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Transform Your Business Before January? Tough, But Possible

It’s a scary thought, but 2017 is just two months away. For millions of people across the globe, it’s just starting to dawn that 2016 has passed them by. 502 more words


Six Sigma Needs To Get Off It's Boring Perch

Through the years, Marge and i have been uneasy with how we practice BPM. After the initial excitement over your first couple of projects, somewhere along the way the whole methodology seems to lack a kind of punch or sexiness. 2,239 more words


From Futurist to Nowist

Director of MIT Media Lab, Joi Ito gave TED Talk on becoming a “now-ist” instead of being a “futurist”. In this talk, Ito describes how he was in Cambridge at MIT when… 538 more words

Business Transformation

Peace breaks out at telco pantomime

Peace eventually broke out after a pantomime style opening to a panel session on reinventing the telco business model moderated by AsiaInfo’s VP of Global Product Marketing Andy Tiller at the Total Telecom Congress last week. 720 more words


Advance your project leadership. Please!

After many years of reviewing project performance and Post Implementation Reviews it is astounding that the soft skills of Project Professionals is almost NEVER mentioned as a root cause of failure. 268 more words

Business Transformation

What Google Inc. has to teach about Management

Larry Page and Sergey Brin took a look at management theory and were not impressed: Too much hearsay, too little data. There’s got to be a better way to manage companies. 1,525 more words

Business Transformation

Why Curiosity is a Key Business Attitude for the Future

Curiosity is more than just a nice to have in today’s business context. It is essential to successfully navigate the rapid technological changes coming our way. 530 more words

Business Transformation