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How to properly sort Mmm yyyy format date

I’ve had very often a requirement were I had to put a date in a format Mmm yyyy into a header of a crosstab. Creating just a calculation =+” “+ will automatically sort an output in an alphabetical order. 253 more words


Send a report to a bulk of email addresses

Sometimes you have a requirement to distribute to a group of people a report with individual data for each person. This can be easily accomplished with a publication and a dynamic recipients feature. 598 more words


Merged and unmerged dimensions' behavior in a table

Let’s analyze how BO merges data providers. For this example we use the eFashion universe. We have 2 queries both using “Lines” and “Category” objects and each using a different measure. 178 more words


How To Create a Cross Table in Web Intelligence

I currently have a reporting requirement to develop a data quality report showing weekly results for different business processes.  The weekly results need to be displayed in separate columns for each week, with rows representing the business processes.   448 more words

SAP Business Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Overview

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is the best tool to discover and take new opportunities anytime, anywhere.

SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation Application

With SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, you can perform activities such as planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting with familiar and intuitive tools.

Connecting to Salesforce Data Through SAP BusinessObjects

I recently found myself needing to connect my Salesforce® data to SAP® BusinessObjects™. My project required meshing data from multiple sources and BusinessObjects is the best way to do that. 257 more words