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The Facts: Licensing Your Branch – Cornerstone Series #3

The National List of Attorneys has partnered with Cornerstone Support to do a blog series on licensing. This is the third blog in that series. Cornerstone Support is a licensing service provider to the collection industry. 407 more words

NL Insider

From 18 to 61 years old. If I could go back...


If I could give anyone ONE single advice about life, it would be to visit or hangout with older people.

I mean grey hair old. 524 more words

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The Cost of Compliance

We have seen many changes over the years, but none as impactful and challenging as the exorbitant line-items required of attorneys and debt servicers to remain compliant and verify that they are compliant when they are audited. 207 more words

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I need your help! Can you see my vision?

Today I’ve been emailing a third-party about opening up a potential partnership towards investing and man let me tell you. The mismatch in vision implementation, or recognizing the vision itself, is wide! 229 more words

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Key Steps to Building and Maintaining Great Professional Relationships

Building professional relationships is a key part of becoming successful in business. Relationships exist in a number of different spheres. Entrepreneurs need to build relationships with other business leaders, potential investors, and clients. 773 more words

Ehsanollah Bayat

Turkish Investors: Welcome to New Zealand

To form strategic partnership between NZ and Turkey to reactivate NZ economy, create more jobs, reduce poverty and keep our sovereignty!

Nowadays, the situation New Zealand is in is quite depressing; politicians continue to sell our assets, our national debt is almost at $100 billion within less than 10 years and we are on the verge of signing the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), which would compromise our national sovereignty and the rights of our indigenous people under the Treaty of Waitangi. 530 more words