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EBM plays key role in preparing Astorg Partners AGM 2015

Astorg Partners – EBM played a key role in the preparation of Astorg Partners’ 2015 Annual General meeting held April 16, 2015 in Paris, at which the company presented the nine companies which make up its Astorg IV and V corporate funds. 38 more words


Pubic Speaking is Show Business!

Public presentations are really more like show business today, even if the topic is serious business. “How” you present is as important as “what” you present. 25 more words


How to Present Your Business to Prospects Effectively!

If you want to grow your business, you definitely need to share it with people. Be it a traditional or networking business, business presentation to prospects and clients is a must skill. 437 more words


Never let an audience get ahead of you

Letting the audience get ahead of you is one of the most common ways of killing a good presentation.

Once your audience know what you are going to say next, or even just think that they know what you are going to say next, there is a strong tendency for them to switch off and start thinking about other things. 551 more words


What Your Product Demo Actually Needs

Aside from that, you must conjointly address inquiries to the audience. As Falcone identified, this is often your chance to “keep folks engaged and facilitate learning on each sides”. 140 more words

MBA Communication Programs

Management requires effective communication to succeed. The Graduate School of Business, Stanford University,  provides courses, coaching, and tailored programs, to help students develop their communication skills and flourish professionally. 32 more words

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Presentation Skills Short Courses

Being able to stand up and speak confidently to an audience is an essential life skill. Whether the goal is to make winning presentations at work or an entertaining speech at a wedding, we all want to be memorable for the right reasons. 17 more words

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