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Why Healthcare is So Expensive Part 5 - Pharma Gone Wild

A few days ago a patient of mine developed a cold sore on her lip and wanted a prescription for Zovirax, a medication she had used many times in the past.   1,064 more words

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Why American Healthcare is So Expensive Part 4 - HIPAA and Healthcare Regulation

It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.   I didn’t know what that meant when I was younger, but one day in my second year of residency I found out. 2,590 more words

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It slipped up on me. I guess I missed the engagement party. I thought I was going about my career taking care of patients as I planned to do when I decided to be a doctor. 906 more words

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Why American Healthcare is So Expensive Part 3 - The Insurance System

Today the GOP is deep in its discussions about how to take apart The Affordable Care Act and to replace it with some other kind of system to pay for healthcare.  2,010 more words

Why Healthcare in America is So Expensive Part 2 - Surgical Equipment

With this essay we embark on a journey through the world of medical cost.   In my last essay, I argued that while our government struggles to create a system that pays for the healthcare system we have, the true problem is the outrageou… 2,346 more words


Healthcare Reform Has It Wrong: Why American Health Care is So Expensive Part 1

Having been a physician now for 16 years, I have had a first hand view at the variety of healthcare reforms and regulation put into place over that time.   1,127 more words