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Why I Decided to go Freelance

I’ve written so many blogs for other businesses’ websites and now I’m writing one for my own business website – it feels really really nice! Well to be honest every blog I’ve written has felt nice, which is really why I decided to be a freelance writer and marketer. 297 more words

Blog Writing

How May I Serve You?

I’ve been reading new-age guru Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book on “Living the Wisdom of the Tao.”  When it comes to prolific and profitable writers, Dyer is at the top of the heap.  463 more words

Proposal Writing: Lessons Learned

I just completed a proposal writing engagement for a global gaming company in the Silicon Valley.  This wild and wooly six-week gig facilitating a team of 11 professionals including engineers, marketing and sales, and the C-suite, inspired me to reflect on the art of persuasive writing and the magic of collaboration.  612 more words

Imaginary Friends

Sophie Chazov is a young successful business writer and has been struggling with her emotion as she has to kill people that she has an interview with. 3,876 more words


Business Plans

Mariah provides comprehensive, full-color business plans with five-year financial projections for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you need funding for a start-up business or require a business plan for expansion or to guide your company direction for an operational business, Mariah has you covered. 17 more words

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Communication Services

Give your company an edge over the competition with impeccable writing, editing and proofreading services and publicity campaigns.

Impeccable Writing Services

Business Development

Why hire a consultant?

Businesses often struggle with the idea of hiring full-time writers to create necessary publications because there is not always a consistent need for these services. Rather than wasting money by hiring a writing staff to complete projects every now and then, outsource to Mariah and the WBD Communication Consulting team! 99 more words

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