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Writing My Business Plan

Having not studied business since 3rd year in secondary school, I did not know what to expect in trying to plan a company and formulate this business plan. 444 more words


Business Plan


Following on from the dragons den workshop, the task ahead was to put together an actual business plan.

Now to put practice to the test, everything we learnt from Chris Walkers lectures/workshop will now have to be used. 315 more words

Business Plan

What do the banks look for in a business plan?

A business plan is your way of signalling to the bank that your business is going to be a success. The bank needs to know that your business will generate sufficient profits to repay both the principal and interest components of any finance they provide you. 498 more words

Business Plan

Planning your own business

Several workshops and lecture were run by Chris Walker, a business consultant that has worked with companies all over the world to improve their businesses. 514 more words

Bangor University

Dreams come true!

With thought that in my life I had to do something different, we spend an average of more than two hours per week. We feeling sorrow that we traveled a little, chose the wrong career, we do not live with whom we want to … How to learn to fulfill our desires? 315 more words


Goals and Objectives

Grow primary foods needed for good plant-based nutrition organically and sustainably

Maintain a viable seed bank limited to 50 varieties of organic heirloom and open-pollinated plants… 88 more words

Business Plan

When All is Said and Done... - Emily G.

Dear class of 2019,

congratulations on finishing your first semester of your Sophomore year! I know that WHAP is probably already stressing you out (not to scare you, but it does indeed get worse), and you’re running on about six hours of sleep, but I’m here to let you know that it’s okay, because your DAP is about to start, and you’ll only be a little more stressed! 376 more words

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