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Be Familiar with the Types of Business Plans

A business plan refers to the procedure with which you can run the business successfully as well as fulfill your long and short-term goals. While even a few decades ago, there were only a few types of plans for businesses, now, there are several ones. 278 more words


What are the qualities of an entrepreneur?

Large aspiration: Clearly, unless the aspiration is large, it is difficult to create something that is valuable. Large does not necessarily mean large just in revenues. 1,031 more words


Ideally, aspiring entrepreneurs should work for a start-up AND a large company before starting up on their own

I think it is a good idea for aspiring entrepreneurs to get some experience of working with a startup as well as some experience of working in a large company. 331 more words


Starting your entrepreneurial journey – some food for thought

In my view, easier availability of early-stage capital, public celebration & adulation of entrepreneurial heroes, a well-deserved respect for entrepreneurism and also society’s willingness to accept failures in entrepreneurial ventures make it easier for younger people to consider entrepreneurship as a career. 1,003 more words


Making Plans - Turning a Spark into an Extraordinary Fire

For me, a creative free spirit, writing a business plan is not something I get terribly excited about. However, iv’e received some advice from a dear friend who said that I would need to get this done now. 489 more words


Still Winter

It’s snowing. And sleeting. The roads are slick. I almost killed myself walking out of daycare today, slipped on the sidewalk. I want summer. It’s mid-April for gosh sakes! 320 more words


The five paragraph Op Order for business

Part one: Situation

Veterans perform very well in the business setting because they acquired skills and disciplines in the service that can be applied every day. 694 more words

Life Lessons