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Your homemade business strategy made simple

It’s very tempting to just dive in and skip the details yet this makes most businesses fail, the internet’s low barrier entry means that many websites are created every day, many people are trying to start a business online or promote their business in the digital environment and even thought everyone wants a share the problem is that the cake just isn’t that big. 211 more words


What's the real value of Facebook likes?


Here’s a statistic for marketing analysts: A company has 849 Facebook followers, but only 7 actually opened the last post on their page.  16 more words

Know-how by Ram Charan

  1. Positioning and Repositioning: Finding a central idea for business that meets customer demands and that make money
  2. Pinpointing External Change: Detecting patterns in a complex world to put the business on the offensive.
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The Value of Delivery from a Bad Actor

I caught one of my favored news shows the other day and surprisingly, I lost interest within a few minutes and turned off the television.  Historically, this show was one I watched consistently, so having the urge to turn it off made me scratch my head.  610 more words

Talent Management

Want to Grow Your Business? Think Like a Scientist.

This piece originally appeared on ideas.darden.virginia.edu.


A learning launch is a carefully designed experiment or prototype designed to test the key underlying value-generating assumptions of a potential new-growth initiative. 1,334 more words


Good marketing: the key to sales success


Every manger knows that the first item on the P & L Statement is Gross Revenues/Sales. The mistake that too many managers make is the simplistic assumption that if sales is the lifeblood of the business, then the entire company must become salespeople. 603 more words

Key Observations from 2015 - Leadership Transitions

In 2015 we coached many leaders as they transitioned into new roles within some great organisations. Let us share some key observations from our work, which may prove valuable for your organisation in 2016. 900 more words

Business Strategy