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6 Steps to Writing a Business Plan for Your Internet Business

A business plan is the first thing you need to do if you are starting a new business. It is designed to outline your goals, business strategies, financial goals and marketing plans. 374 more words

Business Plan

10 Must Follow Rules to Become Successful

Achievement is not accomplished overnight, You need to investigate every possibility to achieve it. Being focused, perseverant, and decided is the basic foundation for ensuring a… 7 more words


10 Financial Mistakes Small Businesses Usually Make

Finance is one of the columns on which the working of the business rests upon and if that breakdown then everything goes in dust. Here are 10… 12 more words


What Is A Business Plan?

What’s a Company Plan?

This can be a description or declaration that displays a small business’ targets and objectives, including an outline of its owners or supervisors, the Business’s history in reaching objectives and these business goals and any possible problems the business might encounter. 382 more words

Business Plan

Want to Have Your Cake and Equity Too? Consider Non-dilutive Funding

By Karen Utgoff

Rather than taking a piece of your pie, non-dilutive funding sources offer outside funding and/or in-kind resources that let you have your cake and equity too. 303 more words

Karen Utgoff

What We Can Learn from Chef's about Vision – Strategy – Execution - Result

Once a company has determined their vision and knows their goal … or as Stephen Covey put it, “begin with the end in mind,” it is important to determine your strategy and plan of execution to accomplish the desired result. 196 more words


How to give without giving it all away for nothing.

Those of us who provide a service to our clients know the importance of building know, like and trust. We understand the rules of giving free valuable content to our clients so they understand how we can help and we are viewed as the experts in our fields. 328 more words