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Meet Siza Mzimela, the first black woman to own an airline

South African businesswoman Siza Mzimela has just made history becoming the first black woman to own her own airline!

Siza is the new founder and CEO of Fly Blue Crane, which took its first flight in Johannesburg from OR Tambo International Airport on September 1st of this year. 91 more words

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Apple named 2015 world's most valuable brand

Apple has overthrown Google to reclaim its title as the world’s most valuable brand for the year 2015. The company had a great surge in 2015 thanks to the huge success of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, beating Google with a growth of over $70 billion. 20 more words

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Owner of ‘ISIS’ fashion store in China gets forced to rebrand after she was severely harrased

A shop owner in Shenzhen, south China, was forced to rebrand after receiving endless phone calls about her business ‘ISIS’.

The entrepreneur, named as Chen Hong, claims that she hadn’t heard of ISIS when she established her brand. 98 more words

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Zambia Economy Under Strain as Prices Surge, Growth Outlook Cut

Zambia’s economy is under increasing strain as the inflation rate surged to almost 20 percent and the World Bank cut its growth outlook for the copper-dependent nation. 294 more words

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Meet the ‘World’s sexiest robot’ stealing the spotlight at tech show

When we think of robots, we automatically think ‘metal machine’.

So it’s no surprise tech fans were completely blown away by this eerily life-like robot at a Tech show in Beijing this week. 149 more words

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Secret to 'Living' Forever: Technology Company Reveal Way to Bring You Back After Death

A technology company says it’s working on a project which would allow a human’s consciousness to be transferred to an artificial body after their death. 243 more words

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