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More than a Tweet; Vision

It takes more than a tweet to make a company social. This is part 2 of a 7 part series.

In each part there will be an explanation, some examples, what happens when it’s not done well, some tips and resources. 439 more words

Social Media

Today's start-ups are more risky than plague disease

Earlier this week, I had a meeting with the owner of a renowned start-up for a potential collaboration. Giving below a brief snapshot of the conversation… 277 more words


Vision - the ultimate aim of any business

As a business owner, no matter how small or large your business, it’s your responsibility to yourself to dream big. A business vision allows you to think big in terms of your dreams, but to think big also in terms of how you can reach those dreams. 465 more words

Business Growth

Marketing Mix is a key to grow your business.

Marketing Mix takes into consideration all aspects of marketing and the many channels you may carry out marketing within. As with all marketing plans you need to know what your vision is, what your goals are, who you plan to market too and how you will accomplish this. 533 more words

Business Growth

Drafting a Lifestyle Business Blueprint for Success

Nowadays, following a passion to help people by turning services into lifestyle businesses really only needs a computer with Internet access to make it happen. This has opened up new opportunities for solo-professionals, service providers, and even product-based businesses to work ‘virtually’– leveraged by help from the Internet. 748 more words

Conscious Entrepreneur


When talking to a hardened engineering or construction business owner and I say “so what’s your vision for the company?” often their eyes roll (if not actually) but I know they’re thinking about it, it’s on their mind.   298 more words

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8 Secret Ingredients to Success Nobody Talks About!

Successful entrepreneurs all share a keen understanding that self-determination and self-discipline are two key ingredients for making success happen. However, there are lesser known or possibly under-estimated factors which are in play in attaining success as well. 682 more words

Conscious Entrepreneur