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Partner Spotlight - Infinity Life Designs

At Peter Doak Global…we LOVE self development, it was important for us to engage with the right company for ongoing business transformation. Infinity Life Designs… 88 more words

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Leading Complex Change: How to Balance Strategy Development and Execution

Finding the right balance between strategy development and execution has become a vital element in the success of your company. Many leaders struggle to find this balance. 746 more words

Business Transformation

Curiosity didn't kill the cat, complacency did

A big part of Leadership is the ability to pivot and adapt to change. Within the creative industry change happens all around us, new ideas, emerging technologies, new skill sets, different teams, in my entire career I don’t think I’ve had two days that went the same way. 220 more words

The Future


Ca și în cazul altor tehnologii considerate disruptive, sistemele Internet of Things (IoT) vor genera o serie de mutații care vor afecta modelele de business tradiționale și obiceiurile noastre de fiecare zi. 556 more words

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Do not get lost in Mirkwood! Starting the journey to digitalize your company

The journey of a company towards digitalization has a unique starting position that is largely defined by competitive position and culture. It does not have, however, a definite destination, as change is likely to keep accelerating. 1,254 more words

Business Transformation

Personalisation with a side of ease

As someone who travels a lot there’s nothing worse than stepping off a long flight, red-eye kicking in, knowing you’ve still got to claim your luggage, find your transfer, get across town, find your hotel, complete an arduous check in process and get up to your room before you can finally collapse on the bed. 457 more words

The Future

Complexity is natural and easy; Simplicity is not natural and is very hard

Consider this image: on the left is the Apple remote. On the right is a Blu Ray player remote. Essentially, they both fulfill the same function: to play a movie and to navigate back and forth through the movie. 2,770 more words

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