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From the Washingtons to the Benjamins: measuring the value of your innovation portfolio

So, you just presented to your CEO on the innovation portfolio critical either to maintain your envied competitive position or to enable new sources of, er, profitable growth.  871 more words

Business Strategy

Fashion Thinking – 5 Ways To Innovate Your Business Strategy

This Fashion Thinking framework will unleash all kinds of ways to anticipate the new and remix the old.

If your goal is to be an organization that can fluidly and flexibly adapt to complex environments, then consider incorporating elements of Fashion Thinking. 525 more words


Six Global Trends Shaping Future Omnichannel Supply Chains

Omnichannel retail sales have consistently doubled every 4-5 years since 2001 and is expected to become a $1.8 trillion dollar market by 2016 and then quickly grow to $7 trillion by 2025. 874 more words


Mobile Marketing: Not an Option but a Necessity

Question: How can you adapt your marketing to the new expectations of your customers? One quick answer would be to optimize your web presence for mobile. 461 more words

Demystifying Strategy and Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making

As I prepare the bulk of the next 4 months in Philippines I have several goals in mind; publish my book, launch a new manpower business and spend quality time with as many of my team members as possible. 276 more words


Does your message and employees line up?

Does your companies message and employees line up? Recently I interviewed with Company X for a sales position. I was excited about the opportunity with this nationally recognized company. 415 more words



March 23, 2015

Game I

Key Plays:

Commit to writing a clear-cut goal before launching your event, fundraiser, and exhibit/tradeshow, what have you.  Define your objectives. 371 more words