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Culture, Performance, and Employees

The Culture of an organization is important. Culture orients us to the organization, its purpose and goals. But Culture is not just what an organization says, Culture is what it does both internally and externally. 185 more words

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A lead up to Westminster Enterprise Week 'How to Achieve Your Goals'

#GlobalEntrepreneurWeek November 16th – 22nd 2015

How to Achieve your Goals” is an interactive talk aimed at business owners who want to enhance the effectiveness of their performance, and at individuals who wish to pursue and achieve a significant aspiration in their life. 367 more words

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What’s the ‘POP’ in your corn? 3 Things you must examine in your strategy if you want to play to win!

How does popcorn pop? Ancient Native American Indians believed that a spirit lives in every kernel of corn. When heated, the spirit gets angry and throws a fit. 759 more words


Business Lessons from the World of Sport

What can we learn about performance in Business from the great athletes at the top of world sport?

In business particularly in corporate environments the words qualification, accreditation, institution and alumni are often confused with skill, ability, technique, desire, imagination and intuition. 517 more words

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Finance Transformation Requires Strong Leadership

The theme of transforming the finance organization is hot again. The term “finance transformation” refers to the longstanding objective of shifting the focus of finance departments from transaction processing to more strategic activities such as providing the rest of the organization with forward-looking analysis. 950 more words

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Tagetik’s Solid Financial Performance Management Suite

Tagetik is a long-established vendor of financial performance management (FPM) software. Its full-featured suite includes planning, budgeting, consolidation, close management, disclosure management, analysis, dashboards and reporting. 845 more words

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The "New" Performance Management - What We Were Supposed to be Doing All Along?

For years and years and years, HR has pleaded with managers to have more frequent performance discussions, and has introduced technology for the purpose of making it easier to document performance. 656 more words

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