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Why Curiosity is a Key Business Attitude for the Future

Curiosity is more than just a nice to have in today’s business context. It is essential to successfully navigate the rapid technological changes coming our way. 530 more words

Business Transformation

The Organisation is a Purposeful Living System

We are in the midst of a metamorphic period of change unlike anything the world has seen since the Late Middle Ages. With “meta” (meaning “form”) and “morph” (meaning “change”), the word suggests the transformative change in form of human institutions now emerging as we awaken to the realities of climate change and the destruction of ecosystems we have long relied upon for our survival. 698 more words


How Accountants Help Drive Value from Big Data

Day 2 of the AAA Accounting IS Big Data conference started off with a great panel of executives from companies focused on the data and analytics space: 1,034 more words


Mediq, Vebego en Remeha winnen SAP Quality Awards 2016

‘s Hertogenbosch, 19 september 2016 – SAP Nederland beloont ieder jaar de meest succesvolle implementaties met een Quality Award. De winnaars dit jaar zijn Mediq, Vebego International en Remeha. 900 more words

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The Essential Foundation for Teal and Future-Fit Leadership

It is now clear to many leaders, managers and change agents that we need a new way of operating.

Yet, so often we seek solutions ‘out there’, a new way that has been invented elsewhere, packed-up, tried-and-tested and ready for us to buy off-the-shelf so we can solve our problems: a silver-bullet, a cook-book approach that, with enough budget, senior management buy-in and will-power, we can implement – job done, tick, move-on, next! 1,656 more words

Business Transformation

The Doom Loop of Strategic Inaptitude

The bullet is coming. It is coming straight at your company. Everyone can see it. Meetings are set-up  and action plans are conceived to prevent the bullet from hitting. 2,853 more words

Business Transformation

Opinion - 'Fat and lazy' Britain is ill-prepared to secure future outside EU, says Fox | Politics | The Guardian - John Gelmini

Liam Fox is to quote Dr Alf “On the button”; UK CEOs and managing directors are almost to a man and woman, barring perhaps 10% of them, “fat, dumb and happy”,they are largely culturally unaware and they seem to believe that by occupying a chair in a boardroom and doing very little they are entitled to pay themselves 11% to 15% more each year, earn up to 450 times average salaries once bonuses and other emoluments are factored in. 280 more words