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A case for the Humanities

Arguing for well-rounded, well-educated human beings in the US is probably as fruitless as arguing for the Humanities. And for the same reasons.

Besides the obvious benefit of agitating evangelical conservatives with a fear of liberal indoctrination, the Humanities hold great value. 730 more words

American Culture

Is it time to weaponize the marketplace?

Asking for a friend.

By now I think it’s safe to assume that the so-called free market forces (that want anything but a truly free market) have all their bases covered. 2,450 more words


Dana Loesch, the NRA, and their allergy to truth

Bullshit merchant Dana Loesch’s claim that the NRA isn’t a “lobby group” is patently false

As a mostly impartial gadfly, I try hard to be fair. 1,031 more words


SNAP subsidies for the candy and soda industries

I’m all for food assistance. I’m not for junk food and luxury assistance.

I’ve tried to make it a rule of thumb that if I’m typing furiously because someone is wrong on the internet and I hit two line breaks, it’s time to just blog it. 1,091 more words


Let's talk about oil pipelines, for instance

Wherein I try a new troll…#indiesplaining

As with everything else, I’m no expert. I’m just some rando doing some supposing about things when a headline catches the eye. 2,663 more words


I renounce thee, Amazon!

Do you have those moments when you slump into your chair and start howling something along the lines of “Ay, ay, I’m the lowest of the low, a spineless entity with the IQ of a really, really dumb fruit fly!” 693 more words

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Bank of America: The Backlashening

Surprise: evil bank is gonna evil.

By now, you’ve heard that Bank of America is a bag of unharvested sausage casings. I understand the outrage. 1,009 more words

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