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My Laptop is FOUND

“The unfaithful Friday night”, “The undesired Saturday morning” or any other topic could have been the title of my essay this week. Yet, neither of these titles adequately paints a picture for my readers of my experience on this particular day and night. 690 more words

Business Of Photography

Hands On

While the facilitators were taking us through Module 1 of the curriculum that will be taught during this 6-month program, I wondered in amazement at when I will master the use of these rectangular- or square-shaped metal equipment called cameras; especially because of some of its features like, the focal length, ISO, aperture, depth of field & shutter speed. 713 more words

Business Of Photography

Behind The Scene

Be Ambitious.

The business of photography is meant for industrious people. It is for resourceful men and women who are determined to be successful, rich, powerful, and unique in any position they find themselves. 473 more words

Business Of Photography

Creating Depth With LIGHT

The eye is regarded as the best optic equipment available. It captures light in its retina to create the final image that is seen. Now, since inception of the camera age, light has been a critical element in the creation of photographs. 550 more words

Business Of Photography

Negative Emotions: The Killer of a Business

It was a new week and resumption day for a new batch of 4 interns at the eloPhotos Academy. Mr. Seun, the Principal of the Academy, addressed the students, welcoming and presenting them with the Operational Manual of the Academy. 470 more words

Business Of Photography

Reception Classes

My internship program at eloPhotos Academy officially started at 7:30a.m. on October 17, 2016, though I was there well ahead of the resumption time. When I got in, I met 2 other ladies — Adenike and Jumoke – who had just graduated from the DSAP (Daystar Skills Acquisition Program) on photography and decided to come to eloPhotos to run the 6-month photography internship program. 536 more words

Business Of Photography