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Tips For Crafting An Elevator Pitch That Creates Instant Buy In

An elevator pitch is a short and succinct, persuasive speech used to generate interest and summarize or provide a simple explanation of a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value. 1,476 more words


Focus on the Human Side of CRM to Improve the Customer Experience

The Customer Relationship Management industry (CRM) has exploded. It’s estimated that 91% of business with more than 11 employees now use a CRM system. CRM is a term that refers to the strategies, technology, and practices that companies incorporate into their business to manage and analyze customer interactions and data. 335 more words

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Focus or Fail

You may hear me say this all the time, “where focus goes, energy flows.” I actually stole that quote from Tony Robbins but I am pretty sure he learned it from somewhere else as well. 422 more words

Gary Chapman | The Five Languages of Apology (11/13/2013) - YouTube

As your life coach I want this Easter for you to accept the forgiveness GOD has for you. Happy day! Happy Spring! Happy Life! GOD Bless! Dian

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If it is so easy to change our lives, love life, and self…Why Don’t We?

In an effort to help others learn why I, as a life coach, do what I do, and therefore get to the point to change myself,  others, and our world. 202 more words

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What makes a logistics career so interesting?

The academic school year is coming to an end for seniors in high school and they are now faced with some of hardest life choices they will have to face.   792 more words


A Lesson on Performance From a Little League Right Fielder

I have written many sports analogies over the years, especially ones dealing with coaching kids.  You will never convince me that there are not valuable life-long lessons from these experiences. 1,097 more words