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How to stop working with a client when you’re a freelancer | Mashable

Leaving a 9-to-5 takes work. You have to tell your boss, be productive for two additional weeks, give an exit interview — and accomplish all of these tasks thoughtfully enough to make a good final impression. 60 more words

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How leaders thrive in a hybrid world

by Cynthya Peranandam and Laura Sanders, IBM

The benefits of hybrid cloud have been clear to many organizations for some time.

Along with the cost efficiency of moving certain workloads to the cloud, hybrid environments allow organizations the flexibility to maintain and better secure data on-premise or scale out as needed. 502 more words

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Leadership Introspection: The Only Person You Can Actually Change Is Yourself

Leading change means dealing with resistance. Whether in organizations or in our personal lives. Many change initiatives fail because people are not willing or not able to follow the new direction. 567 more words

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2016-2020 Digital Strategy for the UK: What's Needed (what's not).

A precursor to my discussion*:

  1. Digital has become such an amorphous term that few can describe what it actually means anymore
  2.  An effective Digital Strategy needs to be based on the Organization’s Core Strategic Objectives…
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9 reasons why your organization might be left behind

Suppose your organization is well organized. A stable, well thought out and staffed hierarchy, efficiently standardized processes producing quality outputs. What could be there to fear? 2,428 more words

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How many times have you rolled your eyes and resignedly sighed ‘Oh the Yoof of today’?

If I’m honest, I lost count a while back, but that said I’ve also forgotten the last time I said it. 353 more words