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Like it or not…Want it or not….

How do you go about making the change? Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question. There are no set of steps or templates which can be applied like an algebraic equation. 400 more words

Business Transformation


As boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds continue to blur, every business today needs to be working toward becoming a business that can thrive in a digital world – simply put, a digital business (in most cases).  198 more words

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Is your Business prepared for the Digital Transformation Leap ?

The biggest transformation that this century is witnessing is a digital one. The word “Digital” has come out of the pocket of techies and is now becoming part of every man’s life ! 638 more words

Think Beyond Conventional

Management Accountability

A significant challenge for any large business improvement program is how to enlist the senior stakeholder community into the change program and keep them engaged. Senior stakeholders can be relied on to show an interest in the change program when it starts, but their interest will often fade as “business as usual” issues dominate the day-to-day operations. 2,933 more words

Business Transformation

7 Signs of Ethical Failure: Good and Bad organizational Politics

No politics! Politics is perceived to be a shady, back-room dealing, mischievous activity which should have no place in an organization. Everyone should speak honest and truthfully and promote the best interests of an organization: “We do not need politics here!” 1,003 more words

Business Transformation

More On Culture Change from Will Rogers . . .

“There are many ways to skin a cat, although the cat might not agree!”  ~Will Rogers

The business world is obsessed with change; change management, change agents, change readiness, 8 Steps to Culture Change, business transformation, champions of change, culture change.

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Phoenix Rising...the time has come

Out of the current volatility and uncertainty emerges a new way of doing business

Today we find ourselves called to operate amid increasing complexity, volatility and system stresses. 1,182 more words

Business Transformation