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The Personality of Success

“There is more than one way to skin a cat” I used to hear old folks say. While I have never even considered skinning a cat I would assume that the saying is mostly true. 585 more words

Yes! Connect With Market Influencers

Have you ever asked ”Should I be connecting with influencers, and is it as valuable as people make it out to be ?”

The answer is a simple, straightforward “YES !” How you do it is up to you. 825 more words

Take Back Control From To-Do List Overload.

Did you know you can visualize your way to clarity in your business and marketing? Well, at least that’s what I do. It may help you too. 680 more words

Build Supportive Business Networks

Business networking is more than going through the motions and showing up. I will assume you’ve heard the quote encouraging us that we could achieve 90% success rate just by doing that one thing. 735 more words

How Bad Do You Want This?

Ugh, that word again. Mindset. Can we talk about it?

How many times have you made the plans, but they didn’t launch? Booked the party, but failed to fill the room? 502 more words

Welcome to your gate way to a new life.

Just by making small and subtle changes today  you will make a profound difference in the person and life of your future… Start today!  To Quote my Mother, “You are now becoming who you are to be.” 262 more words

Love And Relationships

Vendor vs Partner. Which one do you want?

One of the challenges that I face on a daily basis is the complacency among clients with keeping relationships strictly on a vendor/client basis. What causes that complacency can be a number of things, but my experience illuminates two of the most common reasons. 1,180 more words