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The dawn of the modern day...2!

Hey guys we meet again. I bet some of you must be eager to know and get the “big picture” of driving with UBER, and those questions of whether can UBER be done as a full-time job, is doing UBER part-time worth the time, and the most single important question is, is UBER profitable? 508 more words

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A sharpen knife..

A knife cannot be continuously used, it must be sharpen to maintain its sharpness. If not, the knife will be dull and cannot effectively perform its functions. 214 more words

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Few days into the abyss...

It’s been few days since i’m doing this crazy freelance thingy for full time and the adrenaline rush sure helps a lot.

Currently I am working on a bookkeeping project as my core activity, while patiently waiting for some “opportunities”. 589 more words

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Sukses adalah milik pemimpin yang mau terlibat dan melibatkan

Pemimpin perusahaan, divisi dan departemen adalah pemimpin Human Capital Development yang sesungguhnya. Merekalah yang bertanggung jawab atas pertumbuhan perusahaan dan untuk itu juga bertanggung jawab atas pertumbuhan warganya. 855 more words


Sudahkah kita benar-benar kenal anggota team kita?

Engagement penting. Kita semua tahu itu. Tapi apakah kita benar-benar sudah membangun engagement? Nah, pertanyaan yang paling penting adalah: seberapa banyak kita kenal dengan tim kita? 706 more words


What data should we collect? Part 4: The organisational reality

In our fourth and final blog in our series, we discuss the organisational reality of workplace data collection.

The truth is organisations and businesses of all kinds routinely collect data. 790 more words


How To Tell If You Have Got An Excellent Business Idea

How To Tell If You Have Got An Excellent Business Idea

We all think that our idea for business domination is just the best thing ever but very few business ideas actually bear fruit despite our best efforts. 448 more words