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5 Home/Business Security Gadgets to Rank Higher In 2015

Modern technology simplifies life in so many ways and everyone one defines technology in their own way. The new innovations in technology are to simplify our life or automating our experience around the house and business. 521 more words

Home Security

Fapiaos (Part 3 of 4): Fakes and Frauds Abound

Part I of this series explained what fapiaos are and why they are used and Part 2 explained the different types of receipts and fapiaos in China. 721 more words


Due Diligence the Chinese Way

Article by Rogier Van Bijnen

13 May 2015

When I open the door of our conference room, I meet the counterparty for the first time – an older American gentleman and his Chinese (female) business partner. 974 more words

Business Security

6 ways to let criminals into your business

If you’re in business, you have enemies — and they’re trying to get into your network.

For-profit malware authors after baking information or files for extortion want in. 348 more words

Business Security

Security Cameras Capture Burglar Images

A burglar prowled around inside a Medford bicycle and pool business for about 40 minutes Friday while store owners slept nearby. The owner’s dogs finally woke up and chased the burglar, who fled with bike parts and cash in hand. 274 more words

Burglary Prevention

You have new e-mail -- or, how to let hackers sneak in with a single click

This is the first in a series of posts about Cyber Defense that happened to real people in real life, costing very real money.

A rainy, early spring day was slowly getting underway at a local council office in a small town in Western Poland. 744 more words

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