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Why you should cut “just” out of your emails

By Liz Fletcher of Pomegranite

Have you noticed how often you use the word “just” in a professional context, particularly emails? I’ve been thinking about why I use it so much in tricky situations and if it’s something that women use more than men. 439 more words


The FTC figuratively owns Facebook (for now) - The Tech Curmudgeon

A 2011 consent decree with the FTC might be an existential threat to Facebook, which doesn’t give a damn about protecting personal data but cares a lot about money. 596 more words


#SharingSaturday #SharingForAFriend

See a friend creating or otherwise in need of a signal boost? Give it!

I have a great idea.

No, really. I know it’s me, but this is great. 1,222 more words

American Culture

A case for the Humanities

Arguing for well-rounded, well-educated human beings in the US is probably as fruitless as arguing for the Humanities. And for the same reasons.

Besides the obvious benefit of agitating evangelical conservatives with a fear of liberal indoctrination, the Humanities hold great value. 730 more words

American Culture

Is it time to weaponize the marketplace?

Asking for a friend.

By now I think it’s safe to assume that the so-called free market forces (that want anything but a truly free market) have all their bases covered. 2,450 more words


Dana Loesch, the NRA, and their allergy to truth

Bullshit merchant Dana Loesch’s claim that the NRA isn’t a “lobby group” is patently false

As a mostly impartial gadfly, I try hard to be fair. 1,031 more words