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Firewall Your Business!

During the past decade, hacking computers has become more than a game. It has become a business. Do you wonder why, when movies actually portray hackers as cool and hacking as a work of art?Nowadays, hackers are constantly lurking about, looking out for unguarded networks and unprotected computers. 456 more words

Protect Your Business With Help From IT Security Melbourne Experts

Last year Hewlett Packard sponsored a report on malicious activities online and their impact on businesses. Titled, 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Study, it was conducted independently by Ponemon Institute and is a very detailed report into to the detrimental effects these attacks can have. 320 more words

IT Security

8 Smart Tips for Protecting Your Business Data

  1. Conduct a cyber security & data audit. If you don’t know what parts of your business are defenceless or what data you have that needs to be protected, you can’t properly secure it.
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Sylvain Guilbert, PMP

Title: Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Company: Echelon Insurance
Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada

Sylvain Guilbert, vice president and chief information officer of Echelon Insurance, recalls that he became involved in computer science because he was “born in technology.” He received a college degree in computer science and later found his true calling as a developer. 158 more words


Want to Fail at Security? COMPLY!

Take a deep, cleansing breath, and say it with me: “Compliance is not security.”

Good. One more time. “Compliance is not security.”

It’s okay. We’re all friends here. 916 more words


6 Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Online Business Secure

The Best Ways To Keep Your Online Business Secure

As any ecommerce shopper knows, sometimes you come across viruses and malware. As an online business owner, you have to worry about viruses, hackers and thieves that could take down the website, the business and your livelihood. 433 more words


The Curse of the Information Security Professional

Time magazine recently published an article summarizing CareerCast’s research on the most/least stressful jobs.

At the top of the Most Stressful list: Enlisted Military Personnel. That makes PERFECT sense. 858 more words