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Can I be honest about your voicemail message?

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If you are recording your outgoing message for your company, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

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Meet The New-Look Microsoft MCP Profile

Share Your New Profile Online And Get Hired Faster!

The Microsoft MCP Profile, for many years has been an important go-to place for Microsoft Certified Professionals and organizations seeking to employ skilled Microsoft Professionals. 288 more words

Business Skills

Pleasing the world

I had a meeting last week with another business owner and the topic turned to that of strategy.  We were discussing making changes in both of our businesses and whether these changes would be beneficial or not. 502 more words

Business Skills

The dreaded Annual Appraisal. Is the writing finally on the wall?

At last!  Could the end finally be in sight for that annual ritual dreaded by both managers and staff:  the Annual Appraisal?

You know the one:  the meeting you both hope will be over quickly, in which the manager loads up her gun with lots of surprise feedback ready to fire at the victim when they start arguing over what the performance rating for the year will be. 513 more words

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Specialists Without Spirit: Millennials Lacking Soft Skills 'Are Interchangeable With Robots'!

#Research released by UK communications company alldayPA reveals that 80% of job applicants now lack the necessary soft skills for #business

— ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) …

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Is it professional to give out your phone number?


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While reading through a copy of “The Phone Book” by The Phone Lady, Mary Jane Copps, we are reminded that the clear repetition of your phone number in a voice message is important to communicate effectively.

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3 Teachable Things and 5 Unteachable Things That Every Leader Should Know

Leadership development is very key in today’s business environment. The leaders are getting younger, leadership cycle is getting shorter and the cost to retain good leaders is getting higher. 333 more words