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The 5 Competitive forces: The threat of substitutes

A substitute is a product or service that satisfies the same need in a different way. A threat of substitutes exists when a product’s demand is affected by the price change of a substitute product. 242 more words

Strategy Planning & Execution

Leader-Member Exchange 'LMX' - What Is It and Why You Should Care?

LMX is a nifty acronym of ‘Leader-Member Exchange’ and not some new feature on your TV…It has been around for many decades but seems rarely quoted or referred to in management circles. 1,302 more words

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Strategy and Design Thinking: Why architects need strategic thinking.

This blog explores the nexus between architectural design and strategy. I am thinking there will be more blogs on this subject to follow over the year. 1,044 more words


Why I Really Like LinkedIn

It’s not something I have thought about a lot. But, apropos of nothing, a question came to mind. That question, as if you couldn’t guess by now, was “why do I like LinkedIn?” 516 more words

4th Generation Data Warehousing

Media Planning: Abu Dhabi Insurance Group

The Abu Dhabi National Insurance Group is an international insurance company incorporated in 2,771 more words


Mistakes Can Be Costly, We All Know That. Don’t We?

It must have been like any normal day in the office with people heads down on their computers, stroking the keyboard hard, and trying to finish what they started. 515 more words

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Follow And Implement Craig Raucher - Direct Sales & Marketing Tips

Rapid transformations in the tech arena have revolutionized the business landscape as well. From consumers and service providers to business leaders and decision makers, every crucial entity in the sales process is knowledgeable and well-informed today. 231 more words

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