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Whats your companies level of ignorance?

If management is a craft that can be learned and perfected over time – are you actively pursuing excellence in management or are you taking on things as they come along? 1,135 more words

5 Forces Of Digitalization

Failed business transformation through the eyes of an immunologist

I was recently reading an exchange between Dr. Kristina Talbert-Slagle and retired Army General Stanley McChrystal comparing how a virus like HIV or AIDS works to how an insurgency like Al Qaeda in Iraq works and I was more then a little surprised at the similarities. 264 more words


Chop chop when will the restructure stop?!

It seems that almost every day the Australian Financial Review is reporting on a major Company reorganisation with each newly appointed CEO routinely restructuring the organisation on the way in and then again after a few years. 459 more words

Business Transformation

How failing fast dominated the Steel industry

Was recently reading the story of Frederick Winslow Taylor‘s display at the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle and was extremely amazed how Taylor was able to take a favorite agile mantra of mine, failing fast, and really revolutionize the steel industry. 225 more words

Business Transformation

The story of Proteus and Menelaus

I’m often asked how I ended up going into an Agile / Business transformation career, the answer is pretty simple, I just sort of fell into it and quickly found out it was something I was pretty good at. 298 more words


Agile Retail Banking

I had a chance to visit Westpac in early May as part of our agency’s Know Your Industry initiative. In that two days, we met with leaders from across the Westpac Group and it’s quite amazing to see how the Agile mindset has penetrated every corner of the banking group and become a part of their DNA. 81 more words