After 4 years back in photography, I’ve just started playing around seriously with dual light sources. In this case, I’ve augmented my 430 EX with a 600 EX-RT. 175 more words



Had a visit from Pete this today at my studio, We had a fantastic shoot and he left with great new headshot images for all her social media platforms. 60 more words

Milton Keynes

Calling All Business Professionals

Calling all business owners and professionals. Have you ever thought about your corporate profile images on your social media platforms, or does the thought of employing a qualified photographer to take company headshots just seem a waste of money. 396 more words

Milton Keynes

Headshot Lighting Set-up For Small Spaces

As a photographer I am constantly playing with light trying to get the best out of it. As my work is headshot photography its crucial that my work looks consistent on my website, so my clients know what they will be getting when the step into my studio space. 616 more words

Milton Keynes

Your Head is Curb Appeal

As consumers these days branding is the thing that draws us in to buying certain products over others, and that is no different to how we see people and business online. 399 more words

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