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How to stand out in an "all the same" world

“There is absolutely no differentiation in the market at all – you all look the same”*
(*Christopher Digby-Bell, quoted in Legal Week, June 1 2015) 520 more words

3 Worst Mistakes People Make in a Presentation

Truly memorable disasters don’t just happen. They require a special blend of misunderstanding and misguided effort. Here are three ways to guarantee a disaster in your next presentation, and how to avoid them. 295 more words


Difficult message to deliver? How to be more positive in your speech or presentation

If you want to be more positive in your next presentation, I encourage you to:

1.Practise delivering your presentation out loud
2. Record it (on video or audio) so you can review your presentation OR get a colleague to give you feedback… 553 more words

Watch Those Charts!

The way in which your audience gets information from the charts you use in a presentation affects their perceptions of what you are saying. So watch those powerpoints! 8 more words


Tips from TED

You know how engaging those TED talks are? It’s not just the ideas being expressed, it’s also the manner in which they are being expressed. … 12 more words


End-of-the-School-Year Resource Roundup

Yes, indeed, the end of another school year has arrived, and I am already thinking ahead to the next academic year. In planning ahead, I’ve also reflected on the past year and realized I have gathered a LOT of online resources related to business communication. 618 more words

Before you Make That Presentation...

Presentations are meant to convey a message to people. Too often, we focus on what we want to say rather than what the audience wants to hear. 17 more words