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Just because you don't like to do it, doesn't mean it's not part of your job

I hear non-stop from well-spoken leaders and writers about choosing a job where I’ll love my work. By doing something that I am passionate about, I will be happy and fulfilled. 840 more words


Self-driving Terminator cars will kill us all!

How we make decisions can depend on a wide variety of things – how we feel at the time, what else is going on in our lives and, the granddaddy of them all, looking for information to confirm what we already believe (sometimes called… 670 more words

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The Industry View on Integration

89% of the collective management of the broader communications industry agree that an integrated campaign is bound to be a better campaign.  No wonder then that findings of the Answered RedZone industry study confirm that the… 213 more words

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Engaging with Consumers Behind the Data

Big data. Small data. Social data. Data is in everything we do.

Technology in all forms has made it easier to collect, store and analyze data in ways that only a short time ago would have been considered something of science fiction, but now is most definitely a reality.  2,160 more words

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Is It Really About Another Coupon? Mobile and IoT Technology Means Re-Thinking Value Delivery

Smart phone technology has revolutionized the world and provided a platform to dramatically improve and enhance our everyday experiences.  Coupled with mobile beacons, RFID tags, wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) – you have a powerful device that can interact with other machines as equally as other people and keep consumers constantly connected.  1,492 more words

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Marketing Beyond the Customer Experience

Many Marketing leaders have started to focus on the total customer experience and not just the acquisition experience to try and lead growth within their brand and industry.  1,831 more words

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Speaking English can seriously impact your business

In the last 2 years, I trained over 400 international managers and executives from organisations as diverse as NGOs, engineering manufacturers and global entertainment businesses. What did these people have in common? 550 more words