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SOTP For Synergies (Not A Typo)

When you have a skill that can help someone else with their project, you – collectively – have “positive synergies.”

When you can’t apply your skill to their project because it just doesn’t make sense, or worse, if you’d actually slow their project down by being involved, then you – again, collectively – have “negative synergies.” 575 more words

Product - The most important part of your growing business

I was recently asked what I thought was the most important thing in a prospective company. Culture was the first word to pop into my head. 539 more words

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Do you need a Partner Channel?

You’ve got a great product/service, and your internal sales (inside sales channel) sell it well. You’ve also got a great website and web store (web channel), and you’re got a separate sales team focused on bigger customers (Enterprise/Key Accounts sales channel). 685 more words

SaaS Channels

How to Drive Powerful Change in 8 steps

I recently came to the realisation that not only am I comfortable with change but I am attracted to and revel in it. The more change initiatives I engage in – big or small, business model, cultural, organisational, system or other – the more I recognise the same steps, and they align very well to… 806 more words

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Review (or Create) Your Business Strategy in Spring

You take a hard look at your business at the New Year (or at least you should) and formulate your strategic, but do you review your progress at springtime? 468 more words

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Using Stories to Map the Future

We can use “facts – sentiment = story” to understand the past, and also understand where we might be headed. If we can imagine more than one scenario, we can apply probabilities to them each occurring. 476 more words

Extra Points: Baby Steps

Babies are a lot like dogs. Wait for it…

They are able to teach us a lot about our business and life and don’t even know they are doing it! 406 more words