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Multitasking can reduce your productivity.

It is no secret that technology has made us less productive. It gives us symptoms of attention disorder, impairs our mental and emotional functioning. With technology becoming more intense, each and every one of us is constantly connected, even in the evening. 296 more words

Organizations don’t change - people change!

Organizations don’t change – people change!

Form changes choice, choice changes position, and position creates a new perspective. Take a new perspective and look at the problem you are faced with. 319 more words

What is your biggest limitation at work? Can you undo?

Much has been written about the “way we work”. And I think the way we work is no longer working.

Life is not about working hard or working longer hours anymore. 379 more words

Why wide-scale transformation projects are failing and why is change difficult for people?

How can Corporate Real Estate Managers and Facility Managers lead the wide-scale organizational transformation projects successfully?

The people side of the organizational transformation project is typically the most challenging one to deal with. 265 more words

Emerging Trends. Is Facility Management one of them?

How do you achieve results when your company undergoes wide-scale changes such as realignment, growth, divestiture, layoffs, acquisitions, mergers, etc.? How do you contain costs, maximize profits, minimize risks… 362 more words

What a leader thinks or what a leader does? Holding two opposing ideas in mind. Shades of gray thinking.

I have been reading “I am Less: Accomplishing More by Doing Less” by Marc Lesser and wanted to share this quote with you.

“Apparently what a leader  352 more words

Facility Management has recently risen to a strategic level in corporations. It is now as important as the Human Resources and Finance Departments.

Do You Know How Your Company Wastes Corporate Resources?

How and where do we deplete our corporate resources?

There is inattention to how we drain our resources. 482 more words