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What are your magic numbers?

Recently I’ve been working with very busy clinic owners. You may say why do busy clinic owners need help? It’s because they are both in their early 30s and are nearly burnt out due to their workload. 393 more words

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Ab Exercises At Home - The Simple And Effective Way

Much of what causes stress for us is in how we perceive it. Did you ever notice that what stresses one person may not stress another? 654 more words

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Start a BPO or Call Center in India

To start a BPO in India the entrepreneurs need to register with NASSCOM who will consequently verify the applicants’ integrity and then certify the organization. The owners should also set up a business development team that is capable of doing good research on the web and also analyzing the available information. 1,190 more words


What's your thing, though?

Many of us are very familiar with other people’s things. For instance, we may have a high level of familiarity with the way another person runs their business or their household, with the way another person manages their social media accounts, or even with the way another person parents; but what’s… 335 more words

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Il Business Plan non serve ma...

Partiamo dalla conclusione: se hai intenzione di iniziare un processo di fund raising, scrivere un business plan (BP) è inutile a meno che non ti sia specificamente richiesto per qualche bando pubblico o qualche competizione tra startup. 183 more words


Startup on the move

Ok great – we’re on the move! 😀

This isn’t that bad after all, quite the opposite. It’s actually very refreshing to work on a project that you’re truly passionate about. 340 more words


“Business Plan - Purpose and Objectives”

An in depth description of an innovative new or current business, such as the company’s service or product, advertising campaign, monetary statements and projections and administration principles, need a plan to be implemented. 907 more words