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BLACK ENTERPRISE: 11 Black Owned Businesses You Can Support

article by Patrice Tartt via blackenterprise.com

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, especially as a minority, given all of the competition. In fact, it takes diligence, perseverance, follow through, hard work, and a lot of it to be successful in any business. 1,070 more words


Tamara McNeil Creates Just Like Me!, A Book Subscription Box for Black Children

article by Ashley Poag via matermea.com

Tamara McNeil loves reading to her son, and she’s not alone. It’s a daily activity that creates a bond between parents and infants as they learn the rhythm of language. 213 more words


How to Create a Prototype for Your Future (and Live the life you need)

Are you living the life you want or have you shoulded all over yourself for years and feel as though you’re simply going through the motions as you try to gain the approval of others? 2,762 more words


Do you Want to Become a Millionaire?....Read this

Here are the ten powerful habits that will make you a millionaire.
It takes you to make it in life. yes, you!….read it here

1. Simplify Your Words… 1,461 more words


Are You Sabotaging Your Brain?

It does not take much to rob your brain of its essential vitality. Dr. Daniel Amen, a renowned psychiatrist, has spent his entire career trying to understand the ways we can preserve or sabotage our brain health. 695 more words


Frontier Digital Ventures raises US$22.9 million via Aussie IPO for investment in African startups

Frontier Digital Ventures (FDV), an investment firm headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has raised US$22.9 million via an IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). 207 more words


Why PayWithCapture Is The Coolest Mobile Payment App Right Now and Trending

If you’re one of those who think about whether or not Apple Pay or Android Pay would ever become available in Nigeria and how they could make your shopping experiences painless, you’re not alone. 840 more words