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Beneath the Jargon: where transformation meets innovation

Take a ‘hot’ business word of today: transformation.

For years, I stopped using the word ‘transformation.’  It was pervasive; it was flung about in workshops and articles, books and business meetings, from Cape Town to Cairo, Seoul to Singapore, in different industries, in different sizes of firms.  759 more words

Three Keys to Culture Transformation: Lead, engage, align

by Diana Rivenburgh

What causes cultures to run amok? Why do people do things they never thought they would? Perhaps the most important question is “what can we do to create ethical, high performance, engaged cultures?” 569 more words

High performing project management orgs are more agile -- PMI

The Project Management Institute’s latest “Pulse of the Profession” report just came out, and it’s full of provoking findings. It clarifies the benefits of high-performing project management, and it highlights what the top organizations do differently. 255 more words


Minding Change. Changing minds

One day (pick any day in your career), a client will have said to you ‘We’re not set up to do that, this way is tried and tested’, then in the next breath, they’ll ask for scalability with stability. 277 more words

Karen Boswell\'s Blog

Don't mandate but encourage

The key to getting sense from any networking and collaboration platform is to embed good behaviours of users rather than force templates or processes through technology. 481 more words