What are Dolly and Travelling Shots? | Video Production | Charlotte NC

The Dolly is a resource to achieve dynamic film sensations in a video. This specialized tool consists of a camera on rails designed for filming fluid movements. 279 more words

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The Importance of Sound in Video Production | Video Production | Charlotte NC

The sound is as essential in any audiovisual production as the image is on films and our daily life. Even if we see a video without dialogs, we can appreciate the power of the sound. 278 more words

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Some Benefits of Hiring a Professional Video Production Team | Video Production | Charlotte NC

An audiovisual production requires a professional team. Corporate profiles, advertising, and commercial videos must be produced with technical standards to improve the branding image of companies, products, and services. 492 more words

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The benefits of good product photography | Charlotte Photos and Videos | Photos Videos Drone | Charlotte NC

Photography has a value; it is essential to all of us. Over time, this technique has been transformed into art and also in business. The image, such as art, has conquered all our lives. 337 more words

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Women in the Spotlight!

We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks here at the studio! As I said in one of our recent posts, professional headshots are very popular this time of year with corporate image changes and business refreshers.  242 more words


Artistic Musician Portrait, Daryl Ang aka Shimobe

hello family and friends,

Here is a set different than usually corporate portrait, is more artistic feel cause is for musician, this is Daryl Ang aka Shimobe, if you interest see Daryl’s work, you can visit him youtube channel: … 37 more words


Tips For Food Photography | Charlotte Photos and Videos | Photos Videos Drone | Charlotte NC

Photography is a beautiful job. During the last two centuries, all human beings have left images of their lives embodied in pictures. In the 21st century, social media revolutionized the way in which we see the image. 511 more words

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