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First Impressions of the New SAP BI Launchpad

Experienced users of Web Intelligence, whom might have become fatigued with the interface of Web Intelligence and other applications using the BI Launchpad, will be excited to see the brand new iteration of the Launchpad in BI 4.2 SP4. 145 more words


Bug: Inconsistent results in WebI report

Today I had an issue with a WebI report. It was a small, simple report that acted strangely: Whenever the report was refreshed the result showing in the report was different each time. 250 more words


ForceMerge function

ForceMerge function might be very helpful in some merged dimensions scenarios. Here is a short description how it works.

We have 2 data providers with few objects based of eFashion universe where Category dimensions are merged. 102 more words


SAP BI Running Embedded Into SalesForce

I come across a lot of situations where customers run SalesForce and ask me whether they can combine their SalesForce data with other corporate data. A most recent request was to combine SAP BW Copa data (profitability analysis) with SalesForce data on clients with payment risks. 100 more words


Highlight top 40%

In this scenario we have Lines, Categories and Revenue objects from the eFashion database and we want to highlight top 40% (based on revenue) of Categories. 62 more words


Input and Output calculation contexts Part 2

In Part 1 of this post I explained what Input and Output calculation contexts are. Now let’s focused on some advanced solutions. How about a combination of a calculation context and a filter with a rank function? 234 more words

BO Reporting

Input and Output calculation contexts - Part 1

I think that calculation contexts are probably one of the most useful and the least understood features in Webi. There are many very helpful posts on the internet explaining the concept but I will strive to provide one more explanation. 584 more words