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What'll we eat in 2050? California farmers are placing bets.

Chris Sayer pushed his way through avocado branches and grasped a denuded limb. It was stained black, as if someone had ladled tar over its bark. 2,586 more words

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Bitcoin's energy use got studied, and you libertarian nerds look even worse than usual

Bitcoin’s energy footprint has more than doubled since Grist first wrote about it six months ago.

It’s expected to double again by the end of the year, according to… 452 more words

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How to stop a humanitarian disaster before it happens

In an era of increasingly extreme hurricanes, floods and drought, the people in charge of preparing for disasters depend on meteorologists to anticipate where the next catastrophe might strike. 649 more words

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Letter to 13 year old self

Hey there. It is the first or second week at school. You are yet to adjust to school life. The chapo’s that mum made during school break are haunting you. 906 more words

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California is turning farms into carbon-sucking factories

In a grand experiment, California switched on a fleet of high-tech greenhouse gas removal machines last month. Funded by the state’s cap-and-trade program, they’re designed to reverse climate change by sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. 659 more words

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