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Nudge the network

If you do have a spare 30 minutes I would recommend reading the Behavioural Insights Team Update report.


As more enterprise tools such as O365 / Yammer and Jive the old traditional methods of IT adoption fail (if they ever succeeded) and that’s where the digital transformation agenda takes over. 22 more words

Social Business

bcg.perspectives - Getting Fit for Transformation

To build advantage, organizations must do more than just change. They must transform. As technology’s role in business becomes ever more important, transformations will increasingly be underpinned by significant technology programs. 213 more words


Don’t let your culture override agile mindset

Agile coaches love talking about agile mindset (a belief that one can get good at something through effort and learning), also called a growth mindset in Carol Dweck’s parlance. 408 more words


How to bring about a Customer Experience Focused Digital Transformation

Customer Experience Focused Digital Transformation of business

Gone are the days when implementing digital business used to mean centralization of information and automation of tasks to achieve optimization. 985 more words

The sound of social

Summer is upon us and I’ve been spending time reading through some of my notes of the various interviews I have conducted over the last 12 months in relation to collaboration tools and enterprise social networks. 1,070 more words


How to keep healthy attitude to learning p.1

5 mind-sets that can make all the difference for learners and learning professionals

It’s not really a choice we make – to learn or not to learn? 890 more words


7 reasons why we launched 100% mobile-based Scrum tool (ScrumTotal)

The impact of digital transformation is real and agility is the need of the hour. ScrumTotal is not just an agile tool but also an invitation to shed the traditional mindset and explore the potential of true agility. 443 more words