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In the end, it was best to bite my lip

I was participating in a workshop of colleagues a few years ago when one of the attendees made a statement that took my breath away. Referring to our transformational projects, he said “we could all manage those projects because project management is just good management and we are all good managers.” I wish I had had the presence to make an appropriate retort like “we can all drive a Formula One car because we have passed a driving test” or “we can all teach because we have knowledge and a mouth”. 273 more words

Business Transformation

The “Internet of Things” (IoT): Convergence into the “Big Data of Things” (BDoT)

The “Internet of Things” (IoT), depending where you live, has been a repeated topic or it is the “new kid” on the block. A definition that I find often is that the IoT is the ability to digitally connect everyday’s devices with the internet…a very blunt definition of something very powerful and with countless applications. 649 more words

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The Power of Active Follow Up

To make change happen effectively (for our companies and for ourselves) requires daily attention and regular follow up.

People don’t get better without follow up.  So let’s get better at following up with our people.

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INSURING Successful Application Transformation

Oh, the “BIG if”. IF (and trust me, this is big – really really BIG) you are going to embrace application transformation, it goes without saying you want to do everything you can to insure success, correct? 735 more words

Application Transformation

Leading Change: How Slowing Down Can Help You to Make Progress

Leading large and complex change initiatives is an intensive and demanding job for those leading it and for their teams. The need for change, the timelines, the urge to meet targets and deadlines, it can put substantial pressure on teams. 538 more words

Business Transformation

33 Books on Digital Transformation

There are many sources about Digital Transformation of Businesses. But which one’s fit your needs? Those aimed at how to transform Operations or those how to create new Products? 1,175 more words


Forge A Business Ecosystem

The days of the self-sufficient and self-sustaining business are long gone. Business owners must recognize the need to join forces with other businesses in order to flourish. 597 more words