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In Love With Your Business, In Love With Life?

February is traditionally celebrated as the month of love, focused of course on Valentine’s day on 14th February. Statistics report that here in the UK £557 million will be spent going out on romantic dinners, £461 million on presents, £173 million on drinks, £211 million on flowers, £115 million on chocolates and £57 million on cards. 316 more words

Collecting Medical Debt – How Aggressive Should You Be? (Reprint)

Almost four years ago (2/23/2012), NL Insider published a blog titled “Collecting Medical Debt — How Aggressive Should You Be?” That blog continues to get hits every week, totaling over 2,622, with 822 of those in 2015, and 90 in January 2016. 1,060 more words

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It's All About Relationships

After reading a series of good online articles and blogs over the holidays and sharing them with a variety of business associates, one of these associates pointed out that there was a common theme – Relationships. 456 more words

Trailer Relocation

Our Remarkable Food & Wine Partners


Gourmet Food & Wine Tours started because, like most anyone who would care to read a food-ish blog, I appreciate good food and better wine. 157 more words

NL Terminology Resource Updated and Enlarged

Ever catch yourself having to look up an unfamiliar collection or legal term on Google or Wikipedia? We know how you feel, and we’re here to help!  223 more words

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The Art of Business Casual is Hard but Oh So Important

I was taught to address people by their last names, say thank you (not thanks), and to speak properly in work and educational settings. I thought speaking formally was a way to show my respect for those I work with, but I was perceived as unfriendly and not confident. 138 more words

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He's got you in chains...

The secret to finding long lasting love is finding a man who can open your soul and your legs. Simultaneously he should have your back, stimulate your brain and make you laugh, whilst building the pillars of a healthy relationship. 577 more words