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Quitting Your Job to Start a Business: Are You Ready?

Many entrepreneurs start their business venture while retaining their current job. As such, they face a formidable dilemma. The desire to focus all their time and attention on a new venture is powerful, yet it must be weighed against the associated risks — small stuff like giving up a predictable salary and benefits. 793 more words


Fundamentals of Music Business: Elements of a Business Plan

“The annoying business side of music is where the creative person often becomes an ostrich with his head in the sand.” While the visual of Patrick Hess’ comment may cause a chuckle, it is indeed a reality that many creatives are not versed in the business aspects of their crafts. 915 more words

Small business loan frustrations? Have you been to SBDC?

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, estimates it takes up to 26 hours for a small business owner to research, prepare and apply for a small business loan.   144 more words

Business Plan

Mission Statement

Here is the mission statement we are working on:

“Which Craft provides the largest selection of premium quality and unique craft beer to the growing beer community in the Syracuse region; from the curious to the connoisseur.”


Business Plan

Creating a Business Plan Step by Step

Establish a well to do business is really hard work. You have to be very clear about new inventions and ideas that are presented to you. 32 more words

Business Planning

What is the elevator pitch – and how to do it?

Following up the previous post, today’s topic is the elevator pitch — – in my opinion nearly the most important part of your business plan. To understand why, let’s have a look at its content. 704 more words


What is a Business Plan

Therefore, a business plan is needed? You may be an aspiring entrepreneur, owner of a business with experience, or anyone in between. There is an incredible variety of situations where a business plan would prove to be a useful tool in the daily operation of your business. 7 more words

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