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How to Practice Presentations. 3 Top Tips!

Developing an outstanding presentation takes time and organization.

It’s a combination of crafting compelling content designed to connect with your audience’s hopes, dreams and alleviate fears and then delivering with the right blend of para-lingual and body language techniques. 604 more words

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Tips to Plan a Successful Client Meeting

As a business owner client meetings are an essential part of my business. Not only do I meet with potential clients, which is extremely exciting because of the opportunities that exist to build new relationships but I also meet regularly with my exiting clients to ensure that their needs are addressed and to continue to be an advisor of choice. 355 more words

How to avoid TPB (Terminal Presentation Boredom)

I have first-hand experience of terminal presentation boredom and so do you. Within a few minutes of the start, you know you are in for a LONG morning: as Presenter X launches out on yet another fascinating exposition.  413 more words

Don't be a PowerPoint Putz! 5 Principles to help create Slide Presentations your audience will love.

You walk into the meeting room and beaming middle manager Johny has the screen all set up with clicker in hand and it suddenly dawns on you. 1,248 more words

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The importance of eye contact when #presenting - #Rugby Examples

In Western business culture – direct eye contact projects confidence and “honesty”. Not meeting someone’s eye can be seen as being evasive, not confident and even dishonest. 756 more words

How to stand out in an "all the same" world

“There is absolutely no differentiation in the market at all – you all look the same”*
(*Christopher Digby-Bell, quoted in Legal Week, June 1 2015) 520 more words