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Unit4 Adds Financial Performance Management with Prevero Acquisition

Unit4, a Netherlands-based vendor of financial management software focused mainly on midsize companies, recently acquired prevero, a German vendor of performance management and business intelligence software. 853 more words

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Hive9 Helps Tame the Chaos of B2B Marketing

It often seems to business-to-business (B2B) marketers as if the only people who understand them are other B2B marketers. They feel that salespeople don’t get what they do day-to-day, that friends and family don’t understand what they do for a living, and most of all that the executives to whom they report have no interest in what they do – that is, until the last day of the quarter. 883 more words

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Recurring Revenue Billing: Where Back Office Meets Front Office

Invoicing and billing are mundane business activities that hardly anyone outside of the accounting department cares about, but they are where the back office meets the front office. 1,381 more words

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Mates over Merit: The Women in Media Report

A blokey culture that rewards ‘mates over merit’, tolerates sexual harassment and abuse, pays lip service to work-family balance, and perpetuates the gender pay gap has been exposed by a landmark survey of women in the Australian media. 99 more words


Salesforce Assimilates Demandware, But Will it Help Them?

In July Salesforce officially closed on its purchase of digital commerce platform provider Demandware for US$2.8 billion. Salesforce’s executives were interested in acquiring a digital commerce platform, and they claim that Demandware was routinely mentioned in their due diligence of the market. 700 more words

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IBM Watson and Cognitive Computing to Streamline Compliance

Today’s proponents of artificial intelligence (AI) tend to focus on its spectacular uses such as self-driving cars and uplifting ones such as medical treatment. AI also has the potential to aid humanity in more modest ways such as eliminating the need for individuals to do tedious repetitive work in white-collar areas. 1,150 more words

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Engaged customers are the key to the organic growth of your business

Engaged customers buy more often, spend more money on their purchases and afford you a higher margin on the products you sell. Developing and keeping engaged customers is all about developing your business in the emotional economy. 295 more words