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Why Hackers Love Your LinkedIn Profile

An employee opens an attachment from someone who claims to be a colleague in a different department.

The attachment turns out to be malicious.

The company network? 746 more words


5 Funny Bungled Robbery Stories

These days you can find thousands of hours of funny and entertaining stories, be it on YouTube or funny websites the stories from all over the world are endless. 665 more words


The Weakest Link Just Got Stronger

What’s the easiest way for a cybercriminal to penetrate your business network?

That would be through the endpoint.

The fact that your endpoints are operated by humans, who are prone to mistakes, makes the… 513 more words

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VPN Comes to Your Rescue When Business Security is Concerned

In this business corporate world higher employee morale standards and connectivity doubles up as the backbone of the business community. Hearing a word such as VPN you might be tempted to think that it is some kind of a high end business term and that you need nothing from it. 447 more words

Hack to the Future: The Return of Macro Malware

We who write stuff in the security industry are used to dashing off sentences like, “Online attacks are becoming more and more advanced” or “Malware is continually evolving in sophistication.” 596 more words


7 Business Results You Will Achieve By Using A Security Service

There are myriad reasons why hiring security professionals will help your business succeed. The most significant benefits that professional security can bring to a business are the reduction of risk, increased effectiveness in the workplace, protection of business assets, reduction of operational costs, fulfilling your duty to provide a safe and secure work environment, giving you a competitive edge over similar businesses, and securing your peace of mind as a business owner. 542 more words


Firewall Your Business!

During the past decade, hacking computers has become more than a game. It has become a business. Do you wonder why, when movies actually portray hackers as cool and hacking as a work of art?Nowadays, hackers are constantly lurking about, looking out for unguarded networks and unprotected computers. 456 more words