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On Designing Watermarks to Further Define Our Artist Voice

To watermark or not to watermark? That is the question.

My personal rule of thumb is: 486 more words


The Misunderstood Photographer

As most of my readers know, I am a photographer. I have been doing photography commercially for less than a year and there is a lot I have learned from charging people for my work. 384 more words


On Setting Your Photography Rates

Things to consider when setting your photography rates

“How much is that doggy in the window?” I know only the beginning of that song, but what stands out, thinking of it as a creative, is that in the song someone does ask and actually is willing to pay for the dog. 1,481 more words



There is a common saying which says “there is no limit to learning in life; in any place we find ourselves there are always salient lessons hidden that we patiently need to learn if moving to the next level is our utmost desire. 815 more words


Thoughts on Dealing with Low-Paying Clients

How to Deal with Low- (and often late-) Paying Clients

We’ve been there, starting out by working for no-paying clients, and then picking up a few low-paying jobs from low-paying clients and feeling good about ourselves because we actually make some money. 1,048 more words


All protocols duly observed 

All protocols duly observed.

In a country like Nigeria, it’s no news that professional photographers are firstly a vague idea to about 80% of individuals who need photography services. 297 more words

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