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 Cultural Intelligence is needed in the modern world.

“Knowing what makes groups tick is as important as understanding individuals. Successful managers learn to cope with different national, corporate, and vocational cultures.”Continue -Source-HBR.org Cultural Intelligence



I.C.T Industry Is A Leading Jobs Creator In 2015

The end of the year is a good time to check for trends in the South African in 2015 which gives an indication of what to expect in the coming year. 204 more words

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How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation- HBR.ORG

Keeping employees motivated and productive can be challenging for business leaders. Individuals respond uniquely to certain types of motivating factors in the work place. Also within an organisations it’s self, a company’s culture can effectively shape employees’ motivation and their productivity depending on the working environment. 54 more words


5 reasons why you should move to the cloud

Have you made the big leap to the cloud?

Cloud technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 5 years, with global tech giants leading like Microsoft, Adobe and Amazon leading the way. 546 more words

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Why graduates have poor business skills – part 1

On repeated occasions, surveys in Australia and other countries report that business leaders complain about graduates without appropriate skills. It is not just surveys that tell this story. 501 more words

UK Looking For Top Tech Talent Worldwide

Top Tech Talent In Demand Worldwide

The competitiveness of nations and their economies in the year 2015 and beyond now partly depends on how much tech talent such nations can attract. 537 more words

Business Skills

Learnings from the Management Consultant: Do Your Best Everyday

The second agreement in The Four Agreements, the book by Don Miguel Ruiz that spells out four agreements you make with yourself that, if followed, have a profound effect upon how you live your life and the influence other people have on you is “Do Your Best Everyday”. 385 more words

$1000 Business Start-Up