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The 17 best business schools in Europe

A training in business, management or finance can be the springboard to a successful career.

This week business newspaper The Financial Times came up with its list for 2016 with best business schools in Europe. 358 more words

Business Schools


We spend the beginning of our life trying to leave behind childhood, be more responsible, learn esoteric knowledge, mature, etc. We strive to become
responsible and independent adults that we admire only to realize that we have lost along the way everything that was really special and fun. 421 more words


Why 'Blockchain' is Becoming the Rage at U.S. Business Schools

As more students seek careers in financial technology, or ‘fintech’, U.S. business schools beef up training digital currency bitcoin.

New York: U.S. business schools are beefing up training in the software that underlies digital currency bitcoin, a technology expected to be a game changer in many industries. 602 more words

Blockchain becoming the rage at US business schools

US Business schools are strengthening up training in the software that causes digital currency Bitcoin, a technology forecasts the main player in many firms. 49 more words

Is a Good Business Education Key to Growing our Future Leaders?

Good education design key to growing our future leaders. Educating our future leaders on shared value creation and the shared economy is key to our success. 541 more words

Thinking of doing an MBA? I would think about it carefully...

I recently read an article about how MBA applications have dropped by one to two-thirds, forcing lesser-known schools to shut down their programs completely. The article went on to question whether an MBA degree is still relevant in today’s business world or whether it belongs in a grave next door to the typewriter. 695 more words


Academic Research Plays a Crucial Role in Business Innovation

Business schools have a dual mission: to educate students and to create knowledge through rigorous scientific research.

Research in business schools plays a major role because it affects not only what we teach, but also how we teach. 518 more words