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Insulation Challenge of Transformation

With the digital disruption of business models and whole industries, business executives and process owners are faced with a variety of transformation challenges. The need and pressure to deliver and demonstrate improved performance metrics, transparency and collaboration are greater than ever. 750 more words

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Mindset: changing the way you think to fulfill your potential by Carol S Dweck

Carol Dweck’s book Mindset reflects on what mindset is needed for us to fulfill our potential. Could it be that those who appear to be the cleverest are not the most likely to fulfill their potential and deliver success in the organisations within which they work? 426 more words

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Crossing the chasm: Lessons learned in transitioning to the SaaS business model

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The last decade has seen software buyers express ever-increasing preference for purchasing software as a service (SaaS). Most new entrants in the software space have been SaaS-native, but what about the thousands of software vendors that started out with traditional licensing models? 1,266 more words

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Recruitment Interview Patterns and Anti-Patterns

This month’s post is part of the T-SQL Tuesday #tsql2sday SQL Server community blogging effort, on the subject of interview ‘patterns’ and the opposite ‘anti-patterns’ for candidates for a SQL job posting , and is kindly hosted this month by Kendra Little… 982 more words

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Don't think you need an experienced Change Specialist?

Elements of Change

  • Systemic (Example – Technology and methodology)
  • Process (Example – Optimisation of business process)
  • Organisational (Example – Changes to structure and hierarchy)
  • Behavioural (Example – Reaction to events) …
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“The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake. You can’t learn anything from being perfect.”

As a business leader, having a perfectionist’s eye… 690 more words


Defence as the best form of attack

The global economy is powered by business innovation with small and large organisations alike inventing the future for us all. The rapid rate of change brings both opportunities and threats with recent cyber events acting as a wake-up call. 823 more words

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