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Balance: Set Expectations on How You Spend Your Time

Recently my friend, Rosanna, said something that caused me to examine how I set expectations with the people who are important to me on the limits of my time. 297 more words

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3 Tips For Successful Social Selling

In a world whose tempo is driven by social media, the question of many business leaders and decision-makers in many organizations is how to successfully sell their products online via social media. 252 more words

Business Skills

"Every Master Was Once a Disaster"

If I reach for the stars, I’ll at least hit the moon.

This is such a great podcast.  Tom Wood’s podcasts will be my daily news from now on. 

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Business Skills


Have you ever wondered how far your job will take you? Or how high in the corporate ladder you need to climb to achieve your dreams? 422 more words

Business Skills

Neuroplasticity and Our Power to Change

A young bride was eagerly preparing on the morning of her wedding. She turned to her mother and said, “Oh mother, I am at the end of all my troubles.” Her wise and experienced Mum smiled and replied, “Yes my dear, but which end?” 431 more words

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Retaining Your Clients, Customers, and Suppliers: Effectively Communicate Change

Recently, my Internet and cable provider sold the servicing of my account to another company. The new company sent me an EMAIL to advise me of this and included a link to another site where I could register. 289 more words

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Roy Lilley chats to Jim Mackey

I watched this NHS Chat on Periscope. If you want to witness the whole super open frankness from Jim Mackey, you can catch it on… 514 more words

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