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#RealTalk: Jargon

Note: This blog piece was written June 10 2016 but has been migrated onto a new site.

Last week I attended the C2 Conference in Montreal… 1,154 more words


When is it just noise?

As more and more businesses and brands begin to use social media as a legitimate marketing platform, cutting through the noise will become intimidating for most small businesses. 391 more words

Ten Differences Between Talking and Speaking

Talking is cheap.                                       Speaking is expensive.

Talking is trash.                                        Speaking is treasure.

Talking is boring.                                     Speaking is interesting.

Talking is forgettable.                            Speaking is memorable.

Talking takes time.                                 50 more words

Change Your Life - Views And Values

These Are The People In My Neighbourhood - Say Hello to Neil Damackine

Dear Friends, Neighbours, & Readers,

I am very proud to introduce Neil Damackine the founder and the heart of Construction ND Inc.

Before I give you every reason to work with Construction ND Inc., let me talk to you a little about my dear friend and often-time mentor, Neil. 543 more words


Dealers vs Distributors 

http://www.ravepubs.com/distributors-sell-end-users/ @LeeDistad

I recently read this concise and well written article on distributors eroding their market base, the only thing I’d add is if  you can’t add any value as a dealer (service and support) are you actually a dealer or simply a shipping warehouse? 60 more words

Business Relationships

Why You Can Never Nurture Your Leads TOO Much

If you think that you can comfortably stop nurturing your leads as soon as they make that ever-important sale, you’re only seeing one small part of a much larger and more important picture. 524 more words

Breaking Down the PM & GC Relationship

Trust between property managers (PMs) and general contractors (GCs) is crucial to building and maintaining a working relationship for both parties. Understanding the stresses of each side evokes empathy and helps one another work more cohesively. 429 more words

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