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Concept of business risk classified into systematic & unsystematic risk.
Concept of standard deviation & 2 sums based on it.


Responsibility - Chore or passion

Responsibility is something many small business owners don’t do at all or shirt around. And there are several easy ways to be effective and budget manageable… 343 more words

Business Risk

Capital Structure

Capital structure is the mix of long term debt, preferred stock and common equity that a company uses to finance its operation. At target (opitmal) capital structure, the structure will be able to optimize its stock price. 47 more words

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Difference between Business Risk and Financial Risk


Business risk are involved with the operations of an organization and is not dependent on a company’s debt level. Its is inline with a company’s operating leverage. 236 more words

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Business Risk

Business risk are associated with investments. In business, risk is the probability of less returns than what is expected from an investment. Business risk can be… 233 more words

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If Your Firm Employs "Guest Workers" Be Aware Of The Proposed Changes By DOL and DHS - Comment by June 29th.

If your firm employs “Guest Workers”, make it your business to understand how the proposed changes to the H-2b Temporary Non-Agricultural worker program may affect your business.   279 more words