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Why work isn't working... Insights from the IMI National Management Conference, 2015

Why isn’t work working? Most of us in advanced nations are stuck in economies with diminishing or already zero productivity growth, despite continued advances in technology; only 13% of employees are engaged despite moving into higher quality work now that automation has taken over a lot of the dirty, dull and dangerous tasks; we’re more educated and skilled than ever before, and yet we still struggle to create innovative teams. 666 more words

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Outsourcing - a good idea or bad idea

Surely we all have our own specialities and talents and it is important that we stick to them. We are all led to believe that we should play to our strengths and get others to fill in the gaps in our abilities. 319 more words

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Verification of a Chinese company

How the verification of a Chinese company should look like? What kind of information can be obtained through this process? Is it really an essential step, or can the whole process be skipped? 296 more words

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How to deal with Inflationary Risk in Business


Every business is exposed to inflationary risk as both the variable and fixed cost of running a business will go up each year, just like the cost of living, which means that the selling price of your goods and services should also go up otherwise you will start making losses due to selling below inflation. 665 more words

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Managing your business' risk

Running a small business in South Africa can be a difficult thing with so many different types of risk out there.

While some of these potential hazards can complicate things, Santam understands that the more a business owner knows the better for his or her business. 471 more words

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SAPM, a division, lecture 7

Concept of business risk classified into systematic & unsystematic risk.
Concept of standard deviation & 2 sums based on it.