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Advice to a friend: It's time to let go and break up

I have been listening to two friends for a while now with relationships ending. It’s sad. The attempts to keep a dying relationship alive. The things they are doing to deny that it’s really over. 383 more words

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What do Martindale-Hubbell, Debbie Harry and Legal Marketing have in common?

Yesterday was Debbie Harry’s 70th birthday. I’m not sure if this made me feel really old (I had Parallel Lines on 8-track, you can now… 581 more words

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Levels of Hell for This ENTJ

It’s me. You do not need adjust your settings. My posts haven’t fallen through the cracks. You have not inadvertently unsubscribed yourself from this blog and all my wit and insights. 663 more words

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Making the Monthly Billing Cycle Time Efficient

For Heather W., an attorney in Memphis, it is the worst part of the job.


“It sometimes takes three days to gather all the information to put together the invoices,” she says. 362 more words


What's it like to fill Jonathan Fitzgarrald's shoes? Lessons from my first 90 days.

I get asked this question a lot these days, “What’s it like to fill Jonathan Fitzgarrald’s shoes?”

I just reply back honestly, “I don’t know. I brought my own.” 1,691 more words

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I'm changing my tune on surveys

It’s no secret that I (along with most legal marketing professionals) have never been a fan of surveys, and have always done the minimal I need to do, push off the rest, and ignore even more of the survey requests, and subsequent requests to purchase an ad or a plaque. 359 more words

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Law Firms’ Performance Depends Upon Hiring JD/MBAs: How JD/MBAs Offer Their Firms Greater Value

This post is the second part to a series of posts discussing the value of a JD/MBA. The goal of this series is to point out that an MBA positions its recipient as a business professional/expert, which is extremely valuable when both your clients and your law firm are businesses. 1,244 more words

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