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Social Media: Sometimes it's ok to step away

Hey Bookish People,

I wanted to talk about something a little more serious today. Instagram and other social media platforms are an important part of brand building but I think it’s important to say that it shouldn’t come at the cost of your well-being. 286 more words


Want to grow your business fastly in this digital world?

Without the Online presence of your Business, you could not grow fastly. Digital Marketing is the new era for spreading your business across the world. Go Digital with Best Digital Marketing Services. 61 more words

Broadcasting’s Forgotten Cousin, Narrowcasting

Broadcasting, by definition, reaches a wide audience. Think of it as broadly casting a net.

It’s oft-forgotten cousin is narrowcasting. Narrowcasting only reaches a specific audience. 173 more words

Deep foundation for Auftragstaktik

Don Vandergriff has a nice piece at Small Wars Journal on how Auftragstaktik developed and why.  He makes what to me is an extremely important but generally overlooked point that… 100 more words

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Quick Thought: Nintendo’s new Pokémon Café has perfectly demonstrated the importance of Brand Vision

It has been nearly three months since the new Pokémon Café has opened in Tokyo and I am still trying to finalise my travel plans. Curse you adult responsibilities! 397 more words


The Ability to Change Is Good Business

You’ve owned your successful business for some time, but have you made any changes recently? Or have you resisted change, failed to come up with new ideas, even looked at your competition’s latest innovation as a passing fad? 746 more words

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