jim Cramer continues his "power rankings" with the health-care sector. His stock picks include a hospital operator, an animal health play and a medical robot maker. 8 more words

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Cramer: As long as the Fed doesn't keep pushing rate hikes, stocks can keep rallying

Jim Cramer explains what led the market to soar on Tuesday after days of selling and says the strength can last if the Fed behaves accordingly. 7 more words

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