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What you learn when you teach yourself: Trying to resolve issues or troubleshoot prior to asking for assistance.

Teaching yourself comes easy to some and not quite so easy to others. Personally, I’ve been called a “Jack of All Trades and a Master of None.” Now that’s not entirely true, but in some instances it is. 1,467 more words

Instructional Design

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction: Learn how your actions affect those around you.

Sometime in your life, I’m sure you heard, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” which is Newton’s third law of motion. This doesn’t only apply to objects. 1,596 more words


The Book that Saved my Life

Over two years ago, I was working for Best Buy in the computer department.  Someone wanted to buy a monitor, and we had none on the floor.  313 more words

Business Relationships

When an Apology is NOT an Apology

There is much in the media in recent days about an apology that really is not an apology.  The specifics of the “apology” is not my focus in this article.  707 more words


The Need to Focus on the Buyer

The world is changing fast.  New technology comes all the time.  For instance, smart robots and the new iPhone has a professional class camera.

People are trying to grow their businesses and are looking for people to help them be successful.  282 more words

Business Relationships

The Art of Digital Marketing

Loved the post on Digital Marketing that Seth Godin wrote for IBM entitled the Art of Digital Marketing.  IBM donates to Seth’s charity, which is a touching event. 88 more words

Business Relationships

DCS 2016 Follow-Up

CONGRATULATIONS to Eleanor Tami on winning the Free DCS Registration drawing worth $1295.00 from The National List. It’s just one of the many ways NL can say “thank you” to its members for their continued business.  295 more words

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