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Cybercrime: Is your business at threat?

Did you know that businesses that lose a large amount of data have a much higher risk of going out of business within 6 months? No, neither did we, until we hosted Boost#9 ‘Business IT and Online Security’ where… 577 more words

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Choose the Best Building Security Systems

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Cyber Defense – A Cat and Mouse Race

F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen appeared on the BBC recently to talk about cyber security, data breaches, and “dadada.”

During the interview, Mikko described the current state of cyber security as a “cat and mouse race between the attackers and between the defenders.” It might not be as exciting as watching Formula 1 or a marathon, but it’s not as dull as writing some software that stops computer viruses. 250 more words


Importance of Having a Security System in your Home or Business

As a homeowner or business owner, you want to protect your assets from any loss. You can do this with a home security system or commercial security system. 403 more words

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5 Things to Do to Fight Business Security Risks | Getentrepreneurial

Business security has come into the spotlight in the past few years, mainly due to high profile security breaches like the ones at Sony, Ashley Madison and Kaspersky Lab. 143 more words

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7 Questions for Javier, an F-Secure Cyber Security Expert

You know you’re a technical security consultant when you can say the best part of your job is breaking things.

Javier Moreno is passionate about improving enterprise security – and to make a technology better, he breaks it first. 767 more words


Hacks in the Headlines: Two Huge Breaches That Could Have Been Detected

The Sony hack of late 2014 sent shock waves through Hollywood that rippled out into the rest of the world for months. The ironic hack of the dubious surveillance software company Hacking Team last summer showed no one is immune to a data breach – not even a company that specializes in breaking into systems. 953 more words