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For Security In The Modern Age Locksmiths Are Experts

There are a lot of ways that you can look at home security. One often overlooked option is simple, hiring a locksmith. Doing so will help you not only understand the latest in locks, but perhaps learn about security as well. 380 more words


Installing Safety Devices In A Building With Modern Features

  1. Nowadays, several buildings face security threats from criminal activities which result in loss of valuable assets.
  2. The security devices are a suitable one for all types of buildings to ensure more protection from thefts, burglary, fire and other problems to create a safer environment.
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Hadn't We Figured the Whole Email Attachment Thing Out?

F-Secure Labs recently released an analysis of the NanHaiShu Remote Access Trojan, which they believe was used to target “government and private-sector organizations that were directly or indirectly involved in the international territorial dispute centering on the South China Sea.” 441 more words


Are Small Businesses More Likely to be Targeted by Burglars

Burglars can attack any business, but there are some that are more at risk than others. Retailers, for instance, tend to be a prime target for robbers because they have items that can be easily traded in for cash. 397 more words

Cybercrime: Is your business at threat?

Did you know that businesses that lose a large amount of data have a much higher risk of going out of business within 6 months? No, neither did we, until we hosted Boost#9 ‘Business IT and Online Security’ where… 577 more words

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Choose the Best Building Security Systems

At Coastal Protection Inc, we offer precise security systems to simplify your security and employee management. Call 850-622-1667 or explore our website.

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Cyber Defense – A Cat and Mouse Race

F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen appeared on the BBC recently to talk about cyber security, data breaches, and “dadada.”

During the interview, Mikko described the current state of cyber security as a “cat and mouse race between the attackers and between the defenders.” It might not be as exciting as watching Formula 1 or a marathon, but it’s not as dull as writing some software that stops computer viruses. 250 more words