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Benefits And Job Opportunities By Pursuing MBA In Information Systems

Professionals trained in information systems are seen playing vital roles in the technological development and overall growth of firms. No decision can ever be taken without conferring with them as information technology departments are a key to all big and small operations in major firms. 453 more words

How to prepare for mba Entrance Exams

MBA Entrance Exams

The importance of MBA Entrance Exams in choosing the Master of Business Administration (MBA) which is one of the most coveted Post Graduate Qualifications across the world. 276 more words

Business Schools

How More Women Can Get an MBA in Pakistan

By M.Abdullah Tariq

Education for women in Pakistan was never a piece of cake. It took years after independence that now people are realizing the significance of education for women in Pakistan. 619 more words

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Turning Academic Research Into Public Engagement

In the eyes of the public, academic research is not innovative or engaging, nor does it create an impact on society. One renowned 2007 study claimed that 50 percent of academic papers are read only by their authors and journal editors, and 90 percent are never cited, which signifies that no one finds them useful. 166 more words

On Education

Appetite for Innovation: Creativity & Change at elBulli (To be published by Columbia University Press on July 12, 2016)

How is it possible for an organization to systematically enact changes in the larger system of which it is part? Using Ferran Adria’s iconic restaurant “elBulli” as an example of organizational creativity and radical innovation, 507 more words


IIM Placements uncovered

IIM Placements

What people talk and what is project about IIMs placements and thr ground reality.

Objective: To show the truth about placements to the current and future students, the misinformed and everybody else by showing that the figures they see are representation of only 10 – 20% of the batch’s performance. 144 more words


Flipping on the Flippant.

I am now lost … Who has more flippant attitude … The IIMs & IITs crying foul or Flipkart who flipped on their commitment.

Most IIMs and IITs pride themselves for providing quality education to the students who make the cut after a grueling preparatory regime, battery of tests & evaluations. 682 more words