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The University of Maryland's Marketing and Finance Super Day

I’m looking forward to keynoting today’s University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business’ Marketing and Finance Super Day.  What follows is a sneak peak of my remarks on the intersection of technology with financial services and why FinTech matters to business-school students. 262 more words

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Business Storytelling and Seven Basic Plots

In his book Christopher Booker (The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories ) conjectures that, of the millions of stories in existence, they are all composed from the same seven plots (Five if you count Tragedy and Comedy as being themes). 812 more words

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Hiring like a Pro: Lessons from Google

How would HR look like if bright engineers where to design it from scratch? Google scrutinized every conventional business wisdom and came up with  a data driven, tested and continuously improved new way to hire. 1,028 more words

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Electric Imp and Pitney Bowes win "Business Transformation" award

Posting this a bit late, but noteworthy nevertheless:

At IOTS World Congress in Barcelona two weeks ago, Electric Imp and Pitney Bowes won an award for… 53 more words

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How to Master Change

Go to any business conference and you’ll hear people talking about transformation. For a lot of companies it’s a matter of life and death. Their legacy business is fading, and they need to become something new. 505 more words


Good Managers - Good Teams: Lessons from Google

Is management important to a organisations success? How much hierarchical power is helpful? Where is the tipping point where too much power becomes detrimental to an organisations success? 1,123 more words

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Framing new ideas

It often feels like every idea has its time. Be it workplace trends, new technologies or social changes. With the benefit of hindsight, we can’t imagine why these things took so long. 840 more words

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