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The Goal Setting Trap

I’m great with money. Nothing is more thrilling to me than setting a goal, saving towards it and achieving it. But after many years of chasing goal after goal I started to question whether I was enjoying my accomplishments or whether I was too busy chasing the next goal. 337 more words


Universal abundance

This is a fundamental concept that you must understand! Neglecting to see this will devour your leverage to success.

What is universal abundance?

It is the belief( it is a fact in actuality) that there is more than enough for everyone on this planet and that scarcity does not exist. 116 more words

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Freelancers and Consultants Mastermind Group- Jamaica

I have been in the corporate world for the last 12 years and now that I’m transitioning to being my own boss, I’ve met challenges that I couldn’t even imagine existed. 307 more words


Your Comfort Zone is Your Enemy!

Back after some days and feeling good! Hope you are too!

Today I want to discuss about comfort zone because I was feeling that I was in my comfort zone since last month or so and I am working on it to get rid of it. 404 more words

Business Skills

Hard work and productivity

The day that I discovered the pivot table function in Microsoft Excel changed my life forever. Prior to being introduced to this marvel of modern intention, I was collating large numbers of data manually. 740 more words


How To Budget For NFP Events

Fundraising campaigns are one of the most significant sources of funding for most nonprofits. Most fundraising events are not without cost, however.

Preparing a budget for special fundraising events helps nonprofits avoid overspending, especially if their event does not raise an amount equal to or greater than its fundraising goal. 622 more words

Business Skills

Motivational Books DON'T WORK! (How to make motivational books work for you)

Motivational books don’t work, well not in the way that we expect them to at least. While there is nothing wrong with having a role model or learning from another person’s mistakes it is important to put self-help books into perspective before you get carried away. 326 more words