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Is Your Budget The Best Kept Secret In The Company?

It is almost halfway through the year and is your budget still the best kept secret in the company? Before we answer , let’s define the word “budget”. 498 more words

Employee Engagement

Can we take Outsourcing to the Next Level? The way we are working is not working!

I have spent most of my adult life thinking about Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management. Along the way, I have been influenced by many leaders. 457 more words

No more Drivel! Give us the Practical and Useful.

There is no substitute for business advice which is practical and useful. Yes, I am talking about suggestions which actually work. … As in make things better in the real world! 921 more words

Organizational Performance And Design

Are you in charge of your destiny in business?

Do you negotiate hard with suppliers? When was the last time you asked for a regular supplier to review your association? 77 more words

Business Support

The dawn of the modern day...2!

Hey guys we meet again. I bet some of you must be eager to know and get the “big picture” of driving with UBER, and those questions of whether can UBER be done as a full-time job, is doing UBER part-time worth the time, and the most single important question is, is UBER profitable? 508 more words

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A sharpen knife..

A knife cannot be continuously used, it must be sharpen to maintain its sharpness. If not, the knife will be dull and cannot effectively perform its functions. 214 more words

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Few days into the abyss...

It’s been few days since i’m doing this crazy freelance thingy for full time and the adrenaline rush sure helps a lot.

Currently I am working on a bookkeeping project as my core activity, while patiently waiting for some “opportunities”. 589 more words

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