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A Speakers Golden Opportunity

You have finished your presentation and fielded questions: now is your golden opportunity to connect with interested audience members. Audience members are (hopefully) inspired by your words and ready to take action. 345 more words

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Adding Sheen to Your PowerPoint Presentations

It is fun to watch a professional make a presentation as their presentations go off (nearly) flawlessly and they look like they are having fun doing it. 406 more words

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4 Strategies For Answering Questions (especially when you don't know the answer)

The way you handle questions has a large impact on your credibility. You may be asked questions for which you don’t know the answer, you may misunderstand the question, or you may benefit from a small bit of time to consider the correct best answer. 235 more words

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3 Traits Of Successful Speakers

Exceptional presenters/trainers present good information in a setting that makes audience members comfortable, satisfied, and relaxed. The more time you spend preparing your site, making your audience feel welcome, and attending to their comfort, the more focused they can be on your content. 388 more words

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New Business Book Summary Available for One Perfect Pitch

One Perfect Pitch by Marie Perruchet offers step-by-step guidance to entrepreneurs who are seeking funding for their ventures, or those who need to sell themselves or their products or services. 233 more words


Beyond Movies: Why Stories Matter in Business - What Story are You Telling?

When creating content marking, how do you position yourself or your product? 

Here are some examples:

Monster Under the Bed

A woman I know set up a webpage to help raise funds to fight breast cancer.  598 more words

Beyond Movies: Why Stories Matter in Business - Story Archetypes

There are many different story genres.  And there are even more ways to tell those stories.  But if you step back and examine the basic structure of how stories are told, you’ll start to recognize patterns.   1,005 more words