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Performance Marketing

Marketing performance should be judged by impact, not by look and feel. Most people would agree with this statement, yet marketing is too often judged primarily by how funny, cute, creative or slick it looks.  774 more words

Business Performance

Make Nimble Decisions

A major part of a product manager’s day-to-day work is making smart decisions in situations that fall outside of normal policy.  You know – those pesky decisions that come to you because no one else can (or will) make them.   395 more words

Business Performance

Help Prevent Fluffy Marketing

Marketing often gets a bad rap for being “fluffy” – especially from those in fields that tend to be viewed as more objective like operations, engineering or accounting.   643 more words

Business Performance

Diffusing Defensiveness – Building Better Behaviors!

SERIES: Part One of a Four-Part Article

As a tactical leader, the ability to diffuse escalating tension, anger, conflicts and defensive behaviors that result in lost performance is critical. 907 more words

Business Performance

5 Ways To Deliver A PASSIONATE and MEMORABLE Pitch

5 Ways To Deliver A PASSIONATE and MEMORABLE Pitch

Memorable Pitches really stick in the mind and, sadly, there are the thousands that just don’t. 284 more words

Diversity is Correlated with Business Performance

Many people think that if you can build a case on global diversity, things will shift and improve.  That’s not necessarily true.  The reality is that a lot more work needs to be done. 167 more words

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Tough Questions To Get More Output

 The Acid Test for Managers

It is important that managers ask challenging, positive but constructive questions. This is essential to encourage staff involvement and for staff to understand situations and problems that arise in the business. 271 more words